At GG HQ    We're beginning to plan for 2019, sifting through heaps of GG 2018 feedback and meeting other festival folk at the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) Congress in Sheffield.


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This year we trialled our Bring Your Own Mug campaign. Encouraged by the success of #BYOM, we're urging other events to get involved in 2019.
See Press Release.

By bringing their own mug, festival-goers at The Green Gathering slashed the waste involved in production and disposal of boxes and boxes of single-use cups. For those who forgot or couldn’t carry another thing, the Crock 'n' Rock crockery hire and wash up service was available (thanks to the GG charity), and lightweight enamel mugs were on sale.  Shop here to buy one now


Disposable culture goes against everything The Green Gathering stands for. Over the last few years we've banned single-use plastics, plastic-lined serveware, bioplastics and plastic glitter. We have super ethical cafes but they don’t all have the capacity to carry stacks of crockery. The Bring Your Own Mug campaign will make a seriously huge impact - it's only a small step beyond carrying a reuseable water bottle and soon everyone'll be doing it!.

How many times do you have to use a reusable cup for it to be the environmentally friendly option? The RAW Foundation says between 2.5 and 14 times, depending what the cups are made from. Twice daily for a week, at the most. The most recent research shows that even once washing and transport have been taken into consideration, real crocks make sense.

Wishing you'd bought a gloriously retro enamel GG mug?

Need a stainless steel water bottle to help you ditch plastic for good...

...or an organic cotton Green Gathering T-shirt?


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Click the pic to watch a wonderful two minutes of GG 2018
Thanks to Phoebe Lula for this short film
and to Funke & The Two Tone Baby
for the soundtrack (on tour now if you like what you hear!)

YOUNG VOICES have been heard

At GG 2018 The Mayflower Project ran a Young Voices consultation. At sessions around the site young people between the ages of 12 and 25 talked about how The Green Gathering is for them; what they like and don't like, what they'd enjoy more of, and how they can input their own opinions and skills to benefit the whole. A People's Assembly in the Speakers' Forum brought people of all ages together to discuss this too. 

Listening to Young Voices is now on the GG website. This report explains how and why we focused on youth inclusion at this year's festival, what we found, and how we're beginning to fold suggestions, ideas and proposals into the festival planning process. There's also contact info for young people wanting to get more involved.


YOUNG VOICES: what was said
  • Overall, young people at the festival were happy to be there and were very positive about The Green Gathering
  • Favourite things were 'the people' and 'the atmosphere'
  • Teenagers value The Mayflower Project Teen Tent - but it's too small
  • Young people don't want to be segregated in all things; skillshares and co-operative activities across age groups are popular
  • Some young people find it difficult to access or engage with what's going on at the festival
  • More youth-focused activities and discussions would be good; dance workshops, green tech, mental health & LGBT issues were mentioned
  • More variety of music is called for but genres unspecified
  • A youth-focused dance night in one of the venues would be good
  • More integration of young speakers and artists into the programme would be appreciated
  • There should be an ongoing feedback process so young people know they're being heard and can see the results of speaking up
See the report Listening to Young Voices for more info.
If you'd like to trade, perform or volunteer at GG 2019, check out the  Contact  page of our website for when and how to apply.

In our post-festie survey we asked: how will your experiences at The Green Gathering change your life? Here's what you said:

39% will recycle more

30% will try to go zero-waste or plastic-free

30% will become more politically active

23% will eat less meat

16% intend to start volunteering for a green or ethical organisation

14% will try a vegan diet


19% of respondents said GG has inspired them to change their behaviour in one of these ways:

  • Start composting; forage for food; spend more time in nature;
  • Be more compassionate; be kinder and judge less;
  • Be more frugal; avoid supermarkets; shop local;
  • Be energised & inspired to keep trying to make a difference;
  • Try to change my job to something socially useful;
  • Learn more; experience more; speak out more;
  • Go to a Green Party meeting;
  • Learn more about mental health; relax more;
  • Make sauerkraut; care for bees; do yoga;
  • Teach my daughter about things that matter;
  • Bring more people to The Green Gathering;
  • Be more independent; be more authentic; follow my dream;
  • Grow more veg; get a veg box; eat more veg;
  • Teach my craft to others; cycle more;
  • Look into going solar; start an allotment scheme;
  • Start a blog for grandmothers who want to save the planet for their grandkids;
  • Give supermarkets their plastic packaging back at the till.

Of those who answered ‘it won’t change my behaviour’ (18%), the majority said that was because they were already doing as much as they could to live an ethical and sustainable life.


In the Speakers' Forum this year Roger Hallam introduced the Extinction Rebellion to Green Gatherers. The Rebellion is open to all who see the crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss looming and understand this is an emergency requiring urgent action.

On October 31 a thousand people gathered in Parliament Square, London, to declare the Rebellion begun and demand the government take action... if insufficient action is taken, repeated acts of disruptive, non-violent civil disobedience will follow throughout November and beyond.

Read the Extinction Rebellion Demands
Find out how to Join the Extinction Rebellion
Check out Extinction Rebellion Events in your area


Yurts and Bell Tents and Tipis and Camplight's Upcycled Tents...

Being Green, some of you like to travel by foot or bicycle or public transport, and it's difficult to do that carrying a family's-worth of camping equipment. Some of you only camp once a year and would prefer to hire a solid, handmade shelter rather than buy flimsy, throw-away gear. For people with reduced mobility, crawling into a small tent might be a nightmare but with a tall sturdy structure, camping could be possible and fun.

For these reasons and more, increasing numbers of Gatherers are choosing the hire option every year. To be sure not to miss out,

Camplight is offering 15% discount on hire of pre-pitched tents and camping accessories if you book before Dec 26. The code is "SantaBaby18" (we didn't make that one up!)

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The Green Gathering is a festival and an education, an interactive showcase of renewable energy and off grid solutions... all powered by wind, sun and people.

It's a festival beyond hedonism, for people who love the earth enough to want to celebrate and save it. It's a place to party - then wake up and put the world to rights!

Authentically uncommercial and family friendly, our aim is to turn people on to low impact living, community building, co-operation and positive sustainable solutions.

The festival is produced by Optimistic Trout Productions, a Community Interest Company, and commissioned by The Green Gathering charity.

1st-4th August 2019


Use this link to switch to clean renewable energy with Ecotricity and we'll receive up to £60 towards making the festival even better, at no extra cost to you.

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