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Book Arts Program, J. Willard Marriott Library, The University of Utah
Scrapbinding: boxes, bags, and maps can be transformed into beautiful books!

Hello Book Arts Friends,

We at the BAP are excited to introduce our new and improved website, featuring the calendar of events, details about academic and community programming, and more! Visit to check out the new look (and new information).

Also, wrap up your summer and start your fall with a couple of book arts workshops: on August 8, I'll be teaching a half-day workshop in which we make books out of easily sourced materials. In September, Marnie Powers-Torrey introduces workshop participants to the magic of pinhole photography.

Emily Tipps
Program Manager
Book Arts Program and Red Butte Press
J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah


Scrapbinding: Making Books from Everyday Materials 

Date/time: Saturday, August 8, 1-5pm
Instructor: Emily Tipps
Location: Book Arts Studio, J. Willard Marriott Library, level 4
Workshop fee: $70 (includes materials)

Using off-the-shelf, easily attainable materials, participants bind books for journaling, sketching, or note taking. This half-day workshop provides instruction for and hands-on experience with several book forms as well as ideas for using hoarded or recycled materials at home. Come and make some quick books!
Emily Tipps is Binding Instructor, Program Manager, and Assistant Librarian (Lecturer) at the Book Arts Program at the University of Utah, as well as the proprietor of High5 Press, which publishes innovative writing in the form of handmade artist’s books. She holds a BA in English from Wesleyan University, an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Colorado, and an MFA in Book Arts from the University of Alabama. Emily’s work is exhibited and held in collections nationally.


Inside Out: Simple Exposures

Date/time: Saturday, September 26, 9am-5pm
Instructor: Marnie Powers-Torrey
Location: Book Arts Studio, J. Willard Marriott Library, level 4
Workshop fee: $110 (includes materials)

Put a hole in a box and let some light shine in! Up-cycled materials become simple cameras and the universe is turned outside-in through a pinhole lens. Thinking inside and outside the box, participants make semi-deliberate images with a grayscale of experimentation, exposing the world from a unique perspective with every print.
Marnie Powers-Torrey holds an MFA in photography from the University of Utah and a BA in English and Philosophy from Boston College’s Honors Program. She is the Managing Director of the Book Arts Program and Red Butte Press, an Associate Librarian (Lecturer), and academic advisor for the minor and certificate in book arts. Marnie teaches letterpress printing, artists’ books, and other courses for the Book Arts Program and elsewhere. She is master printer for the Red Butte Press, harnessing the mighty printing power of a full staff of excellent printers. A founding member of the College Book Arts Association, she served as Awards Chair for three years and currently serves on the board of directors. Her work is exhibited and held in collections nationally.

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