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America Gets D+ on 2017 Infrastructure Report Card

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) says investment of $4.59 trillion required to bring U.S. infrastructure to a B

America's infrastructure is close to failing.

That's the assessment of the ASCE, which released its 2017 infrastructure report card a few weeks ago, giving the nation's overall infrastructure a grade of D+.

To reach a comprehensive grade, the association said it evaluated 16 categories of infrastructure, ranging from rail to schools to airports to dams. Its committee consists of civil engineers from across the country, who assessed categories such as capacity, condition, funding, and public safety to assign grades across the 16 segments.

Since 1998, grades have been near failing and averaging only Ds, due to "delayed maintenance" and "under-investment across most categories," the engineers said. Read the full article here.

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Case Study: HydraTite Covers Cracks in 48” Pipes and Eliminates Further Infiltration 


During a monthly landfill inspection of a sediment pond, a sinkhole was noted behind the headwalls of two ADS 48-inch pipes. It was identified that each pipe had cracking at the interface between the concrete headwall and the pipe, which allowed groundwater and sediment to enter the pipe, causing the sinkhole.

Engineered Solution
The HydraTite Internal Pipe Seal was selected to cover the cracks within the pipes, as a proven method to eliminate infiltration and provide movement of pipe as settling occurs.

Each outlet pipe was prepared for installation of the HydraTite Seals, and inspected for the diameter and length of repair required. 

The HydraTite Seals, manufactured at HydraTech’s Cincinnati facility and installed inside the outlet pipes, were sleeved together to provide additional length over the defective areas and eliminate further infiltration. Sleeving is a process in which HydraTite Seals are interlocked to provide a continuous length on the defective area of piping. The entire project took two days to install and will provide a long-term, permanent repair.

Learn more about HydraTite from this 7-minute video:

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