THE PIPELINE  |  July 2021
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From "Trenchless Technology", July 14, 2021

With 3D technology, the Ross Valley Sanitary District has started to map out the entirety of the pipes they maintain. The condition assessment supervisor, John Vogel, believes that with a better understanding of where exactly the pipes lay, rehab and maintenance efforts will become more effective.

"All our maps are currently hand-drawn with best guesses as to the exact location, inclination, and curvature of the pipes,” says Vogel. “Many pipes are close to homes, pools, historic trees, or utilities, so we want to know where exactly the pipes are. If we know that, we can more accurately plan a project and avoid surprise costs"  - John Vogel

While there is still a lot more to do, most of the XYZ data was collected using the IBAK CCTV system and a 3D Geosense module that works with WinCan VX. Despite the work ahead on this project, John is already imagining all the future uses for this 3D mapping technology. 

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HydraTech, June 25, 2021

Late last year HydraTech produced its first webinar discussing HydraTite The Internal Pipe Joint Seal. This June HydraTech dove into the benefits of HydraWrap in this webinar presented by Jennifer Williams. Jennifer is joined by Mike Fox and Caleb Rutledge as she compares HydraWrap to other repairs currently used in the industry. See if HydraWrap could be the preventative or repair method you need on your project.

If your time is short, look over these snippets that highlight some of the best parts of the webinar.

Longevity Of HydraWrap

HydraWrap Installation

From "Hydrocarbon Processing", February 2018

“Piping is the largest threat to plant safety due to the large number of joints that are spread over the entire facility.” This fact means that finding and cutting down on risks and hazards while planning out the piping is important. This practice is known as safety in design and encompasses the selection of proper materials, manufacturing, and efforts to improve the productivity of a plant. 

One important element of safety in design are the proper selection of materials to protect against system failures caused by a variety of things. Erosion and corrosion mechanisms that the system will be in contact with should be accounted for. Previous experience with similar operating systems should be referenced. Limitation of the pipe material must be considered as well. For instance, non-metallic piping may be more susceptible to things like ultraviolet light, vibration, temperature, and a variety of other concerns that would be less concerning with metallic piping.

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Say Hello to Scott!
Previously, Scott ran a lawn service, overseeing a landscaping crew that worked at Molson Coors Beverage Company. Joining the HydraTech family, Scott has become a foreman who has helped manage several of our concrete and fiber wrap jobs. Beyond work, Scott is a family man who enjoys time with his wife and son. Motorcycles are another passion of Scott's. 

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