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New HydraTech Product Approved for U.S. Navy Use 

Waterline White Epoxy added to Department of Defense’s Quality Products List

Waterline White Epoxy is a safe and environmentally friendly product with 0% VOCs. It offers excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, seawater resistance, cathodic disbondment resistance (in all classes except 16, 17 and 19) and ANSI/NSF-61 certification (for potable water with tanks as small as 10 gallons and pipes down to 6 inches). 

The new product is designed for, but not limited to, ballast tanks, potable water tanks, pipes, floating dry docks and other similar military and civilian applications.

Last October, 185 organizations participated in the Value of Water Coalition’s Imagine a Day Without Water event, designed to raise awareness about the often-invisible water infrastructure crisis in the United States. Highlights included press conferences in Atlanta and Los Angeles; resolutions and proclamations signed in South Carolina and Arizona; a radio tour that reached more than 2.8 million listeners, an op-ed with former Governor Ed Rendell in the Philadelphia Inquirer, events in North Carolina, Missouri, New Jersey and elsewhere, and 6 million Twitter impressions. For information about the 2016 event, visit

10 Reasons to Choose Trenchless Repair

It’s quicker, less costly, more versatile and better for the environment


It is now possible to perform trenchless sewer repair at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Here are 10 reasons more and more municipalities, utilities and industrial and power generators are choosing trenchless:

  1. It Involves Minimal Digging
  2. It Prevents Future Damage
  3. It Saves Money
  4. It Uses Seamless Pipe Technology
  5. It’s More Versatile
  6. It’s Quicker
  7. It Doesn’t Require Reforesting or Replanting
  8. It Makes It Easier to Pinpoint the Problem
  9. It Will Make Your Sewer Stronger
  10. It’s Better for the Environment

Read the whole article here.

Case Study: Erosion Below the Water Line Remedied in One Day with HydraTech’s WaterLine Coating 

Waterline White Epoxy added to Department of Defense’s Quality Products List

Significant erosion was found below the water line on a chilled water tank at a southwestern Ohio packaging plant. The customer needed the repairs completed in one day.

Engineered Solution 
HydraTech’s specialty WaterLine coating was selected as a solution more effective than paint, and less than half as costly and time-consuming as tank replacement. WaterLine is a NSF/ANSI 61 certified epoxy approved for use in contact with potable water.

The site was indoors with good access. The applicator grit-blasted the tank’s surface; then coated it with WaterLine, patching minor leaks discovered in the process. 

WaterLine provided a quick, cost-effective, and durable corrosion-inhibiting solution. 

Come See Us at These May Trade Shows! 

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Fun May Fact 

If you toss a penny 10,000 times, it will not be heads 5,000 times, but more like 4,950. The heads picture weighs more, so it ends upon the bottom.

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