July 8, 2014 - Volume 4, Issue 1
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Friends of Metro-Erie Meals On Wheels

MEMOW Celebrates 43rd Annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon

A remarkable 34 volunteers receive Service Awards! 

We are so appreciative of all our volunteers but when 34 of them have delivered from 5 to 20 years, they're true stand-outs!

A Meals On Wheels volunteer delivers week after week, year after year in good weather and terrible winters. It's inspiring to know so many people care so deeply about others.

20 Years
Connie Del Maromo 

15 Years
Nancy Young
Charlotte Hunter
Joe Dzuricky

10 Years
Eric Arnold          Patty Arnold
Alice Beavers      Hal Beavers
Dick Bambauer   Janet Cooney
Rudy Martone     Marvin Myers
Ron Seyboldt      Sue Seyboldt
Dick Thieman      Mary Thieman
Cathy Taylor
Mary Jane McLaughlin

5 Years
Eddie Bell          Sharon Carlin
Rich DeArment  Joe Marsili
Paul Jenkins      Kathy Jenkins
Ron Murosky     Chris Ostrowski
Sue Roehrl        Check Roehrl
Jim Sertz           Kathy Sertz
Scott Steiner     Ellen Van Bell
Rodney Williams
Thank You!

Sleeping Less? Your brain will age faster, study says.

Older adults who sleep less show evidence of a more rapid decline in cognitive performance, according to a study by Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore...


Welcome to... 

Alexander Cavaliere – will be delivering Route 3 GECAC on Tuesdays – Alexander is a student. 

Got kids or grandkids? 

YMCA of Greater Erie's Camp Sherwin Annual Fishing Derby & Community Day is Saturday, July 26th.
Join in on all the fun of casting a line and catching a fish! All you need to do is bring your lucky fishing pole, and we’ll stock the pond and bring the bait!
All families are welcome to come. Register your fishermen at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 26th - free of cost. Participants must be within 3-15 years of age.

After the Derby prizes have been awarded, all kids and their families are encouraged to swim like fish in Camp Sherwin’s pool and NEW Spray n’ Play Park! It’s such a refreshing way to end such a family fun day!

For more information click here

Custom Driving Maps

New to delivering meals or your route has changed over time? You can get a custom driving map for your route. Even someone from out of town can follow these turn-by-turn maps and deliver their route efficiently and easily. Call to get yours today. 
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