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College Principal
 Mr Mike Millard
Pedare Towards 2020 Strategic Plan

The Chair of the College Board, Ms Katey Elding and I are very pleased to be able to send parents, caregivers and staff the 'Towards 2020 Strategic Plan.' This provides an outlines of the critical goals the College is seeking to achieve in the next 5 years.

The College has also entered negotiations with Life Care, aged care provider for the purchase of the vacant corner block. The sale will enable the College to move towards the exciting outcomes of the strategic plan. Life Care have lodged a development plan with the Tea Tree Gully Council. Building on our sound financial position the sale of the land will further strengthen Pedare’s ability to invest in the learning facilities and extend opportunities for students from Reception to Year 12.

Please click here to visit our website for a copy of the Towards 2020 strategic plan and life care partnership.

Parents and Caregivers are invited to attend a Pedare Community Meeting on Tuesday 28 June 7.00pm in the College Chapel at which time the Toward 2020 Strategic Plan will be formally released.

During the meeting, the following topics will be discussed:

Strategic Plan  
Feasibility of One College One Campus or One College Two Campuses
Life Care Partnership
Primary Years Program at the Junior School

We look forward to presenting the future direction of Pedare to the community and give you the opportunity to ask questions.
Year 10 & 11 Exam Week

This academic week at Pedare has had an examination focus. The end of Semester 1 examinations for Year 10 and 11 students are a good opportunity for students to develop their private study techniques and examination skills. This work is in preparation for the students’ external moderation at Year 12 SACE. Examination skills vary from subject to subject and students are encouraged by their teachers to adapt their approach to what is appropriate for each Senior subject. Following the examinations, the feedback provided by teachers is invaluable for students as they work on a deeper understanding of the key concepts.

AISSA - Commonwealth Funding for SA Independent Schools
Please read below a message for parents from the Chief Executive of the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA).


An important issue at this Federal election is education funding. Both major parties have committed additional funding for schools if elected; but the contrast between the commitments is stark and has potentially major impacts for South Australian schools and students. 

  • Labor will fully fund the Gonski agreements at an additional cost of $4.5 billion over 2018 and 2019 committing $37.3 billion over 10 years. 
  • The Coalition will stop implementation of Gonski agreements at the end of 2017 but will provide an additional $1.2 billion in funding over the following three years. 
  • Under current Coalition proposals, South Australian independent schools are likely to receive significantly less Commonwealth funding than if they were located in any other State or Territory. 

AISSA’s position is that fully funding the Gonski agreements represents the best outcome for Australia’s schools, and one that properly recognises the value of investing in our children’s education and in our nation’s future. The AISSA recognises that some community members believe that the Government cannot afford such a commitment and we respect that view. 

However, regardless of whether Gonski is fully implemented, Commonwealth funding to Independent schools should not differ just because of the State where the school is located. On-going Commonwealth funding differences between States are possible under the Coalition’s policy, with SA students being most disadvantaged. 

The differences could occur because all States and Territories will be at different stages in implementing Gonski funding when it is stopped by the Coalition in 2017. Under the Gonski funding arrangements, each State and Territory Government entered into different arrangements to increase their funding but by the end of 2019 schools in every State were to have ended up with similar funding under the model. South Australia’s Gonski agreement saw most of the additional money flowing in 2018 and 2019. 

If the Coalition does not fund the final two years of the Gonski agreement, South Australian Independent schools need a ‘catch-up’ payment of $22 million in 2017 to ensure that their students are treated fairly when compared to other States. This is approximately a 7% increase in funding and on average approximately $400 per student, an amount that would make a significant difference to schools. 

The AISSA is calling on the Coalition to commit prior to the election to providing the additional $22 million in 2017, which is needed to ensure equity with students and schools in other States. 

There is no justification for South Australian Independent school students to receive less Commonwealth funding than students in every other State and Territory. 

The AISSA is a non-partisan organisation. Our goal is to ensure that all political parties value and recognise the essential role played by SA Independent schools in educating South Australian students. 

Authorised by Carolyn Grantskalns, Chief Executive, AISSA, 301 Unley Road, Malvern 5061. 

Mr Randall Pearce
Head of Junior School

Junior school
As we move into the world of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP), it is important to reflect on the type of learning we will add to our current programme here in the Junior School.  We are planning curriculum under the PYP framework and one of the themes is known as ‘Who we are?’. 
An inquiry into the nature of the self; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities, and cultures; rights and responsibilities; what it means to be human.
PYP schools consider, as part of the planning process, what action may come from the learning; for me Action is easy to define. Action is much more than something we do. It is a part of who we are. If we want to change the world, we need to start with changing ourselves. However, sometimes change is hard. How do we make changes to the way we think so we can help the world? 
If we want children to make a difference in the world we need to help them personalise the action they take, and understand that it is not just a mandate from their teachers and parents, but a life long mindset they develop. 
Taking action can happen at any age. It’s all about how we as parents, educators, and the community, support children and youth as they begin the learning journey towards becoming adults that are change agents!
Every teacher wants their students to take action that makes a difference to, and in the world. I believe that the concept of action is more a state of mind than a product. Action can only make a resonating difference to and in the world when it is developed in tandem with a toolbox of explicitly taught skills, modeled behaviours, supported plans and a gradual release of responsibility. 
Teachers need to provide the supported learning experiences that help students gain the skills (including how to collaborate and how to focus on solving challenges) and knowledge to take sustained and meaningful action.
At Friday’s assembly we experienced a perfect example of Action, that has been supported in Year 3 by Mrs Ailsa Burne and Mrs Natasha Kramer. Together both Year 3 classes collected canned food and non perishable items to support the Soup Kitchen at St Mark’s Anglican Church, a supporting Parish for Pedare. They collected recycled drink containers and gathered this money to support the Church charity to buy chickens for third world families to raise, farm and develop their own cottage industry. 



Mr David Nolan

Head of Middle School


middle school
One of the many opportunities students have at Pedare is to compete in the different Knockout Sports Competitions. Over the last few weeks, we have had a number of teams playing in netball and soccer. The opportunities to compete in a team help to build life skills which can be transferred into the classroom or the world beyond school.
One of the most significant moments of recent times was watching the Year 6 and 7 Soccer Team playing against Mawson Lakes Primary School. It was impressive to watch the two teams battle it out on the field in a competitive, yet friendly manner.
At the end of regular time, the scores were even and at the end of overtime the scores were still locked together, so the game went into a penalty shootout. Whilst this is not a good way to lose a game, the way the two teams linked arms at half-way and rode the emotions of each kick was one of those special moments in the year. Supporting this was a large number of students who had stayed on to watch the dramatic finish.
In the end Pedare prevailed, but more impressively, our older students ran out on to the field to celebrate with the team. For a losing team, this could be quite confronting; however, comments made by the opposition parents and players were so positive. They felt it was great that our older students had stayed around to watch and support their own team.
What makes this College great is its community spirit, and through this game the students demonstrated what it means to be a student at Pedare. As a staff member, I watched on with satisfaction to see how tight our community really is and just how important moments like these are for our students.
As our students grow into fine young adults, we hope every opportunity they experience at the College adds value to them as a person, so they might go out into our world and make an impact. Our world requires team players, people who can collaborate and work together to solve problems and overcome challenges. It is through these opportunities we continue to build a strong school community where we can value everyone for their unique gifts.
As we move into the last part of the term, we continue to ask the students to focus on their learning so that they continue to strive for excellence and be the best person they can.

Ms Jan Robertson
Acting Assistant Head of Senior School


senior school
Senior School University Presentations
As part of the Senior School Pastoral Programme, our students hear presentations from the three major South Australian Universities as a way of preparing them to consider possible opportunities once they leave Pedare. As the majority of our students move onto further study at university, these presentations are a valuable part of our programme.
This term, we have had visits from:
UniSA – who have taken the Year 10s through their My CareerMatch experience. This identifies each student’s strengths, abilities and personality type, and matches them to suitable careers and gives them information to help in preparing resumes and developing their employability skills.
Flinders University -  who have given the Year 11s a great deal of information about how to tackle making possible career choices and study options. Whilst the distance the students are required to travel to Flinders is a consideration, the many opportunities offered and the new high quality Student Hub makes it an exciting place for further study.
Adelaide University – who completed the cycle with the Year 12s focussing on the many courses offered at Adelaide, the benefits of studying in the centre of our city and the opportunities that come from tertiary study.
Hopefully, your child has shared with you some of the information they heard from the presentation they attended. Listen out for information about the One+ Career Expo being held on Monday 4 July, as this could be a good opportunity to gain further information about the array of study and career possibilities for our young people today.
Thursday 9 June
Recipients of the High Achievers Global Context Award:
L to R: Sura Khelwati, Claire Brown, Maddison Green, Maddison Bartsch, Xueying Sun, Laila Moodley.
Jordan Thurgood was absent for photo.
2015 IB myp personal project awards
Recently, our Year 11 students celebrated the completion of the IB Middle Years Programme in 2015. The Personal Project is an important part of the MYP, designed to be an extension and culmination of student learning. It is by no means an easy task, and as a College, we value the development of knowledge, skills and reflection that come from completing this project.
This group of students took on the challenging task of the Personal Project, and as always, impressed us with their amazing projects and the high quality of their work.

Recognition is given to the students who achieve a standard of excellence, and in 2015, those students were:

Maruca Ciulacu-Nemteanu
Emily Clayton
Lachlan Hilliard
Mali Olafsen-Weaver
Jemma Campbell
Tamishka Brass
Monique Hewitson
Maddison Bartsch
Maddison Green
Georgia Rohrsheim
Franziska Bunkenberg-Lee
Connie Truong
Lachlan Schomburgk
Julia Quince
Sarah Arbery
Kayla Gyles
Laila Moodley
Xueying Sun

High Achievement awards are presented to the student who receives the highest individual result in each Global Context, and in 2015, those students were:

Globalisation & Sustainability  Sura Khelwati
Orientation in Space & Time  Claire Brown
Scientific & Technical Innovation  Jordan Thurgood
Fairness & Development  Maddison Bartsch
Identities & Relationships  Laila Moodley
Personal and Cultural Expression  Maddison Green & Xueying Sun

Some student comments on the Personal Projects:
“My Personal Project allowed me to further my love of writing, in particular story writing. After doing the Personal Project and Research Practices, I believe I am ready to tackle my next big project - the Research Project with more confidence.” Laila
"I enjoyed having the freedom of deciding what I wanted to create for my Personal Project rather than being told what to make."  Maruca

“From completing my personal project where I organised a charity High Tea event, I found a sense of self-accomplishment as I was able to make a difference to other's lives by raising over $4,200 for the Women's and Children's Hospital.”  Maddi
“It was awesome to do something that I wanted to do and learn about! The feeling you get when you achieve that goal and getting positive feedback from others was an amazing feeling, something that you wouldn't get from doing really well in an assignment.”  Emily
“From undertaking the Personal Project, I learnt hard work and determination is important in order to achieve your goal, not only for the Personal Project but life in general.”  Tamishka
To every student who completed a Personal Project in 2015, we are so very proud of you and all that you achieved from doing your project.
student news and events
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Junior School Performing Arts Showcase
Join us in the College Chapel on Friday 1st July for the Junior School performing arts showcase, commencing at 6:45pm.

All students from Reception to Year 5 will be performing in the Showcase, presenting work they have been learning in Performing Arts lessons. 

A donation of $5 per family would be greatly appreciated to cover costs and enable the purchase of some Conga drums for students to use in their Performing Arts lessons. 

Friday 17 June
reception humpty dumpty party 
On Friday 17 June, Reception classes hosted a birthday party for Humpty Dumpty to cheer him up after his fall off the wall. As part of their iMaths Investigation, they learnt about the days of the week to assist them with selecting the most appropriate day to host a party.
Students were involved in looking at times of the day and their weekly timetable to then select a time for the party. As part of this investigation, students also created their own invitations, voted for the games they would play and even made their very own decorations and party hats. We had a lot of families attend this party and the children had a wonderful day.
Mrs Ailsa Burne
Year 3 Teacher
Year 3 REDUCE, REUSE, recycle
The Year 3 students have been working extremely hard to encourage responsible recycling, re-use and waste reduction within the Junior School community.
We are excited to announce our earthworms are thriving on the fruit scraps and peelings we have collected. Soon we will be in a position to share our healthy earthworms with other proud Pedare veggie patch owners, to promote healthy soil and plant growth.
Design and Technology provides wonderful opportunities to re-use boxes and containers and we thoroughly enjoy sharing these experiences with our Reception buddies. Small, recyclable items, left over yarn and pre-loved ribbons, cards and gift-wrap are always welcome in our “making” box.
We are encouraging our community to make the right choice when recycling their refundable drink containers by establishing recycling stations, putting up posters around the Junior School and using photographs to remind students which containers should be placed in our recycling bins. The money from our recycling has gone towards many worthy causes in the past; including Soup Kitchens both in Adelaide and in South Africa, and supporting Christmas appeals. We are presently working towards making a donation to UnitingWorld to purchase chickens for families overseas. Please support us in helping others in need by recycling responsibly and filling our recycling bins to the brim with refundable containers.
Mrs Heather Bennett
JS Teacher Librarian
Junior School activities in the library
Pom Pom Launcher Competition
In Week 8, Junior School students were involved in a ‘Pom Pom Launcher Competition,’ held in the Tea Tree Resource Centre, using pop sticks, balloons, plastic cups, rubber bands, straws, plastic spoons, tape, pipe cleaners and cardboard to create some very artistic and ingenious launchers.
The launchers were then tested to see who could send the Pom Pom the furthest distance.
So far, the winners have been Chase Gregson (Reception) who launched his Pom Pom 3.4 metres using a plastic spoon launcher. William Terrington (Year 5) used a balloon and plastic cup launcher to send his Pom Pom 3.1 metres and Heinrich Koekemoer (Year 5) launched his Pom Pom 4.4 metres, also using a plastic spoon launcher.  
Well done to all the competitors, we look forward to seeing more of the imaginative ideas the students come up with. The competition continues with great enthusiasm.

Library Lunchtime Activities
Students at the Junior School enjoy a variety of lunchtime activities in the Library. There have been Uno and Chess tournaments, maker spaces, jigsaw puzzle making, Design & Technology challenges, and more. Recently, we held our Plastic Cup Tower Challenge which was a huge success.
During Term 2 Weeks 3 and 4, another competition was held called 'Wheel of Fortune.’ Every day seven students from Reception to Year 5 competed to solve word puzzles. The student with the highest score from each day went onto play in a final game. The finalists were Ava Hughes (4P), Elizabeth Garcia (5W), Sneha Aryal (5W), Charlotte Meddle (5O), Jithesh Venkatesh (4P) and Hebah El Rachid (2LP). Charlotte Meddle won the final to take home a box of chocolates.
Mrs Leonie Brown
Learning Area Coordinator - Science/Mathematics

students excel in mathematics Competition
We are proud to announce four of our students will be receiving the following prizes at Pembroke School on Wednesday 29 June at 7.30pm.

Primary Division:
High Distinction – Taylor Sarich (Year 7) and Holly Schutz (Year 7)
Distinction – Shannon Taylor (Year 7)

Senior Division:
High Distinction – Ryan Wood (Year 12)

2016 SA School Mathematics Competition for Society of Petroleum Engineers Results
The aim of the competition is to encourage interested and motivated students to enjoy the challenge of non-standard problems. While some of the questions require extended knowledge and responses, the new format of the 15 question paper aims to give a wide range of students the opportunity to achieve some success.

Congratulations to all the students who sat this competition.
Thursday & Friday
9 & 10 June
Click above image for Youtube video
Chinese bridge competition

On 9 and 10 June, Callum McGing, Amber Roshkov and Sophie Szabo were selected by the Confucius Institute to represent South Australia in the Australian finals of the annual world-wide Chinese Mandarin speaking and performance competition (Hanyu Qiao), which was held at the University of Adelaide. The competition is organised by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) in China. The theme for this year was “Dream Enlightens the future.” 梦想点亮未来”.
There were 15 contestants chosen from all Australian states, Callum McGing was awarded second overall in the 3 categories they competed in, and will represent Australia in the “World Chinese Bridge Competition” in China. Over 60 contestants from all over the world will be taking part in this competition. We congratulate Callum for his achievement. Sophie Szabo was also awarded the outstanding cultural performance for her “Water Sleeve Dance”.
“I personally found both the preparation and the event quite exciting and enjoyable. I learned a lot of new things, and it was nice to meet people at the competition who share my love of Chinese. Although some parts of the competition (particularly the performances) were terrifying for me, it was definitely an experience I’ll never forget.” Amber Roshkov
“The Chinese Bridge competition (汉语桥) was a really good opportunity to practice my Chinese speaking skills and meet with other students who are passionate about language. There was a huge variety of performances and speeches from all over Australia, as well as performances by professional Chinese dancers. I’m really excited to be heading to China in October to compete internationally with students from all over the globe.” Callum McGing

Wednesday 22 June
It is always a privilege to be a part of the Year 12 students’ journey and the Year 12 Drama Production is always an absolute highlight for the students involved. As we stepped back in time, the students attempted to make Agatha Christie herself proud with the play ‘Go Back for Murder’ as this year’s production.

With authentic set and stunning costumes, the students conducted themselves with 1950’s charm as the nostalgia of the era entertained the audience. The creative writing of Christie kept audiences guessing to the very end. The Year 12 students are creative and committed and have worked together as an effective ensemble to present an engaging performance.
Mrs Nadine Stroud
Director of Music
middle school band
One very exciting development happening this semester in the Music department is the establishment of the new Middle School Concert Band. Conducted by our wonderful brass tutor, Mr Jonathon Rice, the band comprises of students from Years 6-9 who play brass, woodwind, percussion and rhythm section instruments.  
This has been a wonderful opportunity for students who are having individual instrumental lessons to experience the fun and excitement of rehearsing and performing in an ensemble with other students from different year levels. The band has been learning repertoire to perform at up-coming events, and will compete in the ABODA Band Festival at Westminster College in Term 3.
We look forward to hearing them perform and seeing the continued growth of this ensemble. 
Thursday 16 June
Eldergreen assembly - old scholars

On Thursday 16 June during the Eldergreen Assembly, Old Scholar Liam Stapleton, Class of 2013 and current radio host at Fresh 92.7, was welcomed back to Pedare to talk about one very exciting highlight of his time at the school. Here is what Liam had to share:

"To this date, kicking a Hot Cross Bun onto one of the chapel down lights at the Easter assembly in 2013 would have to be my life's greatest achievement. I know right? What a hero! Although this incident is never too far away from my thoughts, I had not really sat down and had a good moment to reminisce until March this year. Whilst speaking to a current student, I was informed the "Hot Cross Bun story" is still regularly whispered around Pedare Christian College. My goodness, could it be true? Has my greatest achievement become something of a legend?
The next day on my radio show, (tune in - Ben and Liam, weekdays from 6-9am only on Fresh 92.7), I decided to ask the listenership if they had heard the story. The rules were you were not allowed to be in the room when the incident happened. To my surprise calls started to flood in, relatives and friends of students and teachers past and present. At this point my co-host Ben butted in and stated he didn't think kicking a Hot Cross Bun onto a light at an assembly was that big of a deal. To prove a point, I arranged to recreate the scene of the crime and give him a shot at the big time. Mr Hutchings and the Eldergreen community were kind enough to welcome me back with open arms to conduct our experiment at the school assembly they were putting on. Ben had six buns and six shots to land one on a down light and prove himself as the new legend of the northern suburbs. As I suspected, his mortal legs were not powerful enough to propel one single bun high enough.
All in all, it was such a great experience to come back and visit Pedare - a school which gave me so much."

Liam also talked about putting in your best efforts and encouraged our current year 12 students to try hard. Liam achieved a position in the Class of 2013 '90+ Club'. Pedare Old Scholars who also work for radio, Georgia Buch (Class of 2011) and Zane Dean (Class of 2010), joined Liam on stage. Zane reflected positively on his time at Pedare and challenged Liam as he was in the '95+ club' for his graduating year. Since leaving Pedare, Zane has completed a Bachelor in Law and a Bachelor in Media.

Student Achievement
Jorja Schroeder - Girls Soccer

Congratulations to Jorja Schroeder, Year 7, who has been selected as District Representative for SAPSASA Tea Tree Gully Girls Soccer Team.

Well done Jorja.
Student Achievement
Seamus Bilberry - Hockey

Congratulations Seamus Bilberry, Year 8, who has been selected as State Representative for the Inline Hockey State Team - National Championships. Seamus will be competing in Melbourne in September.

Well done and good luck Seamus.
Student Achievement
Joshua Swan -  Boys Soccer

Congratulations Joshua Swan, Year 7, who has been selected as District Representative for SAPSASA Tea Tree Gully Boys Soccer Team.

Well done Joshua.

student achievement

Casey Van Heuven - Boys Hockey

Congratulations Casey Van Heuven, Year 6, who has been selected as District Representative for SAPSASA Tea Tree Gully Boys Hockey Team.

Well done Casey.

Student Achievement
Ashleigh Voss - Dance

Congratulations Ashleigh Voss, Year 10, who has been accepted into the Stage 1 Special Interest Dance class at Golden Grove High School and who is now the recipient of the ‘best performer’ award for both performance and technique assessment, held in Week 7 at the Golden Grove Recreation Centre.
Well done Ashleigh on your great achievement.
old scholar
Jasmine Dixon - Artist

Old Scholar Jasmine Dixon, Class of 2010, will be having a solo exhibition at Hill Smith Gallery, Pirie Street Adelaide from 4 July – 25 July.
Jasmine also has been awarded First Place in the Youthscape exhibition at the Royal South Australian Society of the Arts, which is on display first floor of the RSASA Building, North Terrace Adelaide.



campus careers expo 2016
A new event for the Campus is a Combined Careers Expo. All three school communities on our Campus will participate in a joint Careers Expo, where students in Year 10-12 will be targeted leading to subject counselling and Post-secondary choices. In the past, each Campus school has conducted a similar expo separately in conjunction with their Senior Course Information evening. 

This will be held on Monday 4 July in Week 10 of Term 2, at the Recreation and Arts Centre, starting at 2.30pm through to 7.30pm. Up to 40 exhibitors will be in attendance to speak with students and their families. 

Please click here to view more information in a student/parent/staff flyer.
Please note the Pedare App features Junior, Middle & Senior School Fixtures for Term 2 and includes co-curricular activities.
Wednesday 15 June

U/19 VOlleyball grand final 
In Term 2, Pedare entered two teams into the local Tea Tree Gully Volleyball Association competition. The Hurricanes and the Predators competed against other nearby schools, with many players demonstrating great teamwork and dedication. Both teams were successful in making it to the Division 2 Grand Final, which was played on Wednesday 15 June. The ‘showdown’ went to 5 sets, with both teams showing a great display of skill and determination. 
Tommy Tran played his best game of the season, showing great speed and agility to ensure the Predators stayed in the lead. Christopher Grantham had a stand out game for the Hurricanes, valiantly leading his team only to be defeated in the deciding set. The final score was Predators 3 sets to Hurricanes 2. 
Well done to all students who showed consistent skill development throughout the term. 
Wednesday 15 June
SAPSASA Carnival Netball Team 2
SAPSASA Knockout Netball Carnival
On Wednesday 15 June, 19 Year 6 and 7 girls ventured into the cold and trekked over to the SADNA courts ready for a day of netball and fun. Each of the two teams played five modified length netball games against local Tea Tree Gully schools.
The competition was very challenging as some teams even had players that had been in the 2015 State SAPSASA team.
Carnival Team 1, in Division 1, started the day with a narrow 4 goal loss to Highbury Primary School. As the day went on, the team went from strength to strength winning all remaining games, highlighted by a magnificent win over highly regarded Saint Frances Xavier School. Finishing second to Highbury was a great result, with the knowledge that we could have taken home the trophy with just two more turnovers in the first game of the day. 
Carnival Team 2, placed in Division 2, faced some very strong competition. As the day progressed, the team improved significantly and we even found some budding goalies. All players showed a great deal of determination and effort, listening carefully to their coach and trying to implement some new skills. Finishing sixth in Div 2 (given there were 5 divisions on the day) was a pleasing result.
Term 2 Week 6 & 7

extra-curricular results

Basketball - Week 6

  • U/12 B'ball - Pedare Jackals vs SFX Bulls Won 31 - 22 (MVP B Silby (Year 4))
  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Warriors vs SFX Dunkers Won 40 - 18 (MVP E Jeffs/R Przibilla)
  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Lions vs Prescott Titans Won 32 - 29 (MVP B Chapman)
  • Middle B'ball - NO MATCH 
  • Senior B'ball -  NO MATCH
Basketball - Week 7
  • U/12 B'ball - Pedare Jackals vs SFX Jets Won 21 - 19 (MVP J Fry)
  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Warriors BYE WEEK
  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Lions vs SFX Dunkers Won 52 - 12 (MVP T Green)
  • Middle B'ball - Pedare vs Pulteney Grammar Won 67 - 6 
  • Senior B'ball - Pedare vs St Peter's College (2) Won 69 - 9 (MVP N Caeran)
Debating - Week 6
  • Yr 6/7 (Blue) - NO MATCH
  • Yr 10 - NO MATCH
  • Senior - NO MATCH

Debating - Week 7

  • Yr 6/7 (Blue) - NO MATCH
  • Yr 10 - Pedare - NO MATCH
  • Senior - Pedare - NO MATCH

Netball - Week 6

  • U/13 Ravens - Pedare vs Tyndale Kestrels Loss 22 - 12 (MVP K Gameau/B Cornish)
  • Junior (Yrs 7-9) - BYE WEEK (Public Holiday)
  • Senior (Yrs 10-12) - BYE WEEK (Public Holiday)

Netball - Week 7

  • U/13 Ravens - Pedare vs Keithcott Knights Loss 9 - 5 (MVP A Hynds/M Kancheff)
  • Junior (Yrs 7-9) - Pedare vs Cabra (5) Loss 3 - 43 (MVP J McGough)
  • Senior (Yrs 10-12) - Pedare vs St Aloysius (3) Won 18 - 7 (MVP Whole Team)

Soccer - Week 6

  • Middle - NO MATCH
  • Senior - NO MATCH
Soccer - Week 7
  • Middle - Pedare vs Pulteney Won 9 - 3 (MVP A Hadley/E Pallant/M Stojanovic)
  • Senior - Pedare vs St Peter's Won 5 - 2 (MVP B Schroeder)
Volleyball - Week 6
  • Pedare Hurricanes - Pedare vs Windsor Gardens Won 3 - 0  (MVP C Grantham)
  • Pedare Predators - Pedare vs The Heights (2) Won 3 - 0 (MVP B Schroeder)
Volleyball - Week 7
  • Pedare Hurricanes - Pedare vs Predators GRAND FINAL Loss 2 - 3 (MVP C Grantham)
  • Pedare Predators - Pedare vs Hurricanes GRAND FINAL Won 3 - 2 (MVP T Tran)
Term 2 - Week 9 & 10

extra-curricular fixtures

Junior School - Fixtures


  • Yr 9 & Under  - 27 Jun - Pedare vs Tyndale Leopards (LAST GAME) - GGRC 5.05pm (R Hendry)
  • Yr 9 & Under  - 4 Jul - BYE WEEK (LAST SCHEDULED GAME)
  • Yr 11 & Under - 1 Jul - TBC - GGRC 5.45pm (L Ciano)
  • Yr 11 & Under - 8 Jul - TBC - GGRC 5.00pm (L Ciano)
Indoor Soccer
  • Yr 9 & Under Roos - 27 Jun - Pedare vs Fairview United - Burragah 3.50pm (A Peartree)
  • Yr 9 & Under Roos - 4 Jul - BYE WEEK
  • Yr 11 & Under Stars - 27 Jun - Pedare vs Pedare Strikers - Burragah 4.50pm (A Peartree)
  • Yr 11 & Under Stars - 4 Jul - BYE WEEK
  • Yr 11 & Under Strikers - 27 Jun - Pedare vs Pedare Stars - Burragah 4.50pm (A Peartree)
  • Yr 11 & Under Strikers - 4 Jul - Pedare vs Fairview United - Burragah 4.50pm (A Peartree)


Net-Set-Go - Rec-Year 2 - Monday 27 Jun 3.10pm - 4.00pm (LAST ONE) Gums Hall (S Booth)

Tri Fit - Rec-Year 5 - Thursday 30 Jun 3.15pm - 4.00pm (LAST ONE) Junior Oval (J Smith)
AUSKICK - Rec-Year 2 - Friday 1 Jul 3.15pm - 4.00pm (LAST ONE) Junior Oval (H Perry) 

Middle & Senior School - Fixtures

  • U/12 Jackals - 30 Jun - FINALS (TBA) GGRC (D Hollister)
  • U/12 Jackals - 7 Jul - FINALS (TBA) GGRC (D Hollister)
  • U/14 Lions - 28 Jun - FINALS (TBA)GGRC (K Shephard)
  • U/14 Lions - 5 Jul - FINALS (TBA)GGRC (K Shephard)
  • U/14 Warriors - 28 Jun - FINALS (TBA)GGRC (J Penhall)
  • U/14 Warriors - 5 Jul - FINALS (TBA)GGRC (J Penhall)
  • Middle Basketball - 2 Jul - Pedare vs Glenunga IHS - GGRC 10.30am (M Berard)
  • Middle Basketball - 9 Jul - NO MATCH
  • Senior Basketball - 2 Jul - Pedare vs Glenunga IHS - GGRC 9.30am (J Willis)
  • Senior Basketball - 9 Jul - NO MATCH
  • Year 6/7 (Blue) - 28 Jun - NO MATCH
  • Year 6/7 (Blue) - 5 Jul - NO MATCH
  • Year 10 - 29 Jun -  NO MATCH
  • Year 10 - 6 Jul - NO MATCH
  • Senior - 29 Jun - NO MATCH
  • Senior - 6 Jul - NO MATCH
  • U/13 Ravens - 1 Jul - FINALS (TBA)GGRC (J Quinn)
  • U/13 Ravens - 8 Jul - FINALS (TBA)GGRC (J Quinn)
  • Juniors - 2 Jul - Pedare vs St Michael's (4) - Mary MacKillop 9.10am (R Lyon)
  • Juniors - 9 Jul - NO MATCH
  • Seniors - 2 Jul - Pedare vs St Ignatius (6) FORFEIT - OLSH 10.10am (I Moodley)
  • Seniors - 9 Jul - NO MATCH
  • Middle - 2 Jul - Pedare vs Norwood Morialta (2) - Norwood Morialta 8.15am (S Tilly)
  • Middle - 9 Jul - NO MATCH
  • Senior - 2 Jul - Pedare vs St Ignatius - St Ignatius 9.45am (M Secomb)
  • Senior - 9 Jul - NO MATCH
  • Yr 6-12 -  1 Jul - State Swim GG 7.30am (M Raymond)
  • Yr 6-12 - 8 Jul - State Swim GG 7.30am (M Raymond)
  • Hurricanes - 29 Jun - NO MATCH
  • Hurricanes - 6 Jul - NO MATCH
  • Predators - 29 Jun - NO MATCH
  • Predators - 6 Jul - NO MATCH

Chess - meets each Tuesday 1.05pm SF2 (J Carletti)
Cross Country - trains each Thursday 7.30am Pedare Main Oval (T Bond/P Anson)
Eco Force - meets each Monday 1.05pm Caladenia (D Deboer/L Denton-Brown)
Oz Asia
- meets each Monday 3.30pm & Thursday 1.05pm DA4 (S Ng)
Pedare Press - Year 6-12 meets each Monday 1.05pm & Thursday 3.30pm SF2 (E Ramke)
Small Group
- Year 6-12 - meets each Tuesday 1.05pm BG8 (S Rose)
Worship Band - trains each Monday 1.05pm DA (J Morton)
Worship Leadership Team - meets each Thursday 1.05pm Caladenia (J Morton)
junior school KEY dates

Term 2 Week 9

28 Jun  Reception Excursion – Botanical Gardens & Central Market 9.00am
28 Jun
 Strategic Plan Community Information Evening (Chapel) 7.00pm
1 Jul  Reception Ready Transition Day 9.00am
1 Jul  JS Performing Arts Showcase 6.45 pm

Term 2 Week 10

7 Jul  JS Reports go home
8 Jul  Reception Ready Transition Day 9.00am
8 Jul  Head of JS Awards Assembly 8.50am


middle & senior school key dates

Term 2 Week 9

27 Jun  Semester 2 begins
28 Jun  M&SS Tour 9.00am
28 Jun
Strategic Plan Community Information Evening (Chapel) 7.00pm
29 Jun  Careers Speed Dating 1.45pm


Term 2 Week 10


4 Jul  Year 8 Immunisations
4 Jul  One+ Careers Expo
5 Jul  Year 6 Languages & Cultural Day
7 Jul  Year 6-12 Performing Arts Showcase 7.00pm
8 Jul
 Year 7 Battle of the Choirs 2.30pm

Trading hours for the July School Holidays for the Golden Grove Campus Uniform shop:
Thursday 12 July 3.00pm-6.00pm. For more information please phone 8289 5564.

How to find the campus uniform shop:
From the Grove Way, turn into Adey Place. Park in the Golden Grove High School carpark. Walk towards the netball courts and turn onto the path between the courts and the Dame Roma Mitchell building. This will lead you into the shared campus area, at the top of the path turn right and head to the area between the two buildings. We are the blue door on the left hand side (G10). All other access gates around the schools are locked after school hours and weekends. 

Devon Totally Schoolwear Modbury will be closed for stocktake from Thursday 23 June to Saturday 25 June. Will re-open at 9.00am Monday 27 June.

The Junior School's Reception classes require donations of wool and yarn for art and craft. Any colour, style, remnants or full balls would be gratefully accepted. You can deliver your donations to the classrooms of Mrs Joy Ey, Mrs Rikki Hendry or Mrs Karan Hudson, or alternatively leave them at Junior School Student Reception.  

There is still time to order the new 2016/2017 Entertainment Book. The cost is $65 and you will receive over $20,000 worth of valuable offers. 20% of the proceeds goes towards Pedare's Parents & Friends Association. Please
click here to order your copy/copies.

Generators Kids Club 2016 (Years Reception-Year 6)
Come and join us. Generators kids club meets Fridays each fortnight for great games, craft and bible time. Our next kids club is on Friday 1 July from 3.30pm-5.00pm. The crafts this week are; making a ‘Juggling Balls' and 'Masks'. More info can be downloaded from our web site. Please
click here or phone Rick on 8264 3736. Meetings held at 19 Perseverance Rd Tea Tree Gully. 

SWAT youth (Years 7-12)
Meets Friday each week at 7.30pm. Come for great time of games, friendship and bible discussion. Next meet is on Friday 1 July. 
Click here for more details or phone Dave on 0403 723 953. Meeting are held at 19 Perseverance Rd Tea Tree Gully.
Weekly Services - Check out our web site for more details
Sunday@8:30: Prayer book service – weekly communion
Sunday@10: Family service and specific children’s ministries. Communion on third Sunday of every month

Sunday@6.00pm: Youth, young adult and those young at heart. Communion first Sunday of every month. There is no children’s program but drawing supplies and a withdrawal room are available for your young ones

The Church of St Mark's are running a newly formed fortnightly Kid's Club on Thursday afternoons for primary school age children. Sessions are from 3.30pm - 5.00pm and cost $2 per child. Parents are welcome to stay for a tea/coffee. Activities include:
  • 30 June - What to do with good news - Construct a clock
For more information click here or phone 8289 4003 or email

Everyone is welcome to attend St Mark's free cafe style soup kitchen in a warm and friendly community atmosphere, held Thursdays 6.00pm - 7.30pm throughout the colder months May - August. For more information, phone 8289 4003 or click here.

Junior School
150 Bicentennial Drive,
P: 08 8280 1770


Middle & Senior School
2-30 Surrey Farm Drive,
P: 08 8280 1700


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