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As always, CNHT is working hard on voter integrity issues. As you may have heard, another person was caught. Unfortunately, although we suspect thousands of having committed fraud, we can only prosecute them one at a time... Read the rest of the story from Ed Naile.


Today, we wish to call your attention to some bills that are currently before the legislature of interest to local taxpayer groups.

Many of these bills would curtail the ability of voters to control the direction of their towns at the state level.

Here is a list of bills we have flagged, with the worst being the last one, HB 415. We have included a more detailed explanation of why HB 415 is so egregious.

- HB 104 and SB 306 would allow developers of big box and high density projects to override local zoning laws by appealing at the state level. We've appealed to Senator Guida (R) and can't understand why he would have proposed SB 306. One of the sponsors of HB 104 is Senator Carson (R) whose husband works for HUD. She is also a co-sponsor of SB 306.

- SB 15 would take your tax dollars to fund "affordable housing" (WFH) which further encourages high-density infill in places where it is not wanted.

- SB 241 would increase the possibility of more "transit-oriented development" (TOD) which again, breeds a form of high-density infill in places where it is not wanted. Read Dick Lemieux's articles on the viability of commuter rail.

- HB 415 is written so as to seriously curtail voting on local issues by ballot, also known as "SB2". Most realize that physical town meetings are a thing of the past. This bill would send your voice into the dark ages by limiting your ability to vote by ballot. Just who wants zoning decisions taken out of your hands?

Here is the meat of the bill which relegates your warrant articles to a "physical" town meeting:

"Voting on the question shall be by ballot, but the question shall not be placed on the official ballot used to elect officers. Polls shall remain open and ballots shall be accepted by the moderator for a period of not less than one hour following the completion of discussion on the question."

As you know, the voting at town meeting is divided into two parts — ballot voting or "SB2" (this year on March 12, and physical town meeting the next day March 13) where you have to show up to have a say.

Currently when you vote for town officials, you are also voting on any warrant articles proffered by the town, or by CITIZENS, such as the three proposed by the new Bedford Residents Assn.

This bill, HB 415, would relegate the CITIZENS PETITIONED WARRANT ARTICLES to the physical town meeting, thus excluding it from the SB2 law that was so hard fought to implement.

This my friends, is REAL "voter suppression".

As you know it's very hard to get people to the physical meeting the next day. This would mean the 100-200 people or so who show up would control the fate of  articles to stop the zoning nightmares or correct other wrongs within the town… and any other CITIZENS PETITIONED WARRANT ARTICLES by requiring people sit and listen to a discussion about them first. Can you imagine 4,000 people trying to crowd into an auditorium and vote by ballot after sitting and listening to a 'discussion' about the items?

HB 415  was deemed "OTP" in the House Municipal Committee. These Reps know darned well that people will NOT show up at a physical town meeting to vote, thus they can have more control in squashing the will of the residents.

We need to lobby hard against HB 415 before it comes up for a full vote in the House. Otherwise next year, we may not be able to get anything passed unless we can get 1000+ people to a town meeting.

Bedford Residents Assn is a new taxpayer group… see ALL the dangerous municipal bills on their BILL WATCH page.


You can find out who your NH Senators and NH Representatives are here, and how to write to all Senators and Reps when a bill comes up for a committee recommendation or full vote:

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