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sweet as a cherry
by CWH


Practical Mysticism
Trauma: Dancing for Soul Retrieval

from Cynthia

Trauma Informed? Soul is key. 
Sending love and care light of the daily struggle and horrible events we experience.

I'm trained as a Soul Doctor, but I keep it quiet because it's not my calling. While I'm incredibly grateful to know some sacred medicine ways, the fact remains that soul doctoring requires the same levels of accountability and follow-up required of any physician. Why? Because healing at the soul level changes the body.

My focus is art, creativity, the power of imagination, and restoring the body wisdom of the soul. My practice is more homeopathic. In small InterPlayful sneaky-deep ways and in the Art of Ensoulment, I help people restore the soulways of dance, song, story, and stillness, the very essence of who we are.

Like other soul doctors I've done a few extractions, exorcisms, and soul retrievals. One friend couldn't speak in public. With her permission, I removed the energy obstruction in her throat. She found she could speak in groups.

One workshop participant was in pain. A doctor herself, she felt there was an obstreperous energy entangled in her gut. I removed it with the help of Christ and she found relief.

Then there are the soul retrievals I've offered and much-needed healing in trauma-informed communities. Rather than digging into trauma, a good practitioner and affirming community can help loved ones reincorporate those valuable, essential characteristics that we seek to have back in our waking life. Amazingly this is done with little effort on our part. We are relieved from further "work."

I am considering offering a introductory workshop to teach the elements of soul retrieval. Let me know if you are interested and enjoy the following essay  "Trauma: Dancing for Soul Retrieval" an excerpt from my book Dance–A Sacred Art with Turner Publishing including Lenore Noorgard’s “Soul Retrieval Healing.” I also recommend Sandra Ingerman's now-classic book, Soul Retrieval: Healing the Fragmented Self.

...Read Trauma: Dancing for Soul Retrival
We are transitioning out of covid and a few harsh years. Time to clean and clear out my bodyspirit and align to the indigenous wisdom that Marla channels. Join me in an inner and outer renewal of our Sacred Tree!


The Sacred Tree of Life
with Marla Durden

Dancing through the wisdom of the 7 chakras

Wednesdays 9am-10:15 Pacific,
June 1st - July 20th (no class on June 15th)


Sacred self-care is the center of our time together as we nourish, tend and listen to the intelligence, beauty and grace inherent in our human form. Focusing on the whirling vortices of life-force inherent to our being, we will gather our resources, listen deeply to the wisdom of the chakras, and enjoy the beauty and grace that we are.
Cost: 175, scholarships available


For More information contact Marla at

Cassandra and Barbra you your offerings are in our prayers
We will share it with others!

InterPlay & Jewish Identity, Culture & Stories
 new opportunities to explore Jewish experience

InterPlay Jewish Space
with Cassandra Sagan & Barbra Wiener
2nd Fridays • 9:30-11 am PT • May 13, June 10, July 8, plus a final session July 29
Connect with the ancestors, sing your recipes and laments, kvetch in made up languages, share stories, longings, prayers, jokes and dreams. The group will create a structure for a performance/presentation during the (zoom) Leader’s Gathering August 3-7, 2022.

Moving Midrash
with Cassandra Sagan
4th Thursdays • 10-11:30 am Pacific • May 26, June 23, July 28, August 25, 2022
The mystics say that Torah (Five Books of Moses, Hebrew Bible, “Elder” Testament) is made of black fire on white fire, words and spaces. Midrash are the stories we find in the empty spaces. Using InterPlay’s simple, incremental forms of sacred play, we’ll begin in text, find and express and play with our own meaning and connections. Using voice, movement, story, stillness, and a bissel silliness, we’ll tell and witness each other’s stories, and learn ways to encourage and cultivate personal midrash and Torah-based narrative. No previous experience necessary!Open to all.
Joy finds a goddess in Ensoulment Art Studio


Coletta Eichenberger preached
Tabitha: Gazelle of Compassion and Justice 
on Mother's Day after SCOTUS leaked the opinion on Abortion

"Let me tell you some things about Tabitha. The Scripture is clear that she was devoted to good works and acts of charity, generosity. We know from the text that she was important in her community, because when she died, the disciples sent someone to get Peter, and when he got there, the widows gathered around him, weeping and showing him the tunics and other clothes that Tabitha had made while she was alive. Tabitha did more than make clothing. She wove together a community of those who were on the margins, the widows, and helped strengthened them as they grieved the loss of their beloveds, and the loss of their position in the community. A widow, especially a widow without family to support her, was invisible and destitute, forgotten and alone. she needed both protection and physical, legal and financial assistance.* In other words, a widow is a woman with constant needs, and being a widow was virtually synonymous with being poor. If enfeebled, who will glean for the widows and how will they eat? If they lose their houses in order to pay their debts, where will they live? (In Mark 12:40, Jesus condemns teachers of the law specifically for devouring widows’ houses.) If they lack shelter and regular sustenance, they likely will fall ill. Who then will care for them? As they age, who will listen to them?.....

I can speak to my massage therapist Erik Halk about energy and healing. This month she turned me on to The Book of Houses: an astrological guide to the harvest cycle in human life.  The authors have revealed why my energy is low in the spring, plus a whole lot more. It's like an organic gardening chart for the year. As a result l'm changing the flow of my teaching next year. Stay tuned.

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