Roadrunner Squeaks #2

Here lies the first round of FAQ's for SunBurn 2019!

So you've got your ticket. You registered your vehicle. You're figuring out your travel. Now what?

Over the next few weeks, we'll be periodically sending out a Roadrunner Squeaks with FAQ's on pertinent event information, separate from all the info on volunteering, theme camps, placement, etc.  Be sure to keep an eye out for answers to at least a few questions you may have!
SunBurn FAQ Vol. 1

Q. What are gate hours?

A. Gate will be open the following hours:
   Thursday, July 4: 9:00am-10:00pm
   Friday, July 5: 9:00am-10:00pm
   Saturday, July 6: 9:00am-10:00pm
   Sunday, July 7: 9:00am-3:00pm

NOTE: Entry outside of gate hours will be strictly prohibited this year.  As in, not permitted whatsoever.  If you arrive when gate is closed, you will not be able to get in and will need to return the next morning at 9:00am. There are also no ins-and-outs under any circumstances.  We do not have the staff to support tracking participants . It also minimizes the risk of something happening outside of our event that still affects our participants in some way. This policy is also designed to minimize disruption to the event neighbors. Please and thank you.

Q. It's my first burn!  What do I need to know?
A. First, this is not your typical "festival." In fact, you'll meet many burners who actively steer clear of using that word to describe these types of events.  Start by reading up on the 10 Principles of Burning Man.  While they are not gospel, they do guide what we do and how we approach the event.  Next, expect to let go of expectations.  You will see, hear, feel, do, smell, and taste wondrous, amazing things, but know that you are also just as much a part of others' experiences are they are of yours.

Q. What do I need to bring?
A. It is admittedly difficult to practice Radical Self Reliance and minimalism at the same time, especially when it comes to preparing for a burn.  We will include a sample packing list to get you started in an upcoming issue, but for now, to put it broadly - everything you need to survive outside in a desert environment for 4 days.  Food, water, shelter, at the base level.  There is nothing for sale at the event. It is recommended to drink 1-2 gallons per person, per day.  We are above 7000' and that much closer to the sun.  You will be very sad if you don't bring sunscreen.  When you sign in at gate, you will be asked for a valid, government-issued ID, to match the name on our will call list (unless you have pre-completed an enhanced privacy request).  This is extremely important, as you will not be able to get in without it.  Your car will be searched (don't worry, it's not like that) to ensure there are no stow-aways and that you have a few required items - e.g. every tent, theme camp, and camping vehicle MUST have a fire extinguisher. More info on these requirements will be determined and distributed down the line. Also note that SunBurn is a Leave No Trace event; this means you need to pack it in AND pack it OUT. There are NO trash cans or dumpsters at the event, so plan your packing to allow room to pack out your trash.

Q. Can I bring my service animal?
A. Generally the answer to this is no, as determined by the Landowner.  We are not on public property and the nature of the landscape, environment, and event is not conducive to their well being.

Q. Can I bring my generator?
A. Thankfully, most of SunBurn is serviced by a power grid since we are on a movie set.  Sound camps, art, or infrastructure in the town buildings will be set; we are working on the best way to get power to the outskirts and hope to have that decided soon.  If you have specific power requests or needs (CPAP machine for example), please contact Placement to help us plan for your needs. Ideally, there would not be any need for any generators; we do have close-by neighbors at the site and we want to be considerate.  Therefore, if a gennie must be brought in, we would request that they are quiet inverter-type generators to minimize sound travel beyond the site boundary. Restrictions on fuel storage will be announced later, but you should plan for fuel to be stored off-ground and within a spill container that has a capacity equal to 1.5 times the size of the largest fuel container that will be stored. Propane tanks must either be secured to the vehicle in which they are used or securely staked to avoid the risk of toppling.

Q. Can I bring my fire pit?
A. Our ability to burn anything other than propane fire art is wholly contingent on the conditions of the weather at the time of the event.  It is entirely possible we will find ourselves in a burn ban, and we are subject to inspection by the Santa Fe County Fire Department prior to the event. It may be possible to use propane fire pits but this is not guaranteed. Propane tanks must be secured to avoid toppling and checked for leaks before use.

Q. It's July 4th weekend! Can I bring fireworks?
No. Fireworks, and firearms, are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate ejection from the event.

Q. Will there be bathrooms or showers provided?
A. Showers, no.  Portapotties, yes.  The only thing that goes in the portapotties is something that comes out of you and 1-ply toilet tissue.  Literally ONLY.  Wipes, feminine products, beer cans, cigarette butts, absolutely do NOT go in the portapotties, and very much goes against Leave No Trace. 
They come to us clean and it can be great fun to "adopt a porto" and decorate it! There's nothing like the surprise of opening a porto door to find it's covered in purple fabric and blasting Prince for you while you take care of business.  Creativity is encouraged!

Q. What will the overall conditions be like on the property?  What about weather?
A.  The property is a 40-year-old movie set, whose buildings do not serve the public so they have not been built in accordance with a building code to accommodate such use. Many of the buildings are in the process of being rehabbed, but there are still uneven boards, rusty nails sticking up, and other potential, unseen hazards. Every participant will sign a liability waiver at gate, but we still very much do not want to see anything happen to any of our townspeople.  There may very well be animals living in and under some of the buildings, including mice and snakes.  If you see a snake, it's likely to be a king snake and harmless to you. Please to not bother or tease any wildlife you may see; just slowly back up and walk away. Surrounding the town structures, you'll find lots of brush, cholla, other pokey cacti and goatheads - we highly, highly discourage bare feet.  
As for weather, it is likely to be very hot during the day and much cooler at night. Rain or even monsoons are likely, especially with how much we've had so far this year already. Last year, we had a surprise but short-lived wind storm with gust in the neighborhood of 40-60mph. It really is anyone's guess, so we recommend coming with proper clothing and supplies for hot, cold, wind, rain, just about anything.

Got a question that needs an answer? Someone else might have the same one! Send it to and it might end up in the next Roadrunner Squeaks.

May 25-26 - Work Weekend @ Eaves*
June 1 - Theme Camp registration closes
June 8 - Church Night & Art Department build @ LivLab
June 15-16 - Work Weekend @ Eaves*
June 29 - Pre-event set-up @ Eaves* (targeting Theme Camps)

*Open only to volunteers who register and sign up for work weekend shifts on the volunteer database.  May work weekend shifts have been created (see above).  June work weekend shifts will be added shortly, and announced in an upcoming RRS.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to
P.S. We've added a News section to our website, and we're on Twitter! @NMSunBurn

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