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College Principal
 Mr Mike Millard

Welcome back to Term 4
I extend a very warm welcome back to Term 4 to Pedare students, parents and staff. With the extreme weather at the end of Term 3 now well behind us, hopefully we can look forward to some Spring weather and warmer days ahead. I know this makes such a difference for the students as they throw off the shackles of winter-time play.

Mr Tom Tymukas and Mrs Nadine Stroud returned very refreshed from their well-earned Long Service Leave. Both had the opportunity to travel overseas and thoroughly enjoyed their time away seeing different cultures and communities.

Leadership Induction Assembly
We begin Term 4 each year with the special assembly to induct our student leaders. This is a time to also thank the outgoing student leaders, so ably led by Melissa Pullinger and William Fay. We thank them for their commitment, compassion and creativity during 2016.

One of Pedare’s key aims for student leadership is that aspirational leaders experience what it is like to be “servant” leaders for their peers and younger students. I know from experience, the only legitimate form of leadership, regardless of whether it is in education, business, through voluntary work or even in politics, is that of servant leadership.
In addition, we know that leaders cannot bring into the role a sense of entitlement greater than that of their peers. Leaders do not have a privilege to behave in a way that is not in the best interests for the greater good of Pedare’s school community. The best student leaders take the motto ‘service before self’ to heart.
Another requirement for good student leadership is humility. Pedare leaders are expected to contribute to building the sense of culture and community. They are to show genuine care for others.
Leadership also means being creative. The College wants our leaders to be creative and thoroughly organised so they deliver great opportunities and add value to the experiences for the Middle and Senior School students. Finally, we want them to enjoy their time as leaders and look back at the end of 2017 knowing they have made a difference to the school experience of their peers and the younger students.
We wish our incoming leaders all the very best for their work in 2017.

Update on Feasibility Study - One College, One Campus or Remain as Two Sites
The College had previously advised that feedback on the outcomes of the Feasibility Study would be shared with the Community by the end of October 2016. However, I wish to advise the Feasibility Study has been extended until February 2017.
This extension is necessary in order for the College to thoroughly model the costs associated with both one campus and two campus scenarios. The Feasibility Study requires the additional time to ensure due process is undertaken and to analyse all available information before making any recommendations on the College’s future Master Plan.
The College Leadership and Board can share with you initial results from both the architectural report and the traffic management investigations that the One College, One Campus concept is certainly possible from a space and traffic perspective. However, there are some challenges regarding the costs of One Campus and the study will now further focus on the following;
  1. Optimising the costs and staging of a potential relocation of the Junior School to the Surrey Farm Drive location.
  2. Finalising the costs associated with remaining as two campuses and the required improvement plans associated with each location.
This extension was fully supported by the College Board at the recent Board meeting on Thursday 20 October.
In addition to the Feasibility Study, the College is aware of the SA Government Low Interest Loan to Independent Schools funding opportunity and is hopeful of being in a position to apply for funds in March 2017 depending on the outcomes of the Feasibility Study.

College Captains
Pal Tear and Laila Moodley

Arts Captains
Erin Brooks and Kane Abraham

Sports Captains
Nathan Caeran and Mali Olafsen-Weaver

Brooklyn Captains
Georgia McGough and Maruca Ciulacu-Nemteanu

Eldergreen Captains
Charlotte Armitage and Maddison Bartsch

Greenwith Captains
Emma Yeomans and Samuel Johnson

Hillcott Captains
Kayla Gyles and Tyson Prettejohn

Surrey Captains
Christopher Grantham and Tiana Riemelmoser

Mr Randall Pearce
Head of Junior School

Junior School
Term 4 is a funny term, busy, full of activities and adventures for both the children and staff. On Friday 21 October, our Year 4s enjoyed a ‘sleepover,’ camping overnight in the school courtyard. I am pleased to report the behaviour, teamwork and spirit of the group was all fantastic and the children represented the College and their families well. 
Plans have begun for the end of year transitions and the celebration for our Year 5 students as they farewell the Junior School. For some, this change will cause great excitement, while for others a few anxious moments. This is normal and we have programs in place to support all the students.
For our staff there is also some movement. Change is part of a professional’s journey, staff will be changing year levels, some staff will be moving to new schools and challenges and there will be new staff arriving at Pedare Junior School. 
Mr Scott Sheeky
Scott resigned his permanent position at Pedare to begin teaching at Bethany Christian College. We wish Scott and his family well as he takes on this new and exciting role and thank him for his many years of service as a classroom teacher and Christian Life Coordinator. 
Mrs Sarah McLoughlin
Sarah has resigned her permanent position at Pedare to focus on supporting her children in their schooling. Sarah has been a long term staff member who has been on leave this year. We thank her for her years of service and dedication to Pedare, we are excited for Sarah and her family and will welcome her back next year as a much needed Temporary Relief Teacher. 
Mrs Sharon Booth
Sharon will be teaching the Reception Ready Class for 2017. She is excited about this opportunity and looking forward to the balance this role will bring to her family. During Semester 1, Sharon will assist with the transition program for the Reception Ready class and will also be a Temporary Relief Teacher. 
Miss Jasmine Orlowski and Miss Georgia Kriaris
Both Jasmine and Georgia accepted contracts for 2017 at Pedare Junior School. We look forward to working with both teachers and seeing their development.
Miss Shuhong Li
Shuhong will continue in her role as Chinese Teacher replacing Mrs Jie Zhu who is on maternity leave for all of 2017. 
Mrs Jenna Petkovic
Jenna will be returning from maternity leave on a two day per week contract. This position will support Mrs Laura Logan who was appointed in Term 3 as our PYP (Curriculum) Coordinator. Both Mrs Petkovic and Mrs Logan will share a class for 2017.
New to Pedare
Mr Christopher O’Brien
Christopher joins Pedare from Burnhaven Primary School, a small school in the North East of Scotland. Christopher was responsible for delivering the Scottish Curriculum to pupils aged 4 – 11 years old and since 2011, has taught different ages and stages from Year 5/6, Year 3/4/5, Year 1/2 and Year 1/2/3 classes. Currently, our plans for Christopher is to be teaching within Year 3, 4 or 5. 
Christopher is newly arrived in Adelaide with his young family and when interviewed, we were impressed with his curriculum knowledge, his understanding of student needs both academic and social, his articulation of the importance of community and as you will soon see his warm and friendly manner. We are hoping, before the year is completed, the Pedare Junior School community will get an opportunity to meet Christopher. 
Ms Libby Aiken
Libby joins Pedare from Pembroke College, where she has been teaching a Year 1 class for the past two years. Previous to this, Libby worked in the United Kingdom as a classroom teacher and Year Level Leader. Libby has been teaching since 2010 and has taught within the State and Independent sectors, she comes highly regarded from Pembroke and looks forward to starting Pedare with a new challenge within the Middle Primary, where she will be teaching in either Year 3, 4 or 5.

Libby has 5 years’ experience in IB World Schools and has a thorough working knowledge of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP). Libby’s teaching inspires and motivates students, with her goal being to develop them into socially responsible young people with a global perspective and to become lifelong learners. Libby is an enthusiastic and driven teacher with a strong passion for educating young learners with a proven track record for consistently improving student learning outcomes. Before the year is completed, we hope the Pedare Junior School community will also get an opportunity to meet Libby. 

Please note: 
On Thursday 8 December, all Junior School students will have an opportunity to meet their class teacher and class mates for 2017. Also on this day, we will be sending home the year level class lists along with the Semester 2 Student Report.

Mr David Nolan

Head of Middle School


Middle School
At our first Middle School Assembly Mrs Johnson spoke to the students about ‘opening their eyes’ to the world around them.  After her holiday through North America she had her eyes opened by the things around her that she had not seen.  This notion of ‘opening our eyes’ is highly relevant to us as a College Community.  Having the ability to look around at those around us and acknowledge if they are doing it tough.  Being supportive in our interactions, even when we have difficulty with a person or group of people.  It is vital and a real strength of our community that students are good at recognising those who are in need or who are struggling.
So during this final term of the year, we will continue to encourage our students to ‘open their eyes’ to support others. It is fitting that as a community we do this through events such as Spring Challenge where we have the opportunity to support charities that are out there in the community supporting those in the greatest need.
Adding to the idea of ‘opening our eyes’, I spoke to the students about reaching the end by finishing hard and that Term 4 should be a term of ‘no excuses’.  Having spent the year together as a Middle School, it is appropriate at this time that we do not make excuses for not completing tasks, or not being the best we can in all our interactions.  The challenge for our students is to make sure they do not use excuses but make sure they finish the year off strongly in all their endeavours.
In a world where excuses are quickly thought of, rather than taking full responsibility, it is refreshing within our College Community to know that most of our students are prepared to own their own behaviour and not make excuses.  It is also positive to know that you as parents are also supportive of the way we operate and are prepared to not make excuses for your children, but let them learn from their own behaviour. 
Allowing our students to occasionally fall and knowing that they are supported by those around them allows each one of them to grow in independence and resilience. Fundamentally, in the Middle School at Pedare we want all our students to develop a strong sense of self-worth through their experiences, a strong sense of independence and resilience and to do this in a way in which they do not offer excuse but but strive to be the best they can in all that they set out to achieve. 
Our College Community is strengthened by the fact that the students are prepared to ‘open their eyes’ to the world around them and support each other.  This is further enhanced when all are prepared to not make excuses but instead offer possible solutions. 
As we quickly move through Term 4, please do not hesitate to contact any of your child’s teachers if you have any concerns, as we all strive to finish hard.

Mrs Gillian Edwards
Head of Senior School

Senior School
Term 4 has commenced with its customary business as we move towards the end of the academic year.

In particular, the Year 12 students are focused on completing assessment tasks and preparing for their final examinations. Thank you to all their teachers who made themselves available during the recent holiday period to conduct workshops in support of their students’ learning; and thank you to all the students who attended and took advantage of these opportunities.

They have been farewelled by their Home Groups, their Communities and the College. It is a special time for Year 12s but it is also a time for reflection and some apprehension as they transition out of secondary schooling into the world beyond. We wish them well during the next few weeks.

Further congratulations goes to Charlotte Armitage, Year 11, who participated in the district final of the Lions Youth of the Year competition during the final weekend of the holidays. Against students from as far away as Whyalla and Goolwa, she was declared the overall winner, as well as coming first in the public speaking section. Charlotte will now represent the district in the State Final to be held in April next year. This is a tremendous achievement, so well done Charli.

Year 10 and Year 11 Drama students performed their monologues at evening presentations recently. This is a challenging activity and the students are to be commended on their level of preparation and the quality of their performances.

The induction assembly was held during the first week of term, at which the College, Arts, Sports and Senior Community Captains for 2017 received their badges and pledged their service to the College.
A special thank you to the out-going student leaders for their commitment to the College this year. Congratulations to the new leaders on their appointment. We look forward to working with them and to seeing them grow in their roles next year.

College Captains: Laila Moodley, Pal Tear
Arts Captains: Erin Brooks, Kane Abraham
Sports Captains: Mali Olafsen-Weaver, Nathan Caeran
Brooklyn Captains: Maruca Ciulacu-Nemteanu, Georgia McGough
Eldergreen Captains: Charlotte Armitage, Maddison Bartsch
Greenwith Captains: Emma Yeomans, Samuel Johnson
Hillcott Captains: Kayla Gyles, Tyson Prettejohn
Surrey Captains: Tiana Riemelmoser, Christopher Grantham

The assembly concluded, as always, with the awarding of the Community Cup. Surrey Community was victorious this year. It was a pleasure to see a different coloured ribbon on the cup. Their victory was the result of hard-working staff and enthusiastic students who participated in a wide range of College activities. They deserve their bragging rights for the next twelve months; but the challenge now goes out to the students of the other four Communities to get involved in the many opportunities that the College has to offer.        


Student News And Events
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Ms Rikki Hendry & Mrs Joy Ey Reception Teachers
Reception - Learning about Communities
Reception students have been learning about communities and recently had a special visitor from the Australian Museum of Childhood come to the Junior School, who brought along lots of exciting toys which students were able to play and explore with.

At the end of Week 1, Receptions had a wonderful time building and playing in our community where we made roads, traffic lights, a vet surgery, a zoo, built houses, a power station and much more. One student comment was “it’s the best day ever!”

Children enhanced their language skills, increased their vocabulary, learnt about interconnectedness, collaborated, negotiated, developed their spatial awareness and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Ava Haldane-Spencer 4P

Year 4 'sleepover' Camp
Ava Haldane-Spencer, Year 4, has written about her experience at the Year 4 ‘Sleepover’ Camp held on Friday 21 October, below is an excerpt from her write-up:
We started camp all super excited and were introduced to Emily, Sam and Jack who were running the camp from Wilderness. First up we did a treasure hunt in groups of 15. Together we had to find orange and white squares which had a number and letter on them that had been placed around the school grounds. We all had a go at having a turn at map reading and do an activity to get the Billy cart parts to build later.

The next part of the camp were three group games. Our first game was a maze set on a large chessboard. The second one was a stick that had helium in it. You had to use your two index fingers not touching the stick to take it to the ground. It was extremely hard. After that we got to play limbo and that was fun and easy compared to the other activity. The third and last activity was ‘bombs’ which involved getting the colours off to other poles.
We were then given a demonstration about how to put a tent up and we all had a go. Our group included Brooke, Kiera and I. We had a lot of fun making and moving our luggage into our tent but the bad thing was it was hot in the tent.
Now it was Billy cart making time. Our group worked very well together and finished first. We had a lot of fun making and racing them. We all loved cart racing and our cart was called Faster Red. We won both times when we raced and our cart was cool. I still think this was such hard work.
Now it was free time we all played cards which was UNO. After that we got to have dinner and set up. Dinner was good it was salad and a barbecue, we then washed our dishes and put our cutlery away. After dessert of ice cream in a cone with topping and sprinkles, we went on a night walk around the oval in a big line and then we all rugged up and played finding Nemo.
It was then lights out and we went to bed almost straight away. Morning. The wake up bell was at 6:30am and we had bacon and eggs, cereal and English muffin for breakfast. It was then time to pack our tents away and leave the camp. I will never forget that day and night it was so much fun!
Mr Heath Perry - Coordinator of Physical Education

Years 4&5 - City-Bay Run

Throughout Term 3, 33 students from Years 4 and 5 trained twice a week in and around the local area in preparation for this year’s City-Bay Fun Run.
On Sunday September 18, the day of the event, we had 23 students, 13 parents and 5 teachers participating in the 6 kilometre event. Once again it was fabulous to have so many parents running with their children. Conditions were on the cold side but didn’t dampen our spirits.
This year, we ran in support of AnglicareSA and donated all money raised to the charity. After the race we relaxed on the lawn of Wigley Reserve and were provided with breakfast and refreshments from the AnglicareSA team. A great feeling of delight and sense of achievement shone through as the students reflected on the event. It was good to sit and spend time together as a Pedare Community team.
Thank you to all the parents involved as well as Mr Pearce, Mrs Logan, Mrs Booth and Ms Hansen who trained with the students and also ran in the event. It is always great to witness the enjoyment and satisfaction the students gain from the whole experience, especially post-race.
Below are some comments from some of the students: 
“It was hard, but I battled on. It was also lots of fun.” Aiden Milne
“I beat my time from last year.” Tyler Edwards
“I beat my Mum!” Dakota Drew
“So much fun – again!” Kiera Crossman
“I saved my energy at the start and really pushed myself at the end. I really needed the water at the finish.” Zack Piercey
“It was tiring but it gets you fit.” Louise Shimmin

Mrs Heather Bennett Teacher/Librarian - JS

New Lego Wall
Term 4 has seen a new Lego wall being created in the Tea Tree Resource Centre at the Junior School. It is made of 24 Green Base Plates and was bought with some of the commission earnt at the last Book Fair.
Thank you Mr Hopper for attaching the plates firmly to the wall during the recent school holidays. The plates have proven very popular with students taking turns in building some interesting and creative designs during First Lunch.
Mrs Leonie Brown
LAC Science/Mathematics

ICAS Mathematics Competition Results
ICAS Mathematics Competition Results.
This year, 54 students from Year 6 to 12 participated in the ICAS Mathematics Competition and were awarded 8 Distinction, 20 Credit, 4 Merit and 22 Participation Certificates. Congratulations to the following students:

Year 6
Brianna Pilgrim, Jenna Robertson
Maria Madakuzhy
Belle Arbery, Ioni Bradshaw, Izabella Davies, Onoseje Ebewele, Daksh Gupta, Riley Hubbard, Samata Kandel, Kabir Malhotra, Daniel McCreadie, Charlie Monkhouse, Kelsey Robertson, Madison Smith, Scott Stuckey, Abhinav Yadav

Year 7
Bradley Langfield, Timothy Szabo
Tayla Cummings, Taylor Sarich, Holly Schutz
Tuan Huynh, Teagan Murdey-Green
Chelsea Leisavnieks, Thien Nguyen, Benjamin Povey

Year 8
Soniya Panakkal, Jacob Willdin
Byron Barnes-Williams, Liliana Carletti, Sarah Ferrige, Alexandra Gauci, Khang Lam, Maddie Maltby, Riya Phillips, Neel Puri
Jacob Berriman,

Year 9
Jack Hynds
Nicholas Silby, Nathan White, Aoyang Yuan
Ashley Sarich
William Norrington, Aavi Puri, Benjamin Turnbull

Year 10
Cameron Langfield, Jackson Mickley
Thomas Montague, Elijah Schutz, Sophie Szabo, Judah Tan

Year 11
Tamishka Brass

Year 12
Distinction (Medal Winner – top SA/NT student)
Ryan Wood
Mrs Leonie Brown
LAC Science/Mathematics
Choose Maths Awards
During Term 2, students were invited to enter the Choose Maths Awards with the theme:
The aim of the competition is for students to produce a video which explains a mathematical problem, or demonstrates an application of mathematics, using clear and precise mathematical language, in a creative and entertaining way. Each team must create and submit a video which runs for a minimum of 3 minutes and maximum of 5 minutes.
Year 10 students, Ethan Chambers, Owen Jolly and Thomas Montague have been awarded a Participation award for this competition.
Australian Science Olympiads
Each year, a small number of Year 11 students are invited to sit a 2-hour exam in either Biology, Chemistry or Physics. This year, I am delighted to announce that Michael Yang was successful in both Chemistry and Physics. He received a Distinction for Chemistry and a Credit for Physics.

Dirt TV Video Awards
Congratulations go to Year 8 student, Liliana Carletti, who entered this year’s Dirt TV video competition. Entrants were required to make a 3 minute video on Australian mining. The competition has been running for 3 years and it attracts entrants from students all over the state. The awards are run by the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy.
On the 20 October, the winners were announced at a ceremony at Adelaide Oval opened by Treasurer and Mineral and Energy Resource Minister Tom Koutsantonis. There were five major winners and 2 Special Commendation Awards.
Liliana was a recipient of one of the Special Commendation Awards for writing, receiving a certificate and $100 cheque.
Wednesday  26 October
embrace movie screening at pedare

The Parents and Friends Assn screened the documentary ‘Embrace’ on Wednesday evening and hosted the writer, director and Body Image Activist, Taryn Brumfitt who spoke and conducted a Q & A session after. The strong message from the evening was that it does not matter what you weigh or what you look like on the outside, what is important is being healthy and happy on the inside. Guests left inspired to change the way we feel and think about ourselves and be kinder to our bodies. 

Taryn was impressed with the large attendance by young girls and their interaction in the Q & A session.  She spoke with many girls and their parents individually, giving them advice and reminding them how beautiful they are and to honestly believe they are beautiful! 

Student Achievement
Alicia Doyle - North East Junior Cricket

Congratulations to Alicia Doyle, Year 6, on joining the North East Junior Cricket Competition. Alicia who recently featured in The Messenger Press, said that being able to play in a girls' cricket league is a great opportunity and her goal is to one day play for Australia. The competition will form part of the new Strikers Girls' Cricket League, which will be played across the state.
Kate Dewis - Tae-Kwon-Do

Congratulations to Kate Dewis, Year 9, who has been selected for the Australian Tae-kwon-do Team to represent Australia in the Oceania Continental Tae-Kwon-Do Championships in Fiji from 26 - 28 November 2016.

We wish Kate the best of luck and hope she has great success in representing her country.
Friday 25 November
Invitation for Pedare's Volunteers
Mr Mike Millard, College Principal invites all Volunteers to join him for a special morning tea to thank you for your contributions to Pedare in 2016.

All Volunteers are welcome to attend on Friday 25 November from 9:30am - 10:30am in the Junior School Blue Gum Hall.

Please RSVP to Karen Cameron or phone 8280 1700 by 17 November. Please advise of any dietary requirements. 


The movember foundation
During November 2016, 4 staff members from the Junior School, Mr Randall Pearce, Mr Scott Sheeky, Mr Ian Hamilton and Mr Andy Peartree will be taking part in Movember. The team are calling themselves The Good, The Bad and The Mo.

Movember is the only charity tackling men's health on a global scale, year round, addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. 

If you would like to support and sponsor the 'bad of brothers,' please do so by clicking on the following link:

Please note the Pedare App features Middle & Senior School Fixtures for Term 3 and is updated automatically ensuring accurate schedules and maps. This will be the main form of communication and include push notification of any changes immediately to your device.

You can access both the download links or a web interface by
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Mr John Carletti
Extra-curricular Chess
Inter-School Chess Competition
On Monday 26 September, Pedare competed in the Northern region inter-school chess competition. We had 5 players in the team with most competing for the first time. They played 7 games, each game lasting a maximum of 30 minutes on the clock. We started slowly, only scoring half a point in the first round but by the final round we finished a creditable third out of 5 competing schools. The students competing were Jack Hynds, Aoyang Yuan, Riya Phillips, Soniya Panakkal and Liliana Carletti.
Jack received a distinction certificate and was our best performing player. Soniya received a Fair Play and Sportsmanship award and Liliana received a medal for the Best Girl Player of the tournament. The top four players received a bronze medal for coming third. The students enjoyed the competition and were able to utilise some of the knowledge they gained from the Term 2 coaching received from Mr David Coetzer.
Term 4 Week 1

extra-curricular RESULTS


  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Lions vs St Davids Lightening Loss 24 - 25 (MVP E Weber) 
  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Warriors vs St Davids Boomers Loss 22 - 43 (MVP T Jackson)
  • Senior B'ball - BYE WEEK
  • Primary - Pedare vs Blackfriars Loss 6/114 - 5/127 (MVP B Langfield/A McPherson)
  • Ravens - Pedare vs Keithcott Knights Loss 5 - 9 (MVP T Murdey-Green/J Gough)
  • Middle - Pedare vs PAC Loss 1 - 7 (MVP Y Kim)
  • Senior - Pedare vs St Ignatius Loss 5 - 7 (MVP E Holmes)
  • Middle - Pedare vs Norwood Morialta HS Won 2 - 1 (MVP K Lloyd)
  • Senior - Pedare vs St Aloysius Won 4 - 0 (MVP M Mooney)
  • U/19 Hurricanes - Pedare vs The Heights Wildcats Won 3 - 0 (MVP C Grantham)
junior school KEY dates

Term 4 Week 3

2 Nov  Reception Transition Day 2 9:00am
2 Nov  Learning Journeys 6:00pm
3 Nov  Junior School Tours 9:30am & 4:30pm
4 Nov
  Year 2 Discovery Excursion

Term 4 Week 4

9 Nov  
Reception Transition Day 3 9:00am
9 Nov
 P&F Committee Meeting 7:30pm
11 Nov
Junior School Sports Day
11 Nov Remembrance Day

middle & senior school key dates

Term 4 Week 3

31 Oct - 4 Nov Year 12 SWOT Vac
31 Oct & 1 Nov Year 10 History Trip - Amazing Race
1 Nov Year 9 Cultural Excursion/10 VET Trourism Excursion
5 Nov Class of 1996 & 2006 Reunion


Term 4 Week 4

7 - 23 Nov Year 12 Exams
7 Nov Year 9 STEM Excursion
8 Nov Year 7 Wynn Vale Dam Excursion
8 Nov Middle School Recital Evening 7:30pm
9 Nov P&F COmmittee Meeting 7:30pm
11 Nov Remembrance Day

Generators Kids Club 2016 (Years Reception-Year 6)
Come and join us. Generators kids club meets Fridays each fortnight for great games, craft and bible time. Next kids club is on Friday 4 Nov from 3:30 - 5:00pm. The crafts for this week are making 'giant chatterboxes' and 'sling shot & targets.' More info can be downloaded from our web site. Please
click here or phone Rick on 8264 3736. Meetings held at 19 Perseverance Road Tea Tree Gully. 

SWAT Youth (Years 7-12)
Meets Friday each week at 7.30pm. Next meeting is on Friday 28 October. Come for great time of games, friendship and bible discussion. 
Click here for more details or phone Dave on 0403 723 953. Meeting are held at 19 Perseverance Road Tea Tree Gully.
Weekly Services - Check out our web site for more details
Sunday@8:30: Prayer book service – weekly communion
Sunday@10: Family service and specific children’s ministries. Communion on third Sunday of every month

Sunday@6.00pm: Youth, young adult and those young at heart. Communion first Sunday of every month. There is no children’s program but drawing supplies and a withdrawal room are available for your young ones.

Kids Club is a fun and engaging afternoon for primary aged children (Reception - Year 6), meeting fortnightly on Thursdays from 3.30pm-5.00pm at St Mark's Anglican Church, 160 Wynn Vale Drive, Wynn Vale. Each afternoon games are played, crafts are made and food is enjoyed, while getting to know God and each other. Cost is a $2 donation per child to cover costs of craft materials and activities.

Parents are welcome to stay during Kids Club and enjoy a coffee/tea and a chat. Kids Club at St Mark's offers a safe and friendly environment, with all leaders having undergone child protection training and police clearances. Click here for more information or phone 8289 4003 or email

Junior School
150 Bicentennial Drive,
P: 08 8280 1770


Middle & Senior School
2-30 Surrey Farm Drive,
P: 08 8280 1700


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