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April 2014

Message from the Editor
Volume 2: Edition 4

April has arrived and even though there haven't been many showers, we're all still hoping for those May flowers and looking forward to the "blossoming" of another great season of Pinewood Players "Theater in the Pines."  The 2014 Season is almost here and everyone is working hard to make this the most enjoyable and successful season ever. This month's newsletter contains a special message from our President, Les Maurseth, who is not only President of the Board but he also will play the male lead role in the season opener, Blithe Spirit. We hope you enjoy the April edition of the Pinewood Players Newsletter. As always your suggestions and comments are welcome and appreciated. Click on the SUGGESTIONS button in the sidebar to provide your input. 

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 From the President's Desk
By Les Maurseth

Summer is Coming  - Is Everyone Ready? 

At the April Pinewood Players board meeting, I asked all board members this question.  “Summer is coming - is everyone ready?”  They all responded - yes!  

Your board and other volunteers have been hard at work preparing for a wonderful 2014 season!  There are countless details that they have been, and are, working on.  In addition to the many annual preparations, many improvements are completed or in the process of being made to the Playhouse - including ‘new’ seats, new carpet, re-painting the interior, additional microphones, historical displays and plaques, additional fire-resistant curtains, additional signs, working with the Fire Department to improve safety, improving lighting in and around the Playhouse, and even more.  


In addition to our normal box office operations, your board members have implemented an online ticket purchasing system that allows patrons to purchase tickets from the comfort of their home.  Try it out at  We expect this additional ticketing system, coupled with the marketing from 2013 and 2014, will increase ticket sales in 2014 to its highest level.  So, buy your tickets early!  I’ve already purchased mine online.


Wow, have they all been busy working (and still are) to make 2014 a wonderful season for everyone!  Your many, marvelous volunteers do not do it for themselves (although each of them, myself included, enjoy what they do and receive great satisfaction from their efforts).  They really do it for everyone else.  After all, the mission of Pinewood Players is to bring the magic of theater to all who wish to avail themselves of it.  That is why they do it.  


But, they are not an exclusive group of people.  They are ready to share their joy, and knowledge, with you!  Oh, you think you aren’t an actor.  Oh, you think you don’t have technical knowledge of any use.  Oh, you don’t know how to set up the stage or the lights or the sound or the props.  Oh, fuggedabout it!  Most of them didn’t either, until they got involved and started learning - and enjoying!


There are many ‘roles’ involved in theater.  Come and join us, get involved, help out in some way, discover more about theater, figure out where you might fit in.  You know what?  I guarantee you will learn something, even something about yourself.  It will expand your horizons.  It will get your heart pumping.  Or, maybe it will just be a way for you to help others enjoy the magic of theater.  Whatever it is for you, you won’t regret it!  Ask one of the volunteers how you can get involved, or check our website for much more information.


Come, join us.  Or, at least, come and enjoy the performances.  And bring your friends and relatives.  This isn’t Hollywood, this is community theater, and it is community theater at its finest.  We will be there for you.


Summer is coming - are you ready to embrace it?


March News Clips


Do you Recognize this Hombre?

Who do you believe?

This shady looking character was apparently apprehended by these Israeli soldiers on patrol. We couldn't help noticing that he bears a striking resemblance to Pinewood Players  Actor/  Director/Producer Doug Pusateri. When contacted for comment Doug admitted that it is him in the photo but insisted that these were his "bodyguards" during he and Layn's recent trip to Israel...that's his story and he's sticking to it. 

Historical Committee Update

Charter Members to be Recognized

Pinewood Players Historical Committee under the direction of co-chairpersons  Pam Uveges and Melanie Westmark have identified the five Charter Members of Pinewood Players. They are:

Elaine (Enie) Smart

Norma Thomas

Hilda Buerkle

Joan Gorges

Jim Hedburg

Two identical plaques will be dedicated this season recognizing the "founders" and their contribution and acknowledging their creativity and dedication to the theater and to the organization that has become Pinewood Players. One plaque will be displayed in the theater and the other at the historical archive display that will be housed in the Pinewood Country Club Library. 

Pinewood Country Club Shows Support for Pinewood Players
President Les Maurseth attended the PWCC Board of Directors meeting on April 14 to present information regarding the Pinewood Players organization and the upcoming 2014 Theatre in the Pines season. Season brochures, schedule cards and membership forms were made available to the board members as well as to stockholders attending the meeting. Several of the PWCC Board Members are already Pinewood Players members  and several other board members took membership forms and will become new members this season. The PWCC Board and new management company, O B Sports,  agreed  to continue the support for Pinewood Players by displaying posters and brochures in the club, linking web sites and promoting Pinewood Players events in their weekly email newsletters. It was also agreed that it will be important to cooperate closely on issues such as coordinating overlapping  events. The County Club will again host the Cabaret Nights Reader's Theater events this season. Last year all four performances were "sell outs" and it is expected that tickets will go quickly again this year. Tickets will be sold in the Country Club lobby. Watch for more information in upcoming newsletters and in the Pinewood News. 

Drama Camp Reminder

May 1 is the deadline for enrollment in Pinewood Players Youth Theater Drama Camp Programs. Enrollment forms are available on the web site or you may contact Marsha Propps at The Kidz Kamp production will be " Cactus Pass Jamboree" and the Tween Campers will perform "Rock Around the Block." All information is available on our web site at

Pinewood Players Members give Sun City West theater a boost

Longtime members Rex and Margaret Sprink are showing the folks in Sun City West how it is done! They have recently appeared in several Reader's Theater productions presented by their local community theater group. In addition to performing Margaret has authored a very humorous piece which has also been performed by their local group. Margaret is currently a member of the Pinewood Players Board of Directors. She and Rex have performed in a number of PWP productions in past years. 

2014 Membership Reminder

If you have not renewed your membership in Pinewood Players for 2014 or if you are not a previous member and are interested in joining this dynamic organization, we encourage you to join us by clicking on the JOIN NOW button in the sidebar and downloading the membership form. Forms were mailed earlier this month to those 2013 members who have not yet joined for the 2014 season. Please send all donations and membership dues along with the completed form(s) to the Pinewood Players Membership Chairperson:
Kathy Abramowitz
c/o Pinewood Players

P O Box 18484
Munds Park, AZ 86017
If you have questions about memberships or donations you may contact Kathy Abramowitz at

Special Skills Needed

 Pinewood Players is an organization of volunteers. The organization needs people to assist in many varied functions ranging from highly skilled disciplines to "no experience required" but this month we are putting out a special call for volunteers who may have some special skills needed by the organization.  If you have experience in operating sound  equipment or if you have general computer expertise and can assist other volunteers with computer questions  Pinewood Players needs your help. There is also a need for someone with web site experience to assist our Web Master. We currently have very talented people who are performing the primary  duties in these important areas of the operation, but back-up technical assistance is needed.  If you have these skills and would like to help, please contact Vice-President Bill Gibney directly or click on the "VOLUNTEER NOW" button in the sidebar for information on how you can contribute and experience the rewards of filling some very important needs in the organization. 

Pinewood Players is a non-profit organization bringing cultural opportunities to all ages. Each summer the Pinewood Players entertain the community by presenting live theatre and by providing various venues where children and adults learn about the performing arts through participation in workshops, drama camps and plays of all kinds.

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