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If you can help distribute GG posters (A4) and flyers (A6), please email with your postal address and how many you'd like. We need everyone who loves the festival to help spread the word!


Spring Advance Tickets £100 : BRISTOL TICKET SHOP


Sign up with GoCarShare if you'll have space to offer a lift to GG, or if you'll be looking for a lift. Carsharing keeps costs and carbon emissions low, and you might meet new mates!

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Want to know more about A Greener Festival, Festival Vision 2025 and GG's commitment to Take A Stand?

Check out our press release which gives context to our Greener Festival 2017 Award win and related projects.


The Green Gathering is a festival and an education, an interactive showcase of renewable energy and off grid solutions... all powered by wind, sun and people.

It's a festival beyond hedonism, for people who love the earth enough to want to celebrate and save it. It's a place to party - then wake up and put the world to rights!

Authentically uncommercial and family friendly, our aim is to turn people on to low impact living, community building, co-operation and positive sustainable solutions.

The festival is produced by a Community Interest Company, and commissioned by the Green Gathering Charity which aims to keep the spirit of the Gatherings true, while educating for sustainability and  empowering us to create a better future. The GG Charity

Spring Advance Tickets £100
Children 0-10yrs FREE
Youth 11-15yrs £55
Young Adults 16-17yrs £75


No Glastonbury this year...
...another reason to go Green!
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