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college principal
 Mr Mike Millard
Sustaining the Pedare Community

In the last few years we have been able to celebrate the increasing enrolments of children from our Old Scholars into the Junior and Middle Schools. This is a real sign of maturity for our community, and one which brings huge benefits for the College.

When we ask the Old Scholars …. now parents, why they have chosen Pedare, they clearly express the view “they want for their children what they experienced at Pedare”.

Old Scholar parents want their children to develop excellence in their learning, integrity, compassion and a sense of self worth. They want their children to be global in their outlook. They want their children to develop some understanding of their spiritual selves.

Many of our Old Scholar parents have as their closest friends, other Pedare Old Scholars. They are like minded people who may have gone off to study and work in many different areas but have remained great friends from their time at Pedare. This is a somewhat unique experience when I compare this with other schools I have taught in. In other schools, students complete Year 12 and leave their region or area. The fact that Pedare Old Scholars seek to live in the familiar surroundings of Golden Grove and other North Eastern suburbs, to be near family and work, does help to sustain friendships from Pedare.
For our current Pedare students, my hope is they too develop strong friendships at Pedare that will sustain and enrich them throughout their lives.

Mr Randall Pearce

Head of Junior School


junior school
Swimming Lessons and Swimming Carnival

Week 5 of Term 1, was our Swimming week with much fun and learning. Thank you Mr Perry for all his organisation and also the teachers and parents who supported during the week. 
Swimming is a vital life skill for all children and especially children growing up in Australia. Sourced from the Royal Surf Life Saving, the following statistics show:
There were nine drowning deaths of children aged 5 to 14 years in 2014/15. Drowning deaths of children in this age group are also down by 40% against the 10-year average of 15 drowning deaths. Males accounted for 78% of all drowning deaths in this age group.
Swimming and recreation was the activity being undertaken immediately prior to drowning in over two thirds of all cases in this age group. This highlights the importance of a basic level of swimming and water safety skills and knowledge in and around water, all of which are covered during our lessons at WaterWorld.
Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held from Tuesday 15 to Thursday 17 March. These are an invaluable experience for the teachers and, we hope, for you as parents. There is a huge body of research that points to the correlation between parent involvement in a child’s schooling and their educational success. Quite simply, if you want your child to improve their learning, take an interest in their learning and attend as many school functions as you can such as Parent/Teacher Interviews. Celebrate the successes and, together with your child and their teacher, work alongside each other to further develop any challenges. 

National Young Leader’s Day

The National Young Leaders Day is an annual event created in 1977 by the Halogen Foundation to develop strong leadership values amongst young Australians. On 21 March, our Junior School Captains and Community Captains will attend Young Leaders Day at the Adelaide Convention Centre. 

The Program consists of keynote talks, multimedia presentations and interactive learning that seeks a range of specific outcomes for young people who aspire to lead themselves and others well. A consistent message taken away from past years have been “nothing significant, enduring or amazing ever started out that way. Just get started!” A message that the students will have as they continue with their roles of Captains and throughout their school life and indeed the rest of their lives.
I look forward to hearing what learning our Captains can share with the rest of the school on their return.

Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys will once again commence in Week 9 this term – Wednesday 30 March,and are a wonderful opportunity for students to celebrate their learning with parents and family. All year levels will open their classrooms and invite parents/caregivers to share in the learning. It involves classes showcasing completed work to their special guest. Each child will have the opportunity to share and reflect upon their different learning experiences, work, learning environments and classroom experiences.

We believe Learning Journeys are valuable to the students, giving them the experience and enabling them to develop many different skills, including; responsibility, reflection, choice and control of their learning through self-evaluation.

Mr David Nolan

Head of Middle School

middle school
One thing you can say about schools is they are never quiet for long. In the last two weeks, we have seen the Year 6 students enjoy Allayne Webster, a children's author, and Year 7 and 8 students participate in a team building day which saw them develop their skills on how best to work together. The Year 8 students enjoyed a memorable time away on camp, I always enjoy hearing the stories about the camp and see the rich value in this part of our programme. In addition to this, the Year 9 students had the amazing opportunity to listen to Luka Lesson, a slam poet and share his story through poetry. On Tuesday, we shared our College with the community through the Open Night. All this happens whilst the students continue to focus on excelling in their learning in the classroom and developing a global mindset.
When you take a moment to look back over the last two weeks, you can quickly see the rich learning opportunities our students experience at Pedare. Offering a variety of opportunities and experiences is critical in helping them to understand the world they live in and how to interact in it. I was particularly fortunate to be in the audience listening to Luka Lesson. The questions our students asked and the inspiration he provided was evident in the way the students interacted with his session. At the conclusion, a number of students came up to personally shake hands with Luka and thank him. After sitting through a session like this, you can see the power of sharing stories, which is exactly what Luka was able to do and how our young people can connect. 
Each one of us is writing our own narrative each day, and in the Middle School at Pedare, we are focussed on helping our students write a narrative that develops a wide range of skills in a manner which allows them to be the best they can be each day. Whilst all narratives have their ups and downs, we do hope each student is prepared to learn, to be thinkers, to be risk-takers and importantly be people of principal and integrity. As the narrative continues, they will build resilience and independence and demonstrate a strong sense of self-worth.
We are committed to providing a wide range of opportunities so as to continue to develop each child in a holistic manner. If the last two weeks are any measure, we are in for a thrilling, engaging, busy, yet enjoyable year.
Allayne Webster - Children's and Teenager Author.
Allayne has written four novels and was recently shortlisted for the Children's Literature Award category of the 2016 Adelaide Festival Awards. 
Students were given a new perspective on poetry after Luka Lesson gave students a demonstration on why he was awarded a National Slam Poet Champion. His performances and writing skills in various arenas have earned the title of “a sonic literary genius” by New York poet and former president of Poetry Slam, Inc. (USA), Taylor Mali. (Courtesy Luka's webpage)

Ms Jan Robertson

Assistant Head of Senior School


senior school
Pedare has many leadership opportunities where students can grow and develop skills essential for leaders such as public speaking, organisational skills, networking with and representing their peers and planning. Events such as Open Night and College Assemblies all provide the platform for our Student Leaders to grow.

On Wednesday, 9 March, I had the privilege of taking eleven of our student leaders to the GRIP leadership conference, and I thank Miss Reid for accompanying us to this event.

The team from GRIP are a very dynamic group of people who present very relevant content about being effective leaders. The day was both fun and informative, with each session being highly engaging, combining games, lectures and student participation. Particularly notable, was the modelling of leadership by the presenters, and the way in which they encouraged students to interact with others outside of their own schools.

On the bus trip home, we all agreed it had been a really good day and we had all learnt at least one thing we will aim to build into our own leadership this year. Here’s what some of the students had to say…..
"The GRIP Conference, allowed me to consider the role of Student Leadership in a new way and see how I can grow as a leader and as a public speaker. Seeing the presenters act in such an enthusiastic and engaging way inspired me to bring similar qualities when presenting and encouraging those around me'" Billy Fay
“I learnt a more effective and dynamic way to motivate students in which I can take into action when organising Relay for Life” Jackson Cornish
“From the leadership conference I enjoyed working on making our speeches dynamic and hearing how leadership works at other schools, along with additional ideas and events that we could bring to Pedare" Melissa Pullinger
“The way that they got the information across was very effective because I enjoyed myself while learning something. I originally thought it would be like a lecture.” Aavi Puri
“Through the GRIP Student Leadership Conference, I have learnt many ways to plan and successfully execute a dynamic school event.” Nozhat Hassan
“I enjoyed meeting people from other schools, the presenters were enthusiastic and I learnt new things about leadership.” Connor Pullinger
"The GRIP Leadership conference presented us with an excellent opportunity to connect with other student leaders across the state and share experiences and advice." Hannah Doyle
So here’s to a year of positive and effective leadership from the students of our College!
Student leaders at the GRIP Leadership conference.
student news and events

junior school sapsasa swimming
On Friday 4 March, twenty nine Middle School students and ten Junior School students, participated in the annual SAPSASA TeaTree Gully Swimming Carnival at Waterworld. For the Junior School students, it capped off a big week at the pool with lessons Monday to Wednesday and our Carnival on Thursday.

Pedare won the Carnival in 2015, so we were keen to defend the shield to the best of our abilities. Throughout the day, there were lots of successful Pedarians in their events, not just winning, but some great achievements personally. None more so than Zack Piercey who won all 4 events freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke in his first SAPSASA Carnival.
Students who came in the first four in the freestyle and won breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly, have been invited to represent the Tea Tree Gully district at Metro Day at Marion on 17 March. These students are Zack Piercey, Oscar Dunn, Ava Haldane-Spencer, Sarah Lloyd, Lauren Booth, Tyler Routleff, Evelina Tunno, Jay Watson and Shannon Taylor. We wish them well.
The Pedare team waited around for the presentation having a sense we had a chance of winning the Carnival again this year, with many point scoring results throughout the day. Fortunately, our hopes were fulfilled and we were announced the Carnival winners on 154 points.
Another successful Tea Tree Gully District Swimming Carnival. Well done and congratulations to all our swimmers.
Year 2, week 3 - 6

Year 2 Chickens
Year 2's enjoyed the experience learning about the life stages of chickens. The children have been quite excited watching the eggs being hatched inside an incubator. This provides students with a wonderful hands on experience of growth and development. There were two different breeds, black ones known as Australorps and the others are Lohmons. Families were able to adopt and take home a chicken, unfortunately though, there is no way of knowing whether they are a hen or rooster so be prepared for an early alarm if you received a rooster.

The soon to be  famous black chicken arrives

Baby chicken - almost hatched

Tuesday 8 March

open night

A special thank you to all the staff, students and parents who supported us on Open Night.
Pedare had many families arrive and tour the Middle & Senior School and also One +. The feedback we received from the families who had student led tours was very positive and we received comments such as;

Brooke and Paige were lovely young ladies and were a confident/competent team in guiding me around. The great thing was that in natural conversations, they pretty much covered everything I was interested in/needed to know and only needed to seek clarification on some of the points.

The redevelopments of the Wattle Courtyard and Year 9 classrooms continues to provide great learning and community spaces and provides a great platform to host families touring Pedare.


Please click here to view more Open Night 2016 photos

Friday 11 March

spirit of anzac centenary exhibition

Despite limited places for schools to attend, on Friday 11 March all of Pedare’s Year 9s had the privilege to attend the Spirit of Anzac Centenary Exhibition at Wayville Showground. This is a ‘one off’ travelling exhibition touring Australia’s capital cities and some regional centres from 2015 to 2017 educating students about Australia’s involvement in World War One.
The Spirit of Anzac Centenary experience uses a mix of visuals, artefacts, audio and film to engage visitors. All students will complete a reflection on their experience. We expect that our students will develop a greater respect and understanding of the sacrifice of Australian soldiers in World War One as well as a passion for history.

For more information about the ANZAC Centenary Exhibition Please Click Here

Friday 4 March

Oz Asia Club performance

On Friday 4 March, the OZAsia Club performed at the University of Adelaide for the event run by Splash Adelaide and the Confucius Institute. The students enjoyed the opportunity to perform. which they did admirably and were very well received. Eight students danced for an audience of over 200 people and showcased this unique aspect of our school. OzAsia Club students who attended the event were: Amber Roshkov, Sophie Szabo, Athena Xiourouppa, Chelsea Leisavnieks, Sarah Fabian, Jade Robertson, Sheba Ngor and Nicole Kyprianou. Pedare OzAsia Club continues seeking new members, please contact Amber Roshkov or Sophie Szabo to find out more


Pedare's OzAsia Club Students performing at Adelaide University

Pedare's OzAsia Club Students strike a pose

lunar new year
In Term 1 Week 3, Year 8 and 9 Chinese students celebrated the Lunar New Year by making dumpling in Chinese class lesson. Lunar New Year is celebrated by Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and other communities throughout the world, it is common for them all to make dumplings to represent prosperity in the coming year.  It is also known as the Spring Festival. Lunar New Year is the most important and longest of all Chinese festivals which includes 15 days of celebrations. Students greatly enjoyed this opportunity to celebrate, cook and eat their dumplings.
Term 1 Week 4  & 5 Results

extra-curricular results


  • U/12 B'ball - Pedare Jackals vs Prescott Rush Won (by Forfeit)   
  • U/12 B'ball - Pedare Jackals vs St David's Lightning Loss 40 - 8                            
  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Lions vs SFX Dunkers Won (by Forfeit)
  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Lions BYE WEEK
  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Warriors BYE WEEK
  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Warriors vs Prescott Fusion Won 40 -11 (MVP T Banford/R Przibilla)
  • Sen Girls B'ball vs Kildare Loss 9 - 28 (MVP K Weber/N Gardiner)
  • Sen Girls B'ball - CANCELLED


  • Primary Cricket - Pedare vs Rostrevor Loss 2/55 - 2/96 (MVP B Langfield/O Shimmin) 
  • Primary Cricket - CANCELLED
  • Middle Cricket - Pedare vs Nazareth Loss 9/66 - 6/128 (MVP B Mason/W Norrington)
  • Middle Cricket - CANCELLED


  • U/13 N'ball - Pedare Ravens vs SFX Legends Loss 1 - 6 (MVP A Hynds/B Arbery)
  • U/13 N'ball - Pedare Ravens vs Tyndale Lightning Loss 23 - 5 (MVP E Hadley/T Stuart)


  • Primary Tennis - Pedare vs Rostrevor Loss 23 - 54 (MVP C Van Heuven/M Devic)
  • Primary Tennis - Pedare vs St Andrew's Loss 23 - 28 (MVP A Li/A Gallamore)
  • Middle Tennis - Pedare vs Pembroke Loss 1 - 11 (MVP T Lediaev/T Green)
  • Middle Tennis - CANCELLED
  • Senior Tennis - Pedare vs CBC Loss 7 - 5 (MVP T Riemelmoser/A Nam)
  • Senior Tennis - CANCELLED


  • Middle B V'ball - Pedare vs St Ignatius Loss 1 - 2 (MVP D Stevens)
  • Middle B V'ball - Pedare vs St Paul's Loss 0 - 2 (MVP B Lees/A McCarthy)
  • Middle C V'ball - BYE WEEK
  • Middle C V'ball - Pedare vs Pembroke Draw 1 - 1 (MVP W Norrington)
  • U/19 V'ball - Pedare Hurricanes - NO MATCH
  • U/19 V'ball - Pedare Hurricanes vs Golden Grove Loss 1 - 2 (MVP E Brooks)
  • U/19 V'ball - Pedare Predators - NO MATCH
  • U/19 V'ball - Pedare Predators vs Windsor Gardens Loss 0 - 3 (MVP B Palmer)
  • Senior Girls V'ball - BYE WEEK
  • Senior Girls V'ball - CANCELLED
Fixtures for Week 7 & 8

extra-curricular fixtures


  • Yr 6-12 - 17 Mar - NO TRAINING 
  • Yr 6-12 - 24 Mar - PCC Main Oval 7.30am - (D Hutchings/J Connell)
  • U/12 Jackals - 17 Mar - Pedare vs SFX Jets - GGRC 5.15pm - (D Hollister)
  • U/12 Jackals - 24 Mar - Pedare vs GS Shooters - GGRC 5.15pm (D Hollister)
  • U/14 Lions - 15 Mar - Pedare vs TBC - GGRC (K Shephard)
  • U/14 Lions - 22 Mar - Pedare vs TBC - GGRC (K Shephard)
  • U/14 Warriors - 15 Mar - Pedare vs TBC - GGRC (J Penhall)
  • U/14 Warriors - 22 Mar - Pedare vs TBC - GGRC (J Penhall)
  • Girls - 19 Mar - Pedare vs Mary MacKillop - Marryatville High School (L Brown)
  • Girls - 26 Mar - NO MATCH
  • Primary 6/7 - 19 Mar - Pedare vs Blackfriars - PCC Main Oval 8.15am (M Langfield)
  • Primary 6/7 - 26 Mar - NO MATCH
  • Middle 8/9 - 19 Mar - Pedare vs St Michael's -  St Michael's 8.15am (P Mason)
  • Middle 8/9 - 19 Mar - NO MATCH
  • U/13 - 18 Mar - Pedare vs Keithcot Knights - GGRC 6.30pm (J Quinn)
  • U/13 - 25 Mar - NO MATCH
  • Yr 6-12 - 18 Mar - State Swim GG 7.30am (M Raymond)
  • Yr 6-12 - 25 Mar - NO TRAINING
  • Primary - 18 Mar - Pedare vs Blackfriars - Blackfriars 4.00pm (A Penny)
  • Primary - 25 Mar - NO MATCH
  • Middle - 19 Mar - Pedare vs Pulteney - Pulteney 9.00am (J Warnock
  • Middle - 26 Mar - NO MATCH
  • Senior - 19 Mar - Pedare vs Gleeson - GGRC Tennis Courts 9.00am (A Richards)
  • Senior - 26 Mar - NO MATCH
  • Middle C #1 - 18 Mar - Pedare vs St Peter's - GGRC 4.15pm - (H Guo)
  • Middle C #1 - 25 Mar - NO MATCH
  • Middle C #2 - 18 Mar - Pedare vs Pembroke - GGRC 4.15pm (A Gerow)
  • Middle C #2 - 25 Mar - NO MATCH
  • U/19 Hurricanes - 16 Mar - Pedare vs Predators - GGRC 4.00pm (K Benyk)
  • U/19 Hurricanes - 23 Mar - Pedare vs Windsanators - GGRC 4.00pm (K Benyk)
  • U/19 Predators - 16 Mar - Pedare vs Hurricanes - GGRC 4.00pm (M Janeway)
  • U/19 Predators - 23 Mar - NO MATCH
  • Girls - 19 Mar - Pedare vs St Ignatius - St Dominic's 8.30pm (D Gale)
  • Girls - 26 Mar - NO MATCH
junior school dates

Term 1 Week 7

March 15-17 JS P/T/S Interviews 3.30pm
March 15-18 Book Fair

Term 1 Week 8

March 21 P&F AGM 7.30pm
March 24 Whole School Easter Service11.30am
March 24 EARLY DISMISSAL 1.30pm

middle & senior school key dates

Term 1 Week 7

March 15 Year 9 Elevate Education - Critical Reading
March 16 SA Schools (SPE) Mathematics Competition
March 16 SS Parent Social Evening 7:00pm
March 17 Year 7 - Allayne Webster Visit 9:00am
March 17&18 Year 9 Biomes Fieldtrip


Term 1 Week 8


March 21 Year 10 Personal Project Display Evening 6:30pm
March 21 M&SS Tour 5:00pm
March 21 P&F AGM 7:30pm
March 23 Year 6 Stations of the Cross 9:15pm
March 24 Whole School Easter Service 11:30am
March 24  EARLY DISMISSAL 1:05pm
March 25 GOOD FRIDAY  



A REMINDER: Parents/Caregivers are welcome to attend Pedare's Easter Service on Thursday 24 March at 11:30am in the College Chapel. This is a whole College event. Junior School students will be transported back to the Junior School by bus, at the conclusion of the service, and will be dismissed at 1:30pm. OSHC is available on-site from 1:30-3:00pm, and from 3:00pm-6:00pm at the Cobbler Creek OSHC (contact Cobbler Creek OSHC for bookings).

Middle and Senior School students will be dismissed at 1:05pm. If your child is not able to leave the College at that time, the Catford Library will be open until 5.00pm. The College Bus Services will run to the normal schedule so any students waiting for the bus will need to wait in the Catford Library until 3:15pm.


The Junior School Book Fair is being held 10-18 March in the Tea Tree Resource Centre at 8.15am-9.00am and 2.45pm-3.30pm. Everyone is welcome to come and see the wonderful books on offer for you to purchase.   


Parents are reminded to obey road and parking signs in College car-parks to ensure the safety of all students.
Middle and Senior School
As most parents would know, there are two entrances to the campus and traffic should move freely through both. There is a ‘Kiss and Drop’ zone at each entrance and we ask that parents do not park in these areas to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. If you are using the ‘Kiss and Drop’ zones, please ensure that you move forward into the last park available before allowing your child to alight or enter the car. This allows other cars to park behind you. Those areas that are marked with yellow lines are ‘no parking’ areas and parents are asked to respect this for the safety of students and to allow the flow of traffic. Parents should not use car-parks designated for disabled and Rory’s.
Parents can park at the Golden Grove Recreation Centre carpark for their children to walk across the oval to the College; however, are reminded that students should not enter the College along the driveway to the Child-Care Centre due to safety reason. Access to the College along this driveway is not permitted to parents. If you do pick your child/ren up from the Golden Grove Recreation Centre, please be mindful and adhere to the no parking and disabled only car-parking signs.


New uniforms are available from:
Totally Schoolwear:
Shop 24, Clovercrest Plaza
429 Montague Road
Modbury North SA  5092
Phone: 8396 6465
College uniforms are also able to be ordered from Devon Clothing on-line and have them delivered to you. You can order via the College website or 
click here to follow the link to order your uniform items. 
Payment is made by credit card securely on-line and you can arrange for your order to be delivered to a nominated address or collect from the Campus Uniform Shop or Totally Schoolwear.


FREE ‘come & try’ sports events for school aged children during the holidays!

Clubs Connect is a sporting club engagement program coordinated by the City of Tea Tree Gully. The program aims to connect motivated sports clubs with active school aged children. The program will be delivered in the Term 1 School Holidays (16 April – 1 May) and is aimed at children from 5-17 years of age with some activities available for children under the age of 5. All sessions are FREE of charge, will be fully supervised, and are designed to introduce young people to a club sport environment with the focus being on ‘play and ‘having fun’ at the club.

Register for the event through just search for ‘Clubs Connect’.


Theft from motor vehicles is an on-going problem. Holden Hill Local Service Area would like to help reduce the risk of you becoming a victim of this crime by encouraging you to:
  • Lock your vehicle doors and close windows
  • Install and activate an alarm/immobilizer
  • Remove all valuables
  • If possible, park in a locked garage/behind gates
  • Do not leave spare keys hidden in/around your vehicle
Any suspicious activity should be reported to the police assistance line on 141 444. For further information/enquiries please contact Holden Hill Crime Prevention on 8207 6025.


Generators Kids Club 2016 (Reception-Year 6)
Come and join us. Generators kids club meets Fridays each fortnight for great games, craft and bible time. Our next kids club is on Friday 18 March from 3.30pm-5.00pm. The craft and activity this week is a huge Easter Treasure Hunt. More information can be downloaded from our website. We meet at 19 Perseverance Rd Tea Tree Gully. For more details visit: or phone Rick on 8264 3736.
SWAT Youth (Years 7-12)
Meets Friday each week at 7.30pm. Come for great time of games, friendship and bible discussion. We meet at 19 Perseverance Rd Tea Tree Gully. For more details visit: or phone Dave on 0403 723 953.
Weekly Services – For all Weekly Services visit:


The Church of St Mark the Evangelist, invite you to an Autumn/Winter Fashion Parade with Devonshire Tea, featuring fashions by Dressed 4 Success. The Parade will be held on Saturday 2 April at 2.00pm at the corner of Wynn Vale Drive and Golden Way Wynn Vale. Admission is $10.00 with Eftpos available for purchases.

Junior School
150 Bicentennial Drive,
P: 08 8280 1770


Middle & Senior School
2-30 Surrey Farm Drive,
P: 08 8280 1700