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Repair Fractures Today, Prevent Sinkholes Tomorrow

Regular inspection key.

As explained in a May 29 Hoodline article, compromised water or sewer pipes can cause sinkholes, but with regular inspection and timely repair, these costly, dramatic incidents can be prevented. Even tiny cracks or misalignments can allow dirt to sift into pipes, eventually causing so much erosion that the street surface collapses. Small repairs prevent the need for much more costly ones later, so cities like San Francisco are inspecting pipes regularly and making repairs as soon as possible.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has ramped up its visual inspection of sewers — performed via video camera robot — to 150 miles of pipe a year. The city’s Sewer System Improvement Program includes resources for sewer pipe replacement on top of the current rate of 15 miles a year. Read the whole article at

HydraTech’s trenchless pipe repair solutions help prevent sinkholes for a fraction of the cost of pipe replacement. Learn more at

A national poll conducted by the Value of Water Coalition in January revealed that Americans are willing to support efforts to maintain reliable water and wastewater services. The coalition, which includes the Water Environment Federation and 30 other organizations, is working to advance solutions to U.S. water challenges.

Review the poll’s findings at

Case Study: Without Excavation, HydraTite Stops infiltration and Prevents Ground Settling in 27” Storm Drain

The challenge was to stop infiltration at the pipe joints in a 27-in storm drain. 

Engineered Solution 
HydraTite 27-in standard wide EPDM rubber seals with two one-piece 304SS retaining bands were proposed as a solution. 

Prior to installation, HydraTech removed the debris, earth and soil from the defective area of the storm drain. The restoration of the pipe included ten 27-in standard wide HydraTite seals. The installation spanned two days. 

The HydraTite Internal Joint Seal was selected as the long-term solution to eliminate infiltration and prevent ground settling.

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