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Whole School Choir performing at the Reception Commencement Ceremony
College Principal
 Mr Mike Millard
Reception Welcome

I want to thank the students, staff and family members for their efforts in support of the Reception students at our special assembly last Friday 27 May. The Reception Commencement Ceremony is a very important day in the life of the College as the new students begin their learning journey of formal schooling. This year, there are twenty-five Year 12 buddies for the Reception students who we acknowledge as having commenced at Pedare in their Reception year.

The Reception Commencement Ceremony provide us with the opportunity to affirm our commitment to education excellence for all but also to state how important the growth of the whole student is. We want Pedare students to grow through active and positive involvement in the full life of the College in the extra-curricular sport and music programs of the College.
Strategic Plan Towards 2020

At the College AGM held on Monday 23 May, I spoke of the significant capital improvements and the sound financial position of the College. Much work has been done in developing a strategic plan to take us into the future. Our strategic plan document is currently under production and will be released to the Pedare community before the end of Term 2 2016.

The College will move forward toward 2020 with the following 5 strategic priorities;
  • One College
  • Quality Teaching and Learning
  • Beliefs and Wellbeing
  • Communication and Celebration
  • Sustainable Future – place and space
Over the next five years, the College Board, College Leadership Team and staff are committed to providing a strong academic and pastoral care focus for Pedare, to ensure our students gain the best foundation for success in their adult lives.

Mr Randall Pearce

Head of Junior School


Junior school
At the Junior School, excursions are a popular part of our program which gives the teachers and students the opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom walls. Excursions give students educational experiences away from their regular school environment. Popular field trip sites include zoos, nature centres, community agencies such as fire stations and hospitals, government agencies, local businesses and science museums. Not only do excursions provide alternative educational opportunities for children, they can also benefit the community if they include some type of community service.
Students visiting different educational facilities learn in a more hands-on and interactive manner than they do in school. Museums, for example, often have displays children can touch to help them understand the material that is being covered. Zoos, nature centres and botanical gardens show the children animal and plant life up close, and often have areas where they can touch displays, such as petting zoos and interactive computer programs.
Excursions give children a welcome break in routine. Students can look forward to and prepare for the excursions for several days or weeks. They then get to spend the day in a different learning environment and can complete a lesson on the topic covered when they return to the classroom. Excursions assist the learners and the learning program in so many ways, helping children to succeed and grow in their learning. Both Year 2 and Year 4 went on excursions recently and you can read more about their adventures in this week’s The Vine.

Mr David Nolan

Head of Middle School


middle school
When we enter a new term, it always takes time to adjust to the routine again. This term however, has been so busy, one could be forgiven for thinking there was no mid-term break at all. 
Our Year 7 and 9 students have successfully completed NAPLAN for 2016. During each day of the testing, Mrs Jane Penhall and a group of teachers worked hard to make sure the students had a snack of pancakes and or fruit before they went into the tests. Talking to some of the Year 9s afterwards, they said that they felt quite relaxed about the test, although like the good thinkers they are, they did quiz us on the benefits of this series of tests.
As we told the students, the data we do collect from the NAPLAN Testing does help us as a College look at areas for development in the curriculum and also identify individual strengths and weaknesses. We look forward to getting the results back in late August or early September.
Whilst our Year 7 and 9 students were busy with NAPLAN, our Year 6 students headed off to Roonka for camp. The camp offered an opportunity for the students to mix with each other in a less formal setting than in the classroom. From the excitement and conversations after their return, the students certainly enjoyed the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom about themselves, the world we live in and some of the skills required to enjoy life in the outdoors. Please check the App for Year 6 photos.
The term continues to move forward at a fast pace and we encourage all students to stay on top of their learning or seek help and support from their teachers. As was shared with them in our Middle School Assembly, having a strong sense of commitment is critical to successful outcomes in life. Whether it be handing up an assessment on time or attending all practices and games for a sporting team, learning to show commitment will help our students to maximise the opportunities that are provided to them.
Students have been challenged to commit to wearing the uniform correctly and to arrive at school by 8.30 everyday, so they can be ready for learning opportunities that await them. As a Middle School, we can be proud with how we have started the new term, and now it is critical we maintain our expectations on self so that we can continue to grow and strive for excellence in all we set out to achieve.

Ms Jan Robertson

Acting Assistant Head of Senior School


senior school
Reception seems like a very long time ago for our current Year 12 students – some of their earliest memories of school include:
‘playing with the Lego castle in our free time’ – Jasmine

'learning to read my favourite books and meeting new friends’ – Benn
‘being able to tell mum about my day at school’ – Ashleigh
‘meeting one of my best friends on the monkey bars’ – Amelia
This year, we have welcomed 49 new Reception students to the start of their school journey at Pedare. When the year ends, we will farewell 24 of our Year 12 students who also began their school journey in Reception at Pedare. It was so fitting that most of these students, and several of our student leaders, could be the ‘buddies’ for our Reception students for the 2016 Commencement Service.
We spent two afternoons at the Junior campus getting to know each other and this proved to be a most enjoyable time for all who were involved. Some of the things enjoyed by the Year 12s were:

‘I really enjoyed seeing how the school yard had changed over the years, and seeing the different tools teachers used in the classroom to teach the children, such as microphones, was fascinating. The children are an absolute delight as well, and spending time with them, and helping with their reading and writing was a real step back in time for me’ - Rebekah

‘playing with them and seeing them excited to be with us’ – Alesha
‘seeing them having so much fun with only a tennis ball and a skipping rope’ – Ellen
‘listening to them read, and writing and drawing with my buddy’ – Billy
‘being able to experience a school day for my buddy’ - Courtney
A positive school journey is very much centred around the connections we make with others throughout our experience. Making this connection between our Reception students and our Year 12s is a special tradition that is a perfect way to mark the occasion of welcoming these students to our College. We look forward to sharing their learning journey with them, and seeing them grow to be caring, knowledgeable and independent young people – with the help of bananas, of course!!
Mr John Morton, College Chaplain, initially asked Raphael how many bananas it took to grow  to his current height.

The question was asked again when Balun, our tallest year 12, stepped on stage as a comparison.
After asking Raphael 'how many bananas will it take to grow as tall as Balun?'  Raphael eagerly replied

student news and events
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reception commencement ceremony
On Friday 27 May, Pedare formally welcomed our youngest and newest students into the College with a Reception Commencement Ceremony. This official ceremony is a whole school event, as the Reception students are presented with a Bible from the Year 12 Captains. There was a great deal of excitement and some trepidation in the lead up to the event as students rehearsed their song and dance routines, which proved well worth the effort as parents and friends, staff and students were entertained with a mixture of musical items from different year levels.

A picture of each child receiving their bible was published in the Pedare App, under year Level / Reception. A free video of the event will be available soon.
Mrs Rachelle Knight
Junior school Instrumental music concert
Tuesday 24 May was a much anticipated evening for many of our Junior School instrumental and vocal students. Over 50 students who had been learning for a year or more, came together to perform for their family and friends. In addition to solos, duets and trios, our String, Woodwind and Guitar ensembles entertained a warm and supportive audience in a filled to capacity Blue Gum Hall. 
It was great to see the development of our students, particularly those who had performed last year. It was a thrill to hear how far they had progressed and witness some real talent beginning to emerge. Not only did our young students play their best, but they also dressed their best, with pretty dresses and smart suits making them feel super special and look great. 
Congratulations to all of our performers and a big thank you to our parents who support their children and the Pedare Music Program. Together we are offering these children the very precious gift of music.
We look forward to our next concert on Friday 1 July when the entire Junior School will perform at the Performing Arts Showcase in the Chapel. We hope to see the whole Junior School Community there for an action packed evening.
Friday 20 May

year 2 excursion - highercombe museum
On Friday 20 May, Year 2 visited the Highercombe Museum, cemetery and Tea Tree Gully Library to learn about the local area in conjunction with their current humanities unit which includes students learning about how and why the lives of people have changed over time while others have remained the same, how places have different meaning for different people and why the significant features of places should be preserved. Students also compare objects from the past and present and interpret information. Through the excursion, the students were able to apply this understanding to their local area. 
On a guided tour around Tea Tree Gully, the children were able to observe how the use of the land and buildings has changed and they reflected on the impact and significance of this. At the Museum, Year 2s took part in a session focusing on how family life and homes have changed. Students were able to see what life was like in the 1850s. The library then provided an opportunity to observe artefacts from the past and reflect on how recent inventions have impacted the lives of people today. 
The students thoroughly enjoyed the excursion and they are beginning to think about why and how we should protect these sites in our community. 
Tuesday 17 May

year 4 excursion - adelaide zoo
On Tuesday 17 May, the Year 4 students travelled to the Adelaide Zoo as a part of their humanities unit, ‘Survival in an ever changing world.’ The students took part in an education session which focussed on the reasons animals become threatened and what we can do to help secure their future survival. The students furthered their understanding of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List classification system and how the zoo has utilised this and put in place new signage to give visitors more information about the status of certain species.
The Year 4s were able to view species which appear on the IUCN Red list such as the Giant Panda, Golden Lion-tamarin, Ring-tailed Lemur, Sumatran Tiger, Sumatran Orangutan and many more. From this fascinating learning experience the students have a greater understanding of the impact human kind is having on animals all over the world and the steps, not matter how small, we can take to ensure the animal’s survival for future generations.
Charlotte Meddle, Tower Building Competition Winner
Tower building competition

Recently, the Junior School held a Tower Building competition in the Tea Tree Resource Centre during lunchtimes. The aim was to see who could build the tallest tower, with the height limit being the ceiling, out of a number of plastic cups. There were many challengers attempting to build the highest tower over a three-week period with the final challenge winner being Year 5 student, Charlotte Meddle, who was able to achieve 25 levels in her tower. Her strategy involved building a strong base and then just adding one cup at a time. This exercise is a fun opportunity to problem solve, think creatively and be involved in team-work with other students. Congratulations Charlotte!

Monday 23 May
On Monday of Week 4, a group of Year 9 students had the opportunity to gather with peers from other Anglican and Uniting Schools at the One World WONTOK Poverty and Development Youth Conference.
This year’s conference focused on the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals as set out by the United Nations in 2015.
The Conference is a great opportunity for students to gain awareness of not only what problems exist in our world, but also how we are working together to instigate change. Students listened to speakers and participated in workshops on climate change, gender equality, carbon emissions, global access to sanitation, and the distribution of wealth.
It was a privilege to attend this conference with such a lovely group of students who represented the college well and who were enthusiastic about gaining an understanding of their global responsibility. Each of them came away inspired to find their own small ways to create change and to spread awareness.
The students who attended this year’s WONTOK Conference were:
Kai Gres
Grace Johnson
Genevieve Saunders
Chloe Nguyen
Katherine Mazai-Ward
Chloe Archer
Thomas Howe
Holly Randell
Wednesday 25 May
Connor Pullinger reading on Hope
anglican combined school service

On Wednesday 25 May, the Middle School Captains, along with 40 other students from Year 6, 8 and 9  travelled to St Peter's Cathedral in the city and were given the opportunity to be involved in an Combined Anglican Schools Church Service. The service was a great learning experience, with the theme being ‘Hope’. All the twelve Anglican schools of South Australia were provided with opportunities to express the message of hope through their own eyes. It was an enjoyable experience, and we as a group were proud to represent the college as an Anglican and Uniting Church school. - Brooke Carrigan, Middle School Captain


Many of the students experienced worship elements which are not familiar to them at Pedare, including call and response prayers in the liturgy and the blessing and sprinkling of water. The hymn singing was accompanied by the majestic sound of the Cathedral organ. During the service, students from several schools read out ‘100 Words of Hope’ with a particular emphasis given to each. Middle School captain Connor Pullinger reflected on the way Education brings hope, especially to the young, the disadvantaged and the poor.

Tuesday 22 March

computational & algorithmic thinking competition
The Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) competition is a one-hour problem-solving competition which seeks to identify computer programming potential—something which students might not normally have an opportunity to demonstrate.

The CAT is not a programming competition and no programming experience is required. Some questions test the ability to accurately perform procedures; others require logical thought, while the more challenging problems require the identification and application of algorithms. 

Congratulations to the following students who competed in the CAT Competition.:
Timothy Szabo, Year 7
Jack Hynds, Year 9
Andrew Nam Year 11
Michael Yang Year 11
Thomas Drysdale Year 6
Alyssa Jones Year 8
Cameron Langfield Year 10
Ryan Wood Year 12
Riley Hubbard Year 6, Angus McPherson Year 7, Byron Barnes-Williams Year 8, Aavi Puri Year 9, Sakura Tatewaki Year 10, Chris Zou Year 12
Tuesday 24 May
Year 9 Art students at the 
Magic Object Studio
year 9 art excursion

In Term 2, Year 9s had an opportunity to work with Joshua Searson as part of ‘Artist in Residence’ organised by Digital Media Art Teacher Mrs Kai Benyk. Joshua, is a visual artist practicing in a variety of mediums, specialising in printmaking. After returning from the Italian town of Fabriano (arts study), where he learnt about traditional print work and papermaking, Joshua commenced his artist in residency at Pedare and will be mentoring students on traditional and contemporary print making techniques.
On Tuesday 24 May, Year 9s visited the Tooth and Nail Gallery where they met the co-founder, screen-printer Jake Holmes, who gave them a tour and demonstrated the UV emulsion exposure process for screen printing. Students also met South Australian artist, Peter Drew, who creates posters and pastes them up all across Australia. His current work titled 'Aussie’ is based on the previous White Australia Policy and aims to increase awareness of the multicultural diversity within Australia. Drew was very generous and gave the College a poster which is now hanging proudly in SG3.
Year 6 students have been responding to Drew’s work for the past few weeks and have created posters of their own which will be pasted on to the rainwater tank in the next couple of weeks.
The students also visited Francis Street, off Rundle Mall, where they had the opportunity to see Josh Searson’s work in context followed by a visit to the Art Gallery of South Australia where students were able to look at a variety of art within a gallery environment. Some students even got to draw on the walls in Magic Object studio space.

Saturday & Sunday
14 & 15 May
L to R: James Hughes, Brodie Hand, Bryce Colman, Luke Tucker, Nick Clark. Curtis Booth was absent for the photo
old scholar pedal prix team
On the weekend of 14 and 15 May, the Old Scholar Pedal Prix Team competed in a race at Loxton. The team once again were competitive with a range of challenges and achievements. Although the results have not been officially finalised, the most recent data suggests the team finished 14th overall and 12th in their category.  

Old scholars who competed in the race were: James Hughes, Brodie Hand, Bryce Colman, Luke Tucker, Nick Clark and Curtis Booth.

This was a great couple of days resulting in a very good outcome, well done to all who participated. 
Mr Henriks and Ms Holland
While on holiday in Mykonos, Greece recently, Ms Julie Holland, Community Relations Manager, just happened to meet up with Mr Justin Henriks, Year 6 teacher who was also on holidays. What a surprise for them both. The world really is a very small place. 
Student Achievement
Ryan Wood

Ryan Wood Year 12, was awarded the Goethe Prize for the highest result for Stage 2 German, 2015, at the South Australian German Teachers Conference on Saturday. The award was presented by the Member for Hindmarsh, Matt Williams, seen here in the photo above with Ryan and German teacher Ms Susan O'Connell.
Student Achievement
Zac Pfeil

Congratulations to Zac Pfeil Year 12, who came 3rd in the ASX Sharemarket Game. 

The Schools Sharemarket Game is designed to teach students about investing and the sharemarket. Students are able to put into practice what they are learning, while they develop their knowledge of the sharemarket, learn how to research companies, discover the importance of wise investment decisions, gain a greater knowledge of economic and world events and begin to learn more about investing which is beneficial for their future.
You can learn more about the ASX Sharemarket Game by
clicking here.
Thursday 26 May


Pedare Junior School will be recognising National Sorry Day in a special assembly presented by Student Voice Council, SVC, to show the importance of reconciliation to future generations.

National Sorry Day is an annual event held in 
Australia on 26 May since 1998, to remember and commemorate the mistreatment of the country's indigenous population. Due to Australian government policies, Aboriginal children were separated from their families, resulting in the “Stolen Generations.”

The date 26 May has great significance for the Stolen Generations, because on 26 May 1997, the "
Bringing Them Home" report was tabled in Parliament.

Scholarship Applications Now OPen

Registration is now open for Academic Scholarship opportunities for students going into Year 6 and Years 10 and 11 in 2017. The value of the scholarships is up to 50% tuition fee remission.

Students currently in Year 5 can apply to sit the PSP scholarship test for Year 6 in 2017.

For students in Year 9, please choose the Level 2 ACER test for Year 10 in 2017. For students in Year 10, please choose the Level 3 ACER test for Year 11 in 2017.

There is a registration fee of $110 to sit the tests, which will take place at the College on Saturday 18 June, 2016.

Please click the banner above to visit the College Scholarship Webpage



STEM Opportunities
1. Science Channel offer to see Brian Cox Live!
This August, Professor Brian Cox is coming back to Australia! We're so excited to be able to offer special access to presale tickets.

Brian Cox is one of the world's foremost communicators of all things scientific. His innate ability to make highly complex matters entertaining and easy to contemplate has made his science television shows ground breaking in their audience reach and accessibility.

When: Tuesday 16 August 7.30pm
For more information please click here.
2. Choose Maths Awards
The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute and BHP Billiton Foundation invite students to work in a team of 3 or 4 to create a 3-5 minute video on the theme: Maths is More Than just Numbers. Students choose a maths problem or an area on which they want to focus and decide how they will showcase it - create a story, use animations or illustrations, etc. There are two awards levels – Senior (Yr 9 – 11) and Junior (Yr 6 – 8) with 23 prizes up for grabs.

When: Registration opens on 15 March and closes on 11 July 2016.

For eligibility, submission information and selection criteria, visit

When you have a team, please register your team with Mrs Leonie Brown (BF1) or email her on with you details.

3. Advanced Mathematics Co-op Program
This opportunity is designed for students in Years 7 to 11 who are interested in developing their problem solving skills in Mathematics beyond the school curriculum. Students will be challenged to think more deeply about problems and also gain practice in competitive type questions.

Please email Mrs Leonie Brown for registration for this event and visit for further information.
Saturday Morning Problem Solving

Where: Scotch College
Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm
When: 18 June - Week 7

4. Bright Sparks Science Club
The Bright Sparks Science Club gives members aged 6-15 access to over 60 fun, interactive and educational events across all areas of science and technology. Learn and be inspired by activities such as: spectacular science shows, robotics workshops, planetarium visits and much more.

For more information visit

5. Ingenuity 2016
Celebrating tomorrow's technology leaders. This is a free public event which is an interactive showcase of university student projects exploring the dynamic world and applications of engineering, computer and mathematical sciences. 

When: Friday 28 October
Time: October 9.30am - 3.30pm

For more information visit

6. Young Women in Technology Experience 2016
This one-day event aims to introduce female students in years 9 and 10 to technology related career paths through participation in interactive activities and presentations from the diverse disciplines of engineering, computer science and mathematical sciences.

Providing a fun and free opportunity for your students to engage with female university student ambassadors, academics and like-minded peers, the event will also allow students to apply their problem solving, communication and teamwork skills throughout the day.

If you would like to be involved please email Mrs Leonie Brown with your name and Home Group. 
Who: Female Year 9 & 10 Students
Where: University of Adelaide, North Terrace Campus
When: Wednesday 8 June or Thursday 9 June
Time: 8.45am - 3.00pm
pedare app (skoolbag)
Pedare has been using a smartphone and tablet school app via a company called Skoolbag. We will be utilising the Pedare App to achieve the following:
  • Enable a mobile and easy way for parents, staff and students to connect and keep informed about the College.
  • Provide relevant information and enable Push notifications for events and emergencies such as cancellation of extra curricular events.
  • Provide a useful, easy to navigate, specific place for Pedare content.
  • Align with digital trends and continue improving communication and the user experience for the Pedare Community.
  • Work in conjunction with other communication means such as email and physical documents.
Please click this line to view a Google document containing the download links and some useful setup tips on how to setup selective push notifications.

A password protected parent/caregiver "Year Level Info" section is available with login and password credentials. These were sent in an email on the 11 February, if you would like us to resend the login credentials please email the Community Relations Manager, Julie Holland, at
Extra-Curricular topics
Please note the Pedare App features Junior, Middle & Senior School Fixtures for Term 2 and includes co-curricular activities.
Tuesday 24 May

senior knockout soccer competition 
On Tuesday 24 May, a team of 15 students from Years 10-12 travelled to Windsor Gardens College to compete in the first round of the Senior Soccer Knockout competition. They were scheduled to play two matches against some tough opposition in Roma Mitchell Secondary College and Windsor Gardens Secondary College.
The day started out slow with the team turning up to play but unfortunately being scheduled for the second and third games of the day. The team took this in their stride and used it as a valuable opportunity to scope out the opposition and their tactics.
Roma Mitchell were their first opponents and after watching the previous game, the team knew that they would be facing some tough competition. The game was fought in good spirits and was close throughout with Hamish Mason of Pedare slotting a late first half goal to put Pedare into the box seat. The second half saw a fierce contest of long ball soccer. Daniel Broer, Ethan Hadley and Ethan Hirons held the defensive line strong until the dying minutes of the game when Roma Mitchell snuck a late equalizer. A penalty shootout ensued, Mitchell Higgins gave Pedare the upper hand and Douglas McCandlish slotted home the final penalty to give Pedare the win 4-3 on penalties.
The second game against Windsor Gardens saw some tired legs on the park by both teams but Pedare took the lead early and continued the barrage on the opposition goal, ending in a convincing 6-0 victory.

The students in the team were: Riley Cowan, Ethan Hadley, Jaylen Hillyer-Cock, Hamish Mason, Ethan Hirons, Mitchell Higgins, Alfas Manyon, Joseph Crook, Zac Pfeil, Douglas McCandlish, Kyle Goels, Daniel Broer, Cooper Halliday, Jackson Cornish and Mitchell Phillips.
Congratulations to all the team and good luck in the second round….
Wednesday 25 May

Senior Knockout Netball Competition

Not to be outdone, the Pedare Knockout Girls Netball team won their first round with some tremendous scores. Well done to all the girls who played very strongly.

Pedare Netball team won their game against Thomas More College 44-35. The girls then went on to play against OLSH, and won 60-16.

Best of luck to our Knockout Basketball team who play next week, we hope Team Pedare can continue with their success and know our students will give their best.

Term 2 Week 3

extra-curricular results


  • U/12 B'ball - Pedare Jackals vs Greenades Loss 13 - 42 (MVP J Fry/ A Hynds)
  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Warriors vs Flames Won 40 - 28 (MVP E Jeffs/T Breandford)
  • U/14 B'ball - Pedare Lions vs St David's Boomers Loss 22 - 31 (MVP C Hewitson, D Oors-L'Estrange)
  • Middle B'ball - Pedare vs St Peter's College (1) Won 38 - 13 (MVP M Crowhurst/D Oors/T Green)
  • Senior B'ball -  Pedare vs Glenunga IHS Won 72 - 20 (MVP J Shephard) 
  • Yr 6/7 (Blue) - NO MATCH
  • Yr 10 - NO MATCH
  • Senior - NO MATCH


  • U/13 Ravens - Pedare vs SFX Legends Won 15 - 5 (MVP J Quinn)
  • Junior (Yrs 7-9) - BYE WEEK
  • Senior (Yrs 10-12) - Pedare vs St Ignatius (6) Won 28 - 7 (MVP X Sun/C Elliott)


  • Middle - Pedare vs Glenunga IHS Won 8 - 3 (MVP A Hadley/W Piercey/Y Kim)
  • Senior - Pedare vs St Ignatius Won 4 - 3 (MVP J Cornish)
  • Pedare Hurricanes - Pedare vs Windsornators Won 3 - 0 (MVP A Carroll)
  • Pedare Predators - Pedare vs The Heights (2) (Mix) Won 2 - 1 (MVP B Schroeder)
Term 2 - Week 5 & 6

extra-curricular fixtures

Junior School - Fixtures


  • Yr 9 & Under  - 30 May - Pedare vs Koolkids - GGRC 5.45pm (R Hendry)
  • Yr 9 & Under  - 6 Jun - Pedare vs OLOH Raptors - GGRC 5.45pm (R Hendry)
  • Yr 11 & Under - 3 Jun - Pedare vs Tyndale Jaguars - GGRC 5.00pm (L Ciano)
  • Yr 11 & Under - 10 Jun - Pedare vs OLOH Silver - GGRC 5.00pm (L Ciano)
Indoor Soccer
  • Yr 9 & Under Roos - 30 May - Pedare vs St David's Strikers - Burragah 4.20pm (A Peartree)
  • Yr 9 & Under Roos - 6 Jun - Pedare vs GGLPS - Burragah 3.50pm (A Peartree)
  • Yr 11 & Under Stars - 30 May - Pedare vs Pedare Strikers - Burragah 4.50pm (A Peartree)
  • Yr 11 & Under Stars - 6 Jun - BYE WEEK
  • Yr 11 & Under Strikers - 30 May - Pedare vs Pedare Stars - Burragah 4.50pm (A Peartree)
  • Yr 11 & Under Strikers - 6 Jun - Pedare vs Fairview United - Burragah 4.50pm (A Peartree)


Net-Set-Go - Rec-Year 2 - trains each Monday 3.10pm - 4.00pm Blue Gums Hall (S Booth)

Tri Fit - Rec-Year 5 - trains each Thursday 3.15pm - 4.00pm Junior Oval (J Smith)
AUSKICK - Rec-Year 2 - trains each Friday 3.15pm - 4.00pm Junior Oval (H Perry) 

Middle & Senior School - Fixtures

  • U/12 Jackals - 2 Jun - Pedare vs St David's Lightning - GGRC 5.15pm (D Hollister)
  • U/12 Jackals - 9 Jun - Pedare vs SFX Bulls - GGRC 5.15pm (D Hollister)
  • U/14 Lions - 31 May - Pedare vs Flames - GGRC 3.45pm (K Shephard)
  • U/14 Lions - 7 Jun - Pedare vs Prescott Titans - GGRC 3.45pm (K Shephard)
  • U/14 Warriors - 31 May - Pedare vs Prescott Titans - GGRC 4.30pm (J Penhall)
  • U/14 Warriors - 7 Jun - Pedare vs SFX Dunkers - GGRC 5.15pm (J Penhall)
  • Middle Basketball - 4 Jun - Pedare vs St Peter's (2) - GGRC 10.30am (M Berard)
  • Middle Basketball - 11 Jun - NO MATCH 
  • Senior Basketball - 4 Jun - Pedare vs Trinity College - Trinity College 11.30am (J Willis)
  • Senior Basketball - 11 Jun - NO MATCH
  • Year 6/7 (Blue) - 31 May - Pedare vs Pembroke School White - Pembroke MS Rm 4 6.40pm (J Reid)
  • Year 6/7 (Blue) - 7 Jun - NO MATCH
  • Year 10 - 1 Jun -  Pedare vs St Peter's Girls' Green -  Adelaide HS Rm 3 (Venue 1) 7.00pm (S Tula)
  • Year 10 - 8 Jun - NO MATCH
  • Senior - 1 Jun - Pedare vs Trinity College Green -  Adelaide HS Rm 4 (Venue 1) 7.00pm (S Tilly)
  • Senior - 8 Jun - NO MATCH
  • U/13 Ravens - 3 Jun - Pedare vs SFX Diamonds - GGRC 7.15pm (J Quinn)
  • U/13 Ravens - 10 Jun - Pedare vs Tyndale Kestrels - GGRC 6.30pm (J Quinn)
  • Juniors - 4 Jun - Pedare vs St Ignatius - Mary MacKillop 9.10am (R Lyon)
  • Juniors - 11 Jun - PUBLIC HOLIDAY - BYE WEEK
  • Seniors - 4 Jun - Pedare vs Mary MacKillop 4 - OLSH 10.10am (I Moodley)
  • Seniors - 11 Jun - PUBLIC HOLIDAY - BYE WEEK
  • Middle - 4 Jun - Pedare vs Blackfriars School (2) - Blackfriars 8.15am (S Tilly)
  • Middle - 11 Jun - NO MATCH
  • Senior - 4 Jun - BYE WEEK
  • Senior - 11 Jun - NO MATCH
  • Yr 6-12 - 3 Jun - State Swim GG 7.30am (M Raymond)
  • Yr 6-12 - 10 Jun - State Swim GG 7.30am (M Raymond)
  • Hurricanes - 1 Jun - Pedare vs The Heights 2 - GGRC 5.00pm (K Benyk)
  • Hurricanes - 8 Jun - Pedare vs Windsor Gardens - GGRC 4.00pm (K Benyk)
  • Predators - 1 Jun - Pedare vs Windsor Gardens - GGRC 4.00pm (M Janeway)
  • Predators - 28 Jun - Pedare vs The Heights (2) - GGRC 4.00pm (M Janeway)

Chess - meets each Tuesday 1.05pm SF2 (J Carletti)
Cross Country - trains each Thursday 7.30am Pedare Main Oval (T Bond/P Anson)
Eco Force - meets each Monday 1.05pm Caladenia (D Deboer/L Denton-Brown)
Oz Asia
- meets each Monday 3.30pm & Thursday 1.05pm DA4 (S Ng)
Pedare Press - Year 6-12 meets each Monday 1.05pm & Thursday 3.30pm SF2 (E Ramke)
Small Group
- Year 6-12 - meets each Tuesday 1.05pm BG8 (S Rose)
Worship Band - trains each Monday 1.05pm DA (J Morton)
Worship Leadership Team - meets each Thursday 1.05pm Caladenia (J Morton)
junior school KEY dates

Term 2 Week 6

7 Jun JS Tours 10.00am, 12.00noon, 2.00pm & 4.00pm


middle & senior school key dates

Term 2 Week 6


9 Jun IBMYP Assembly 9.00am
9 Jun Year 6 Zoomobile Visit 10.00am


The Junior School's Reception classes require donations of wool and yarn for art and craft. Any colour, style, remnants or full balls would be gratefully accepted. You can deliver your donations to the classrooms of Mrs Joy Ey, Mrs Rikki Hendry or Mrs Karan Hudson, or alternatively leave them at Junior School Student Reception.  


There is still time to order the new 2016/2017 Entertainment Book. The cost is $65 and you will receive over $20,000 worth of valuable offers. 20% of the proceeds goes towards Pedare's Parents & Friends Association. Please
click here to order your copy/copies.


A new event for the Campus is a Combined Careers Expo. All three school communities on our Campus will participate in a joint Careers Expo, where students in Year 10-12 will be targeted leading to subject counselling and Post-secondary choices. In the past, each Campus school has conducted a similar expo separately in conjunction with their Senior Course Information evening. 

This will be held on Monday 4 July in Week 10 or Term 2, at the Recreation and Arts Centre, starting at 2.30pm through to 7.30pm. Up to 40 exhibitors will be in attendance to speak with students and their families. 

More information will follow soon in a student/parent/staff flyer.


Generators Kids Club 2016 (Years Reception-Year 6)
Come and join us. Generators kids club meets Fridays each fortnight for great games, craft and bible time. Our next kids club is on Friday 3 June from 3.30-5.00pm. The crafts this week are making a ‘Mega Marble Mayhem’ and ‘Marble painting’. More info can be downloaded from our web site. Please
click here or phone Rick on 8264 3736. Meetings held at 19 Perseverance Rd TTG. 

SWAT youth (Years 7-12)
Meets Friday each week at 7.30pm. Come for great time of games, friendship and bible discussion. 
Click here for more details or phone Dave on 0403 723 953. Meeting are held at 19 Perseverance Rd TTG.
Weekly Services - Check out our web site for more details
Sunday@8:30: Prayer book service – weekly communion
Sunday@10: Family service and specific children’s ministries. Communion on third Sunday of every month

Sunday@6.00pm: Youth, young adult and those young at heart. Communion first Sunday of every month. There is no children’s program but drawing supplies and a withdrawal room are available for your young ones


The Church of St Mark's are running a newly formed fortnightly Kid's Club on Thursday afternoons for primary school age children. Sessions are from 3.30pm - 5.00pm and cost $2 per child. Parents are welcome to stay for a tea/coffee. Activities include:
  • 2 June - Good news and great news - build your own bridge
  • 16 June - Good news leads to ... - Assemble a treasure chest
  • 30 June - What to do with good news - Construct a clock
For more information click here or phone 8289 4003 or email


Everyone is welcome to attend St Mark's free cafe style soup kitchen in a warm and friendly community atmosphere, held Thursdays 6.00pm - 7.30pm throughout the colder months May - August. For more information, phone 8289 4003 or click here.


Holden Hill Blue Light SA presents 'Off the Wall' @ Latitude located at Greenacres. This Police supervised lock-in event will be held on Friday 3 June between 7.00pm - 9.30pm for children aged 7-17 years. Bookings are essential and can be made online at for a cost of $20 each and will not be available at the door.


St Peter's Cathedral will host a celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday on Sunday 12 June at 6.00pm and representing Her Majesty will be His Excellency the Honourable Heu van Le AO, Governor of South Australia.

There will be a melding of a formal choral service and a community "sing-along," with St Peter's Cathedral Choir, along with other Anglican church choirs and singers who will lead the congregation in celebration. If you are a lover of the old favourites of the pomp and pageantry associated with royal occasions, you will enjoy singing along to a number of old songs and hymns and you will be entertained by the Adelaide Highland Pipe Band playing "Amazing Grace" and Scotland the Brave." After the celebration, people are invited to attend the Reception, in the CP Hall from 7.00pm-8.00pm hosted by the St Peter's Cathedral Music Foundation. Pre-booking tickets for the reception is required and they can be purchased at the Cathedral shop or through For more information contact Penny Bowen, Chair of St Peter's Cathedral Music Foundation on

Junior School
150 Bicentennial Drive,
P: 08 8280 1770


Middle & Senior School
2-30 Surrey Farm Drive,
P: 08 8280 1700


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