August 12, 2014 - Volume 4, Issue 2
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Friends of Metro-Erie Meals On Wheels

Erie Gives Is Today!

You've seen this acorn before, I'm sure. Actually, Erie Gives is a pretty smart idea. It's the only time this year you can give to a nonprofit and have your donation increased through a pro-rated match. The Erie Community Foundation, GE, Erie Insurance Group and Presque Isle Downs and Casino are giving a total of $200,000 in funds to spread among participating nonprofits. What a great way to have your giving multiplied! If you have matching gifts from your employer, all the better!

You can give by credit card at or by check by calling the Erie Community Foundation at 454-0843 between 8AM and 8PM TODAY! 

What I Learned after Taking a Homeless Mother Grocery Shopping

"I recently moved from suburbia to a city, and there’s one thing I’m seeing now that I didn’t see before: the homeless. There are sign-holders on street corners everywhere, men propping cardboard signs by the freeway, and, at the entrance of parking lots, mothers asking for groceries." More...


Welcome to... 

Paul Patrick - Paul works for GE and has been in Erie for a short time. He is a former Meals On Wheels driver in Augusta, GA. 

Custom Driving Maps

New to delivering meals or your route has changed over time? You can get a custom driving map for your route. Even someone from out of town can follow these turn-by-turn maps and deliver their route efficiently and easily. Call to get yours today. 
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