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College Principal
 Mr Mike Millard
Welcome back to all Pedare students, parents and staff to Term 3.
During the term break, Mr Dylan Gale led the Pedare Ski Trip to Mt Hotham. Due to significant interest from Pedare students to ski and snow board, Mr Gale decided to run our own trip this year and moved the location to Mt Hotham to provide better snow conditions. To cut travel times, the group travelled by plane to Melbourne and then by coach to Mt Hotham. This makes such a difference and ensures that students and teachers enjoy more quality time on the snow. I thank all the students for their great cooperation and support during the trip and especially thank the supervising staff for their hard work to ensure a very successful excursion to the snow.
Projects around the College continued during the break and I thank the Property and Grounds staff for their commitment to improving the “fabric” of Pedare. The Middle and Senior School German room was fully renovated over the break and is a lovely learning space themed with German colours. 
The landscaping of the Wattle Courtyard garden beds was also completed during the break and this complements the area and provides a very pleasant environment for students to gather in during breaks.
I want to extend our very best wishes to our HR Manager, Ms Jane Mason, who is moving to St Ignatius College to a similar role. Ms Mason has been a parent and staff member of Pedare for 12 ½ years and in that time has been very dedicated to improving Pedare in every role she has filled. Jane is a committed professional and we thank her for the passion with which she has served Pedare.
We have a busy term ahead, especially with Term 3 being our Year 12 students’ last full term of school. For all students, this is the term when consistent and conscientious efforts reap rewards, and I encourage all students to take on the challenge of seeking growth in their academic work.
Term 3 is packed with events such as the Academic Assembly, Music Showcase, Year 7 Camp, Year 10 Work Experience, Subject Counselling for Year 10 and 11 students, the Kids’ and Spring Carnivals, the sporting and music programs, and preparation for the Pedal Prix event at Murray Bridge.
We look forward to a busy and very productive term.
Mr Randall Pearce
Head of Junior School

Junior school
Welcome back to Term 3. I hope you have returned from the school break refreshed and ready for the exciting and busy times ahead.
The Junior School calendar of events this term is sensational, some of the highlights include:
  • Year 5 to Middle School to celebrate Science Week 18 August
  • Kidz Biz Year 4/5 family Night 24 August
  • VIP Day / Book Week Parade 26 August
  • Father’s Day Stall and Breakfast 1 September
  • Student Free Day 9 September
  • Announcement of School Captains for 2017 at Assembly 16 September
  • Kids Carnival 23 September
  • Junior School Learning Journeys 28 September
  • Head of Junior School Assembly / Awards 30 September
More details about these events will be sent out closer to those dates.
I trust that you found the Semester One Reports comprehensive and informative. As we head into this term, teachers will be reflecting upon the achievements of Semester One and are planning for the enrichment of every student throughout Semester Two. I invite you to speak with your child’s class teacher if you would like any further clarification regarding their progress or wellbeing.
We value the ongoing communication with you and the recent Parent / Teacher Interviews, along with Learning Journeys on 28 September are great opportunities to explore various learning experiences together. 
I look forward to a productive and rewarding term ahead. Please feel welcome to speak with me if you have any queries.

Mr David Nolan

Head of Middle School


middle school
The winter holidays are an important time for our students and staff as they take time to relax and refresh after a productive first semester. Hopefully all the students in the Middle School have taken the opportunity to reflect and set goals for the second half of the year. 
Coming back to school is one of those exciting times when you get to catch up with friends and colleagues to talk about the holiday that has just been. Strangely though, we are in Week 2 and already we feel the busyness of what lies in front. For some this can quickly make the holiday feel like a distant past as we move into the routine of learning and teaching.
It is important we do maintain a healthy balance in our learning and importantly, for all our students, we want them to build on the strong foundation of Semester One as they continue to engage in the learning opportunities available to them. We want our students to develop a really strong sense of independence in all they do.
At our Middle School Assembly on Monday, we focused on a couple of really important aspects to our College. The first was students continuing to strive to achieve their best in all they do in their learning. This semester, as students look at their assessment calendars, it is vital they continue to develop strong organisational skills which will allow them to be more independent, and sets them up for success in all they do. We would hope every student will go home and talk about what they are learning so we can all share in the amazing educational opportunities the College offers.
Secondly, we also hope each student continues to build a strong sense of self-worth. Again at our Assembly, we talked about respect and looking after each other. Continuing to help each student realise they have a role in supporting others in our community. We truly want our Middle School to continue to be a place where students feel safe, supported and happy in themselves and their learning.
We will continue to help build the students skills in building resilience and respect. We also are thankful, as a community, we are made aware of concerns students and parents have so we can effectively support all to be the very best they can in life and learning.
As Semester Two gains pace, I hope all the students can find a moment of regular quiet reflection so as to make sure they are on the right path to achieving their goals.  Remembering they have teachers who are here to support them in all their endeavours.

Mrs Gillian Edwards

Head of Senior School


senior school
It has been a busy start to Term 3 in the Senior School, with a number of activities having already occurred and others about to happen:
  • Year 12 students attended several workshops run by their subject teachers during the holiday break. Thank you to the teachers involved. In the next term break there will be a formal program of revision workshops for all Year 12 students.
  • The Year 12 Research Project results were outstanding, with 100% of students who were assessed in Semester One achieving a satisfactory result. 6 students achieved an A+: Hannah Doyle, Ryan Wood, Nozhat Hassan, Matthew Pullin, Melissa Pullinger and Kelly Yun. We congratulate all students, who are no doubt relieved to have successfully completed this compulsory subject required for the SACE. Thank you also to their teachers for their support.
  • The Senior School Academic Assembly saw the presentation of Academic Excellence Awards for Semester One. Congratulations to all recipients, whose names appear in this edition of The Vine. To those who missed out this time, you are encouraged to continue to work hard and to seek the advice of your teachers as to how you might further improve.
  • The combined Parent/Student Information evening for students moving into Year 11 and 12 next year was held. Thank you to all who attended on such a cold, wintry night. The information that was presented has also been emailed home to all families. The next step in the process is for all students to complete the Subject Survey so that we have a better picture of the demand for subjects so we can create the timetable lines.
  • Year 10 and 11 students and families will have received the assessment calendars for Term 3.
Students are encouraged to use this calendar to organise and plan their time. To this end, the calendars will also be referred to in Community Lesson in Week 3.
NB. Year 12 students received a whole year assessment calendar at the beginning of the academic year within each of their subjects.
  • The process for Student Leadership 2017 is under way, with a high quality field of Year 11 students applying for consideration.
  • Eldergreen Community launched their 40 Hour Famine community service focus at Senior Worship and Brooklyn Community is focusing on the Christmas Shoeboxes of Love. This follows the Greenwith Community organisation of the MS Mighty Swim and Surrey’s Cancer Council Relay for Life. Next term, Hillcott will be supporting Backpacks for SA Kids.
  • Some students and staff really enjoyed the annual ski trip experience during the second week of the holidays.
  • The Senior Knockout Netball team is practising hard for the next round of their competition.
  • Likewise, the Senior Debating teams are preparing for their next round of debates.
  • Finally, congratulations to all Senior School students and their music teachers for the recent musical showcase, Can’t Stop the Feelin’. It was an evening of wonderful entertainment. Every year the level of performance goes up a notch and this year was no exception. It was a fitting showcase of their talent, hard work and commitment.


Student News And Events
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Friday 5 August
Student Voice Council Representatives
On Friday 15 August, the Junior School officially inducted the Student Voice Council for Semester 2. Two children per class received a badge as a symbol of their leadership and as a keepsake for the future. Students on the council have the opportunity to provide valuable input as representatives of the student body, and we see some very good outcomes from the work done by Student Voice. 
Foxx Boyce &
Isobel McPherson
Year 5O
Sneha Aryal &
Levi Uzzell
Year 5W
Samuel Boyle &
Isabella Emery
Year 4P

Katarina Basic &
Jack Moss
Year 4C

Annabella Murdoch &
Callum Robertson
Year 3S

Zachary McCarthur &
Marley Hosch
Year 3B

Micah Griffiths &
Keeley Devink
Year 2LP

Kaylee Need &
Dallas Jenzen
Year 2H

Ethan Power &
Lily Drechsler
Year 1M

Nicolas Dinevski &
Hana Parry
Year 1B

Christian Caruso &
Emily Griffiths
Year RH

Isaiah Valadian &
Sienna Craig
Year RE

Lauren Bogan &
Charlie Wardrop
Year RR
Mr Pearce and Mrs Clifton awarding Reception Ready student Lauren Bogan with her Student Voice Council Representative award

Mrs Kimberly McMahon
Reception Ready Teacher

Reception Ready Class
With much excitement and very few tears our newest students began their formal schooling last week. The Reception Ready class has settled very quickly into being ‘big school kids’. Each morning delivers large smiles as the children proudly begin to independently manage the start of their day. They have been extremely busy learning all the routines of our school day including specialist lessons and the highly anticipated borrowing from the library.
Meeting Mr Millard and shaking his hand on the way into their first Junior School Worship was one of many highlights of the term’s beginning and the children continue to build strong relationships with each other and their teachers. The children have some wonderful thoughts about starting school…
"What do you like about being at school?"
“I like doing everything” Danica
“I like doing painting” Bethany
“Playing with my friends” Alex
“I have lots of friends” Coen
“Eating lunch” Charlie
“We like using the peg boards” Elise
Thursday 26th July

Reception - 100th Day of School
On Tuesday 26 July, our Reception classes celebrated their 100th day of school. The children began the day filling up bags of 100 items with a partner. These items ranged from pop sticks to cotton wool balls. It was great to see the children working together to count to 100 and using problem solving skills when they lost count and had to start all over again.
We continued the day with activities such as; stacking 100 cups, completing a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle, estimating which jar contained 100 items, writing 100 words and completing a 100th day fitness challenge. We also wrote about all the things we have done during our 100 days of school.
All children were presented with a special certificate to remind them of their 100th day of school at Pedare.
Thursday 4 August
Senior School Academic Assembly
Senior School Academic Excellence Awards  Semester 1 2016
Awarded to students who achieved a minimum of 3 subjects in the A Grade Band across 5 subjects studied. 
Year 12  
Liam Alchin
Hannah Doyle
Jasmine Collier                 
Amelia Combe                 
William Fay                        
Ellen Finley                        
Nozhat Hassan                 
Amelia Hunt
Vernon Lal
Madeline McCandlish   
Rebekah Morton            
Matthew Pullin
Melissa Pullinger
Chantel Saunders
Guergana Sedeva
Benn Shephard                
Madison Simmonds       
Ashleigh Sims                   
Rachael Whittington      
Ryan Wood                        
Chris Zou          

Senior School Academic Excellence Awards  Semester 1 2016
Awarded to students who achieved a minimum of 4 subjects at A Grade level across 7 subjects studied.
Year 11
Sarah Arbery                     
Charlotte Armitage        
Tamishka Brass                
Franziska Bunkenberg-Lee
Maruca Ciulacu-Nemteanu
Ryan Clapp                         
Oliver Fulcher
Samuel Johnson
Morgan Muller                 
Andrew Nam    
Georgia Rohrsheim        
Xueying Sun                      
Connie Truong                 
Michael Yang                    

Senior School Academic Excellence Awards  Semester 1 2016
Awarded to students who achieved a minimum total raw score of 47 out of a possible 56 from the 8 subjects studied, including the Personal Project. Students must also have achieved a minimum of 3 scores of 7.
Year 10
Chelsea Blackman
Isobel Cassidy                   
Joshua Gauci                     
Noshin Hassan                 
Sarah Hogg                        
Gabrielle Howland
Torran Jeffs                       
Anna Li                                
Georgia Lloyd
Jackson Mickley
Stephanie Milanowski
Aspen Palmer                   
Amber Roshkov               
Elijah Schutz                      
Ashleigh Shattock
Tara Stint                           
Sophie Szabo                    
Judah Tan                           
Sakura Tatewaki              
Athena Xiourouppa       
Tuesday 2 August

Students in the Middle and Senior School took to the main stage in College Chapel on Tuesday for the annual Music Showcase. This performance brings students together from Years 6-12 to perform as part of instrumental, vocal and class band ensembles. 


With high quality music from beginning to end, the students performed with confidence, passion and joy. Beautiful instrumental pieces were heard from our Middle School and advanced Concert Bands, Stage Band, String Quartet and Ensemble and Year 12 Rock Band. Strong vocal performances were given by our Middle School Performance Choir, Senior Vocal, Luminaire Vocal and Prelude. 

The finale, a stunning rendition of "Can't Stop the Feelin'", was a combined performance from the Stage Band, Senior Vocal, Prelude and Performance Choir.

The Year 9, 10 and 11/12 class bands also brought together their individual talents to shine as ensembles. The night, hosted by the students, was nothing short of impressive as they displayed their love of music.


Mr David Deboer
IB MYP Coordinator
Year 8 students Cooper Sutton, Thomas Lediaev, Isabella Bogan, Sian Linhart
Year 8 - The Rights of a Child

In Year 8 Individuals and Societies classes, students have been studying the United Nations rights of a child. These 54 articles show from a global perspective the rights that every child should have but due to circumstances of politics, war and religion such basic things like education and safe play are not respected. Students prepared speeches on the IB global context ‘Fairness and Development’ and using the concepts of rights and responsibilities, they researched the conditions of children worldwide and investigated places and situations where these basic ideals were not always being considered. In true IB fashion, students considered intercultural perspectives and contexts to summarise their own interpretation of the rights of children. 
Below are some excerpts from student speeches:
“…I believe, like many others, that some of the wealthier countries should put some of their money towards more effective healthcare in poorer countries such as Africa, which not only cares for diseases such as Malaria, amebiasis, HIV, and polio, but for people that are severely undernourished. I am not saying that most healthcare bases in Africa are not effective, because GAVI, the vaccine alliance, has helped over 7 million children with immunisations in the past 16 years, and measles deaths have dropped over 67% in the past 16 years due to measles vaccinations. In perspective, of the undernourishment ratio, 700 million people in the world are undernourished, some being children in Africa, while over 2.2 billion people are overweight and obese…” – Thomas Lediaev
“…Almost two-thirds of poorest girls in Pakistan have never been to school. The long term neglect of education means the poorest young women in the country have only spent around a year in school on average. Without a real step change by the government to give these children and young people the education and training they need, including a second chance for those who have missed out, they will be denied equal opportunities in work and life forever…” – Sian Linhart
“…We can prevent poverty by educating children. Educating children gives the next generation the tools to fight poverty and prevent disease. Educating children gives them the knowledge to survive, the knowledge to live, the knowledge to raise a family for themselves and the knowledge to lead a new and better generation, to create a better world. Education is a permanent solution, to a temporary problem…” – Cooper Sutton

"...Hello people of the united nations, I am Isabella Bogan and I will be speaking to you today about child sex slaves. Now, while I have been speaking to you, one child has been sold or traded to be a sex slave and by the time I have finished speaking to you, six children will be sold or traded to be sex slaves..."  - Isabella Bogan

Wednesday - Friday
13-15 July

art workshop at the village

During the first week of the July school holidays, Pedare art teacher Mrs Kai Benyk demonstrated screen printing, with the help of the accomplished screen printer artist Mr Joshua Searson, in workshops set up at Golden Grove Village Shopping Centre. Mrs Benyk and Mr Searson demonstrated how to do screen printing and invited children to try their hand at this very creative form of art.

Thank you to Pedare students, Connor Pullinger, Chelsea Comrie and William Norrington for their expert help and taking time from their school holidays to assist Mrs Benyk and Mr Searson.   

Mr Dylan Gale
Pedare Ski Trip
During the holiday break, 34 students accompanied by 5 teachers travelled to Mount Hotham for the annual Snowtrip. The trip is expanding each year, which means Pedare can now have exclusive access to Wongungarra lodge. Daily lessons allowed students to develop their skillset so they could carve the many slopes. Wednesday night provided the opportunity for students to participate in night skiing under lights, some just used this time in perfecting their accuracy with a snowball.
At the lodge, students played games and shared stories of their daily adventures, whilst our own chef provided cooked breakfast and dinners. The weather was fine for the most part, with some days reaching 11 degrees, unfortunately heavy winds kept students inside on their last day, as they prepared for the journey home.
Students left with new skills, friendships and a fondness for snow sports.
ICAS Science Competition
The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Science assesses students’ skills in the key scientific areas of:
  • Observing and measuring: Noting and measuring features of items and phenomena
  • Interpreting data: Interpreting diagrams, tables and graphs
  • Applying data: Including inferring, predicting and concluding
  • Investigating: Experimental design, use of controls and notion of ‘fair test’
  • Higher-order skills: Including reasoning and problem solving
The papers cover content on:
  • Earth and Beyond (incorporating the Earth Sciences and Astronomy).
  • Energy and Change (incorporating Physics).
  • Life and Living (incorporating Biology and Ecology).
  • Natural and Processed Materials (incorporating Chemistry).
This year, 37 students participated and were awarded 5 Distinction, 17 Credit, 5 Merit and 10 Participation Certificates. Pedare’s students scored above the Australian average in all year levels.

Congratulations go to the following students: 
Year 6
Distinction: Thomas Drysdale
Credit: Ioni Bradshaw, Maria Madakuzhy, Mitchell Pratt, Madison Smith
Year 7
Distinction: Timothy Szabo
Credit: Tayla Cummings, Bradley Langfield
Merit: Angus McPherson
Year 8
Distinction: Soniya Panakkal, Jacob Willdin
Credit: Shea Cowan, Bryon Barnes-Williams, Riya Phillips
Merit: Ryan Przibilla
Year 9
Credit: Jack Hynds, Aoyang Yuan
Merit: Benjamin Turnbull
Year 10
Credit: Cameron Langfield, Thomas Montague, Sophie Szabo, Judah Tan
Merit: Jackson Mickley, Amber Roshkov
Year 11
Credit: Jason Franks, Michael Yang
Year 12
Distinction: Ryan Wood
maths challenge for young australians
This Challenge provides opportunities for stimulation and recognition, and encouragement for students to strive for excellence and toward their full potential.

The following students are to be congratulated on achieving a credit in this challenge:
Year 7: Bradley Langfield, Ashleigh Stevens
Year 9: Jack Hynds
Year 10: Athena Xiourouppa
Mrs Leonie Brown
Learning Area Coordinator - Science, Mathematics and ATP
ChooseMaths Awards
The CHOOSEMATHS Awards encourage students to get creative and celebrate mathematical excellence as they step beyond the classroom to bring their love of mathematics to life on film. Students produce a video which explains a mathematical problem or demonstrates an application of mathematics, using clear and precise mathematical language, in a creative and entertaining way. Students compete as a team in order to foster a positive environment, giving them the opportunity to reason and work collaboratively.
Three of Pedare’s Year 10 students have entered the CHOOSEMATHS awards and would appreciate your vote for their video in this competition. Please
click here to view and vote for the video.

Please note the Pedare App features Middle & Senior School Fixtures for Term 3 and is updated automatically ensuring accurate schedules and maps. This will be the main form of communication and include push notification of any changes immediately to your device.

You can access both the download links or a web interface by
clicking here.
Mrs Kelli Shephard

Pedare Lions U/14 Basketball
The Pedare Lions U14 basketball team was made up of a mixture of girls and boys, all with different basketball backgrounds. Training was held each Monday at lunchtime and games played Tuesday nights at the Golden Grove Recreation Centre. Although we ultimately won the grand final with an amazing score of 62-19, the most important thing to emerge this semester was the ability to work as a team – yes boys, you can pass the ball to a girl! 
Demonstrating good sportsmanship, we can be proud of ourselves even when we lose, and we can be gracious in victory. As well as respect; respect for the umpire’s decisions, respect for each other and our coaches – both of whom worked hard in fostering basic skills and confidence in each player.
Congratulations and well done Lions – Brayden Chapman, Cai Hewitson, Ethan Weber, Dylan Oors-L’Estrange, Sarah Fry, Tyler Green, Conor Linhart (coach) and Jack Shephard (coach).

Pedare ravens u/13 netbALL
“I had an amazing time coaching the U13 Netball this semester with help from Madeline. As many of the girls had not had much experience playing netball before, we made it clear we were about developing their skills and if a win came about from our efforts we would celebrate. The girls showed great determination and always strived for their best with each game they played, which was evident as the season progressed. Playing against older and much taller teams made it challenging for us to see how much the girls had improved, but looking at previous scores from the beginning of the season to the end made all the challenges we faced worth it. I wish the girls the best of luck in their future netball endeavours and thank them for being such great girls to coach.”  - Jaimee Quinn 

“I really enjoyed coaching U13 netball this semester because the team had a great attitude to success. We did not win often, however the girls took every result and worked on their skills. Jaimee and I have seen a big improvement in the team. Our final game against the top team was a further testament to this, because although we did not win, our competitiveness on the court was amazing. The score card did not reflect the even match. We definitely made it a tough game as it was no easy win. I would like to congratulate all the girls on their hard work. It was a great privilege to help them develop their netball skills and be a part of the team.”  - Madeline McCandlish –
Term 3 Week 1

extra-curricular results


  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Lions BYE WEEK
  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Warriors BYE WEEK
  • Middle - Pedare vs Gleeson 1 Loss 15 - 54
  • Senior - Pedare vs Glenunga International HS Won 46-26 (MVP B Palmer)


  • U/13 N'ball - Pedare Ravens vs SFX Diamonds Loss 1 - 6 (MVP T Murdey-Green/A Hynds)
  • Middle - Pedare vs Mercedes 3 Loss 3 - 28 (MVP B Pilgrim)
  • Senior - Pedare vs St Michael's 5 Won 25 - 12 (MVP L Moodley/E Clayton)


  • Middle - Pedare vs St Peters Won 9 - 0 (MVP I Rae/R Moodley/Shea Cowan)
  • Senior - Pedare vs St Peters Won 3 - 2 (MVP J Cornish)
Emi Schutz
President, Young Scientists of Australia Adelaide Chapter
Are you a high school student in Years 8 to 10? Are you considering studying science at university? Or do you just love to test your acumen with trivia, puzzles and games? YSA has an event for you!
Join the YSA at Pedare Christian College on Tuesday 16 August from 7.00pm-10.00pm for a night of quizzes and games, science demos and a Q&A panel of current science PhD students who will speak about their research. The speakers include PhD students from chemistry, marine biology and geology who are really passionate about science and will happily answer your questions about their research, student life and science careers. This is a great chance to find out what studying science at university might be like, test your science and general knowledge and meet some like-minded science lovers.
If you think this might be just the event for you, register now at We look forward to seeing you there!
Please note: As this is an Official YSA Adelaide event, it is also alcohol, smoke and drug free.
Mrs Linda Deboer
Defence Transition Mentor - One+

In Term 2 the first “One+ Defence Excursion” was held which involved groups of students attending workshops on two different days at the Port Power Clubrooms. ‘The Power to be Positive’ is a wellbeing and resilience program that has been developed in conjunction with the Wellbeing and Resilience Centre at the SA Health and Medical Research Institute and based on Professor Martin Seligman’s PERMA dashboard of wellbeing.  The key lessons delivered in the workshop included:
  • Strengths 
  • Positive Thinking
  • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness
  • Growing from Challenges
  • Goal Setting
The students learned more about the skills and knowledge necessary to demonstrate resilience when they are confronted with challenging situations in their life.

We are very grateful to have received funding from Defence Health, and would like to acknowledge that this funding covered the hiring costs of a bus to take the students from school to the Power facility and back, on both days. 

The Defence Community Organisation (DCO) offers funding toward the Power to be Positive Program, and the students were also very fortunate to have a lunch provided for them in the clubrooms after the workshop. The Regional Education Officer from DCO, Les Needham, attended the seniors’ excursion and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the students engage in the program.  

It was a very good experience for all involved.

NOTE:   If you are a Defence Force family and have not yet had any contact with the Defence Mentor, please email
The Rev'd Jenny Wilson
Canon Precentor
St Peter's Cathedral
st peter's cathedral choral evensong
St Peter’s Cathedral is celebrating the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death on 28 August at 6.00pm with a series of special events organised by the Cathedral Team together with Rob Croser of Independent Theatre Company.

Click here for more information about St Peter's Cathedral Choral Evensong, which will be woven with speeches, music and reflections based on The Merchant of Venice, Othello and Hamlet. This is a great opportunity for English and Drama students to explore matters of humanity and faith.
Mrs Heather Bennett
Junior School

The Reading Hour

You've heard of Earth Hour when we turn our lights off, but have you heard of Reading Hour?
Pedare Christian College Junior School wants to encourage families to be part of Reading Hour held on Tuesday 16 August between 6.00pm and 7.00 pm. The aim of Reading Hour is to encourage individuals, families and communities to discover and rediscover the joy of reading. Reading hour reminds parents, caregivers and families that reading together does not have to be a massive undertaking in their increasingly busy lives, but rather encourages the 'anytime, anywhere' mantra, building a foundation in society whereby reading is a gift given freely.
Please follow the link to find out more

junior school KEY dates

Term 3 Week 3

8 & 9 August  Andrew McDonough Visit to the Junior School
10 August  Year 4 'What's the Buzz Day'
10 August  P & F Committee Meeting 7.30pm
12 August
 Pet Education Program Reception - Year 3

Term 3 Week 4

15 August  Year 2 Water SA Incursion

18 August  Science Day Year 5 Visit to M&SS
18-26 August  Junior School Book Fair Week

middle & senior school key dates

Term 3 Week 3

9 Aug  M&SS Tour 9.00am
9 Aug  Year 12 Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews 4.30pm
10 Aug
  P & F Committee Meeting 7.30pm
10-12 Aug  Year 7 Camp

10 Aug  MASA Maths Quiz Night 6.30pm

Term 3 Week 4


16 Aug  Maths ICAS
16 Aug  Year 12 Evening Performance 7.30pm



We want to ensure the safety of children, pedestrians and motorists around our streets and schools.

Parents and caregivers have a great responsibility to ensure children stay safe in school zones and have a key role in educating children about road safety.

Please click here to view a digital version of the Tea Tree Gully Council Safety Around Schools brochure.

Generators Kids Club 2016 (Years Reception-Year 6)
Come and join us. Generators kids club meets Fridays each fortnight for great games, craft and bible time. Next kids club is on Friday 12 August from 3.30pm - 5.00pm. The crafts this week are making 'Twisted Balloon Animals' and 'Pipe Cleaner Ninjas.' More info can be downloaded from our web site. Please
click here or phone Rick on 8264 3736. Meetings held at 19 Perseverance Rd Tea Tree Gully. 

SWAT youth (Years 7-12)
Meets Friday each week at 7.30pm. Come for great time of games, friendship and bible discussion. Next meeting is on Friday 12 August. 
Click here for more details or phone Dave on 0403 723 953. Meeting are held at 19 Perseverance Rd Tea Tree Gully.
Weekly Services - Check out our web site for more details
Sunday@8:30: Prayer book service – weekly communion
Sunday@10: Family service and specific children’s ministries. Communion on third Sunday of every month

Sunday@6.00pm: Youth, young adult and those young at heart. Communion first Sunday of every month. There is no children’s program but drawing supplies and a withdrawal room are available for your young ones

This Marriage Course is a wonderful opportunity to spend time together and build a strong and healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime. The course runs for seven weeks, one evening a week. Please click here to view a PDF for more information.

Kids Club is a fun and engaging afternoon for primary aged children (Reception - Year 6), meeting fortnightly on Thursdays from 3.30pm-5.00pm at St Mark's Anglican Church, 160 Wynn Vale Drive, Wynn Vale. Each afternoon games are played, crafts are made and food is enjoyed, while getting to know God and each other. Cost is a $2 donation per child to cover costs of craft materials and activities.

Parents are welcome to stay during Kids Club and enjoy a coffee/tea and a chat. Kids Club at St Mark's offers a safe and friendly environment, with all leaders having undergone child protection training and police clearances. The next meeting, on Thursday 11 August, is 'Get into Training' - Not only will you get fitter and stronger, but you will also make your own Olympic sculptures to take home. Click here for more information or phone 8289 4003 or email
Everyone is welcome to attend St Mark's free cafe style soup kitchen in a warm and friendly community atmosphere, held Thursdays 6.00pm - 7.30pm throughout the colder months May - August. For more information, phone 8289 4003 or click here.

Junior School
150 Bicentennial Drive,
P: 08 8280 1770


Middle & Senior School
2-30 Surrey Farm Drive,
P: 08 8280 1700


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