At GG HQ  ... 
With only two weeks to go, we're preparing to go on site...

There's so much news it's hard to know where to begin, so let's start with news that the long-range weather forecast looks promising :)

Our full festival programme is complete - have a peek! 
This is where you'll find full info about our Speakers' Forum, Craft & Campaigns Areas, Permaculture Community, Sacred Activist Sanctuary, Healing Circle and more.

£120 Summer Advance Tickets are still available,
gate price will be higher so don't delay!


Campervan tickets have been known to sell out before gates open, so if you'd like to bring your home on wheels, please do buy your tickets in advance.

We truly believe The Green Gathering is the BEST value festival around...

Keepers' Brew, Firefarm, The Don Bradmans, Smiley & the Underclass, Guranfoe, Pattern Pusher, Hoopy Frood, Solar Love Society, Magic Bus, Hattie Hatstar, Jabba Cartel, Great Big Feet, Arcadia Roots, She Robot, Sika, MOAN
and dozens more ..... here's a handful of late announcements!

Magic Brothers play mystical, magical, whimsical, soulful psychedelia.

Prima Queen is an all-female indie/alt rock band, bittersweet and gritty.

Solid Gone bring us original roots rock, blues and skiffle music.

Cuba Libre share fun, energetic dub, ska, reggae and hiphop.

Emma Black sings contemporary folk and blues, outspoken and lyrical.

The Fabulous Red Diesel are retro/original C21st jazz with a twist of diva.

And on our website over here you can find the whole line up with links, pics, video and soundcloud... Programme with timings coming soon!

This Big Top is home to Performing Arts and Movement-based Workshops in the daytime: we have Capoeira for Beginners, The Mudflappers Swing Dance workshops, Flamenco, Feminist Folk Songs, Extinction Rebellion Choir, Mal Webb's Lip to Lung Global Glottal Adventure ... and that's just for starters!

There are also lunchtime specials:

Friday is
Lunch Out with Nik Turner

Saturday we have an all-new Delightful Bar Quiz
  • Experienced quizzers, festival experts, general know-it-alls and those who are just lucky at guessing the correct answer. Everyone is welcome at The Delightful Bar Quiz. Lots of fun to be had, and the chance to win prizes including a ticket to Green Gathering 2020. It's a bit like a pub quiz. Only we don't have a pub, but we do have a delightful bar.
Sunday is the annual Poetry Slam (sign up at the bar or turn up on the day)

Early evenings we have family friendly entertainment from the likes of circus performer
Steve Kaos, bubble maestros Rainbow Gecko, magician Eddie Farmer & more.

Spoken word and cabaret acts are served up next; the fabulous line up includes some Green Gathering favourites -
Salena Godden, Pete The Temp, The Antipoet,  Johnny Fluffypunk, Society of Imaginary Friends and FOSSILHEADS immediately spring to mind - plus new talent we've captured specifically for this occasion including Roxconscious, Meera Patel, Yap, Other Tongues & plenty more.

The evenings end with
DJ Gremlyn, vinyl junkie and lover of funk, soul, disco, reggae and epic rambling, multi-genre musical journeys.

Whetting your whistles at the Raconteurs' Delight Cocktail & Temperance Bar is not to be missed... Kooky hedgerow cocktails are here; think lashings of rhubarb and ginger with gin; wild nettle and vodka; raspberry fizz or blackcurrant belter.
In the KIDS’ GARDEN, nestled into shady trees, you’ll find...
  • Kids’ Info Hub - find out what’s going on for kids across site.
  • Little Big Top with Envirolution’s sustainability games, hooping, woodland crafts, kids’ yoga, storytelling, seedbombs with the Woodcraft Folk and more.
  • Katy’s soft play & toddler space
  • Bearcat Collective swap shop, tie-dying, crafts, cosy hangout.
  • Nature Art Club with natural materials and creative upcycling.
  • Flora’s Facepainting and Professor Kayoss’ Amazing Machine.
Spilling out onto THE VILLAGE GREEN we have…
  • The Bookshelf – library, microscopy, badge-making, boardgames, table football.
  • The Amazing Tribe of Vikboc with dance workshops, dressing up, open mic.
  • Cirque de Nuage with mini aerial rig, circus and acrobatic skills.
  • Bungee Trampolines and festival-themed Crazy Golf!
Plus, family-friendly activities across site include...
  • Soundscape Solar Stage: Ukejam from 10.30am.
  • Permaculture: beastie boxes, free play space, Sling Library.
  • Craft Area: free workshops in the Craft Office and Classroom.
  • Campaigns Field: Travellerspace with young kids’ activities.
  • Raconteurs’ Delight: family entertainment from 6pm-7.30ish.
  • Winging It Puppeteers: with shows, family safe space and bedtime stories.
  • The Annual Daydream Harvest: make sure you take an adult!
In response to last year's Young Voices consultation...

The Mayflower Project hosts a new expanded Teens Space!

As usual there'll be craft, henna, hair braiding, face-painting, music, circus, football, open mic, hang out with sofas, free phone charging and tunes...

Plus there'll be more space in the tent and outside it. Space for slacklining, aerial arts, dj and hiphop sessions, board games, card games & surprises!
Great article about The Mayflower Project here

Around site, young people might like:

Cirque de Nuage, The Book Shelf and Jump Around on the Village Green.
Resource Hub (Alt Tech skills) & Crafts Area (free making, Loyal Mail & more). Capoeira mornings in the Raconteurs’ big top, and a Poetry Slam there on Sunday. In the Campaigns Field there’s direct action skillshares and vegan cookery.
Loads of yoga and Tai Chi in the Healing Circle. Rebels and community builders in the Permaculture and SAS Village welcome all ages to hang out or muck in.
On Nature’s Way The Annual Daydream Harvest is worth a look.
Rooted Collective are hosting a takeover at the 99% Bar on Friday from 9pm.

Keep the feedback coming, tell us what else you find & what's good!


This evolving avenue will lead from the Stone Circle on the Village Green through a magnificent archway and into woodland ... passing sights, sounds, stories and magical experiences to open your mind, touch your heart, delight your senses and inspire you.

Story Tipi & The Man From Story Mountain: earth creation tales from indigenous cultures link spirituality with sustainable lifestyles. Welsh mythology. Tales from the high seas (how Greenpeace turned back a whaling fleet) and other stories. Books available!

5:15 Nomads: in an avant-garde ethereal performance art caravan, discover live sacred geometry drawings, sound vibration and metaphysics.

Rainbow Astrologers: keeping the hippy dreamtime alive, offering wisdom, guidance and communion with the stars.

Winging It Puppeteers: performances, workshops, bedtime stories, sensory tent and a family safe space. Girls who fight dragons and monsters that don’t fit in.

The Annual Daydream Harvest: afternoons you are invited by Jessica Rost and Nick Garnett to enter the Daydream Harvester; a campus of chambers made of strange yet familiar objects. You will be offered things, encounter sounds and meet characters; participate, explore, submerge and experiment. Your daydreams will be harvested… and then! you will be ejected from the Harvester and the real fun begins.

The Return (Pain is Where the Light Gets In): an interactive sanctuary by Jessica Rost; a place to be quiet, to grieve, leave offerings, feel guilt, ground and regroup; installation open every evening from twilight.


Dave Weirdigan, GG entertainments co-ordinator and Raconteurs' Delight imagineer, died last month after an 18 month battle with leukaemia.

Dave will be so sorely missed. He packed a huge amount into his too-short life.
He encouraged people to live their dreams and helped them do so ; he was a community activist, passionate about the planet; an outdoorsman, co-operator, maker, fixer; he was silly, serious, beloved, brave and stubborn.

Dave's spirit lives on in the projects he launched, not least The Raconteurs' Delight.

We'll be having the best Green Gathering ever in his memory this Summer - dancing to the bands he booked, watching the acts he selected, listening to the musicians he loved - plus there’ll be plenty of chances to raise a glass, mourn, make merry, and be inspired by his example of a colourful, generous, authentic life lived well.

Pop into the Info Exchange Tent if you'd like to Save A Life in Dave's memory by signing up to the International Stem Cell Donor registry with charity DKMS.


We aim to choose the best quality, most ethical off-grid caterers imaginable. The foodstalls are all meat and fish free; roughly a third are vegan (and most stalls offer a range of vegan options). We encourage traders to offer gluten-free choices too.

Lalita's Kitchen: our 2018 Gold Ethical Caterer Award Winner will return with authentic home cooked South Indian food - 100% vegan, 100% gluten free, 100% made with love.

Ice Green: a 2018 Silver Ethical Award Winner - handmade small batch dairy-free ice cream (cashew, hemp and coconut). Reuseable coconut shell bowls, gluten free cones or hot waffles, all served from a revamped vintage caravan.

Mr Croquewich: also a Silver Ethical Award Winner - grilled cheese sandwiches crammed full of homemade fillings and sauces made with seasonal local ingredients, on bespoke sourdough bread. Plus vegan options.

Voyage Vert: not just a burrito stall - the VV team is on a mission to revive passenger sail transport, the only sustainable option for long-distance transoceanic travel. Festival catering is a funding stream for this dream.

Veggies Vegan Catering Campaign: multi-award winning, established 1984 and going strong. A volunteer-led, community-based, social enterprise; their vegan sausages and burgers are now available in ethical foodstores across the UK.

Coffee Cranks Co-operative: 100% worker-owned ethical coffee vendors, serving organic barrista coffee from a pedal-powered coffee trike.

Cowleys Fine Foods: a Cardiff business, featured on Dragon's Den, Martin and Suzie make and sell vegan jerky, smoked cheese, nut butters, fiery pickles and fruit leather.

Chai Shop Organic: high quality veggie breakfasts, falafels, daily specials, homemade cakes and delicious chai tea served in a solar powered Bedouin style marquee.


  • Wood fired pizza at The Snug or Woodburns
  • "The real taste of the Himalaya" at the Tibetan Kitchen
  • Numinums solar powered vegan cafe in the Craft Area
  • The Allotment with fresh, tasty fayre near Soundscape Solar Stage
  • Beanbug solar powered organic fairtrade coffee near the festival entrance
  • Pancake Paradise & Buddhafield cafe on the Village Green
  • Hemp By Nature with hemp teas and tasty treats beside the Stone Circle
  • Tat 4 Tibet with a small selection of organic fruit, veg and sourdough loaves
  • Wigmores bakery from Monmouth
  • Colin's Coffee, Casita Lupa's Mexican food, Booja Booja vegan ice cream & Poffertjes vegan mini pancakes by the 99% Bar

The Green Gathering site is gorgeous. Rolling green meadows surrounded by ancient woodland, spectacular views and the neoclassical ruins of Piercefield House as an atmospheric backdrop. There are standing stones, grottoes, look-outs and caves close by.

We're in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty ... and we're in Wales!

Chepstow is Cas-gwent in Welsh. We're encouraging everyone who comes along to learn a bit of Welsh this year - there are some handy phrases on our website, try them with a friend (laughter breaks recommended if you're new to this!).

On site, visit the Craft Area to find Giant Triplets, an ethical art collective who'll be introducing us to Welsh via screenprinting. We'll be giving away organic cotton bags with a screenprinted design to people who ask for them in Welsh (volunteers on hand to help).

For Welsh culture, make sure to be in The Raconteurs' Delight when
Gadael Tir perform – they follow the trials and tribulations of the common folk of Wales who strove to build the nation from the ground up. Through sing-along choruses of traditional songs; heart wrenching tales of desperation and perseverance; cross-dressing, axe wielding farmers; radical preachers, land workers and unions, all encompassed by a thousand years of history squeezed into one performance. A real treat.

If you speak Welsh, pick up a badge at our Info Exchange Tent so other Welsh-speakers can identify you and have a chat. We've begun translating our website:

£120 Summer Advance Tickets are still available,
gate price will be higher so don't delay!


Campervan tickets have been known to sell out before gates open, so if you'd like to bring your home on wheels, please do buy your tickets in advance.

We truly believe The Green Gathering is the BEST value festival around...
The Green Gathering is a festival and a community; an immersive, interactive showcase of skill sharing, creative solutions and off grid living... all powered by wind, sun, people and passion.

It's a festival beyond hedonism for people who love the earth enough to celebrate and save it; a place to party - then wake up and put the world to rights!

With an authentically uncommercial, family friendly and transformative experience, we aim to turn people on to community building, co-operation and
low impact solutions.
The festival is produced by Optimistic Trout Productions, a Community Interest Company, and commissioned by the Green Gathering charity (no. 1156593).

Use this link to switch to clean renewable energy with Ecotricity and we'll receive up to £60 towards making the festival even better, at no extra cost to you.
The Green Gathering has received funding from the Welsh Government, in recognition of the positive impact we bring to Chepstow and beyond.
This will help the festival become increasingly sustainable both financially and environmentally, while providing festival goers with a stepping stone into the fabulous countryside and culture of Wales.
Summer Advance Tickets: £120
until midnight July 31st!

Young Adults 16-17yrs: £75
Youth 11-15yrs: £55
Child 6-10yrs: £10
Children 0-5yrs go free!

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