THE PIPELINE  |  March 2021
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Caleb Rutledge, March 22, 2021

HydraTech's team is growing in 2021. In the first quarter, five new hires were made. These energetic new employees have brought a breath of fresh air into the company.

With their first few weeks of training over, the new hires are ready to install fiber wrap and the HydraTite seal, CPR certified, and ready to climb into confined spaces. A few of the new employees were sent out for a fiber wrap job as soon as their training was over!

A more in-depth blog is on HydraTech's website if you would like to read more.

HydraTech, October  22, 2021

A bridge over state route 320 was showing signs of aging. The columns were spalling and reinforcement bars were exposed in a localized area. A repair was needed that would have minimal effect on traffic and would be applied quickly. A solution was needed that would give the columns longevity and ensure that the columns would not need to be replaced.

HydraTech Field Services was brought in to apply an FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) repair. This corrosion-resistant, waterproof repair solution was specified to provide confinement to the repaired concrete and protect the columns from further degradation without hindering traffic. The FRP repair was chosen because it could be applied quickly with minimal manpower and equipment.

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HydraTech, January 16, 2021

As mentioned in our first newsletter this year, a water main break flooded the streets at River’s Edge in Cincinnati, Ohio. An entire car was swallowed up by the resulting sinkhole. A new section of pipe was ordered in to replace the failed section of pipe, but there were concerns that the neighboring joints in the pipe would fail if preventative action was not taken immediately.

Extensive erosion around the pipe necessitated a trenchless solution. Six HydraTite seals were ordered for installation. These 60” seals were to be installed on the three closest pipe joints on either side of the new section of pipe. HydraTech prepared the pipe joints by clearing away the calcium build-up on the interior pipe surface. Next, the six seals were installed and air tested to ensure that they would guarantee no leaks. The project was expected to take several days, however, HydraTech completed it ahead of schedule, in only two days.

HydraTite provided an economical repair to prevent joint leakage and erosion without the need for additional excavation. HydraTite will protect the people living above this section of the pipe against future sinkholes.

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Say Hello to Kyle!
Kyle worked for a traffic control company where he did fieldwork and estimating. He started working at HydraTech in 2016 as an estimator. Now Kyle is in charge of operations for HydraTech Field Services, the branch of HydraTech that installs our products. Outside of work, Kyle proves himself a handyman through the multitude of house projects he takes on. He enjoys driving his Trans-Am and looks forward to the coming sunny weather so he plays with his dog outside.

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