At GG HQ    We're collecting memories of this year's festival...

... and beginning to build an even better Green Gathering for 2019.
The Green Gathering 2019 will be 1st-4th August

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BEST OF 2018

We wrapped up our feedback survey this week. Here's what you told us...

Best Bands: 3 Daft Monkeys and Mobius Loop.

With One Eyed God, The Space Goats, tetchi, Kangaroo Moon, Echo Town and Global all getting a heap of votes too!

Best Raconteurs: Johnny Fluffypunk and Salena Godden.

You told us Pete The Temp and Society of Imaginary Friends were very good as well.

Best in the Speakers' Forum: Dave Randall (the political power of music) and Natalie Fee (City to Sea / plastic free).

You loved
Jamie Kelsey Fry (adventures in democracy; making the media work for you) and Seize the Day (meet the band) too.

Best Workshops: Bow Making & Archery and Ukejam.

Blacksmithing, and Intro to Permaculture with Mike Feingold were also awesome.

Best Random Happenings:

It's often the unprogrammed stuff that makes a festival even more memorable... and chance encounters with friends old and new pipped this one again.

Closely followed by acoustic music around site, walkabout characters, the Parachute Club pop-up disco and bubbles on the Village Green.

SAM's Sauna got a lot of mentions too, as a place of meeting and music as well as warmth, comfort, relaxation and getting clean.

We're sorry the heatwave led to unprecedented demands on the plumbing which meant despite our plumber's valiant efforts, SAM's Sauna and our shower block couldn't run at times. We'll be prioritising plumbing improvements for 2019.

What's The Green Gathering to You?

We asked the question and this is what you told us...

Family. Tribe. Home. Freedom.

Inspiring. Fun. Dancing. Laughing. Learning.

Unconventional. Fabulous. Magical. Unique. Ingenious. Festabulous. Splendid.

Accepting. Harmonious. Rejuvenating. Inclusive. Blissful. Love.

Creatively eclectic. A sensual delight. Soul-feeding. Kushti. Quintessential life force.

It's my favourite town I've ever been in, there is a venue on every corner, a pub in every street, bands busking & ripping it up, poetry to lose yourself in.

Where I go every year for the simple pleasure of making lifelong, five-minute friendships.

It’s like the earth’s most wonderful people all come together here...

If you'd like to trade, perform or volunteer at GG 2019, check out the  Contact  page of our website for when and how to apply.


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"Quite simply the best thing you could do next summer"
Don't just take our word for how great it all was... check out this review...

Inspire Create Educate: The Green Gathering Review:
What We Thought

(We do respond to feedback and have already had words with Woodburn's Pizza people about the gluten free issue so that should be fixed for next year!)

Last year we won the Greenest Festival Award. This year we upped the game.

Did you see those images of trashed festival sites strewn with broken tents and plastic detritus?

Thanks to our fabulous Greensweep crew, Crock n Rock, affordable bottles and mugs for sale combined with our Don't Be A Mug - Bring Your Own! campaign, and of course your help and awareness, we can demonstrate festivals don't have to be an ugly unsustainable nightmare.

We're hoping to win Greenest Festival again, giving us a platform to share what we do and have a go at changing festival culture more widely, to one of respect for and love of the land.
Email fom a Chepstow local, a week after Green Gathering:

"We live just a stone’s throw away from Piercefield Park... We walked there Wednesday... We were very pleasantly surprised... There was no litter, no footprint of residence was left at all. This is so much to be commended. As Chepstow residents who love the local area, may we say a massive thank you for leaving the area so tidy. You would be most welcome to return."
Total waste produced at GG was DOWN for the third year in a row!!!

Wood, decor, clothes, food containers, tetrapaks and tat were collected for reuse & upcycling via the Resource Centre & Permaculture Free Shop.

71% recycled
Food scraps, cardboard and single use serveware, composted on site, accounted for almost half of this. The remaining glass, metal, paper & (some) plastics went to recycling plants in the UK.

29% incinerated in Cardiff to produce energy
Incineration has its own issues; we want to reduce this stream; help us by ditching plastic film, wet wipes and all hard-to-recycle nonsense!

Green Gathering & 'Deep Recycling'
Check out Johanna Korndorfer's testamonial:

Recycling as Aesthetic Practice
Click the pic to watch!
Thanks to Scott Goldborough for this short film
and to 3 Daft Monkeys for the soundtrack.
Young Voices...

At GG 2018 The Mayflower Project ran a Young Voices consultation. At sessions around the site young people between the ages of 12 and 25 talked about how The Green Gathering is for them; what they like and don't like, what they'd enjoy more of, and how they can input their own opinions and skills to benefit the whole.
A People's Assembly in the Speakers' Forum brought people of all ages together to discuss this too. Next month we'll present the findings and begin to fold suggestions, ideas and proposals into the festival planning process. have been heard!
Earlybird Tickets are Best
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Don't Wait!
The Green Gathering is a festival and an education, an interactive showcase of renewable energy and off grid solutions... all powered by wind, sun and people.

It's a festival beyond hedonism, for people who love the earth enough to want to celebrate and save it. It's a place to party - then wake up and put the world to rights!

Authentically uncommercial and family friendly, our aim is to turn people on to low impact living, community building, co-operation and positive sustainable solutions.

The festival is produced by Optimistic Trout Productions, a Community Interest Company, and commissioned by The Green Gathering charity.

1st-4th August 2019


Use this link to switch to clean renewable energy with Ecotricity and we'll receive up to £60 towards making the festival even better, at no extra cost to you.

Earlybird Adult Tickets: £90
Earlybird Children 0-10yrs: FREE
Earlybird Youth 11-15yrs: £55
Earlybird Young Adults 16-17: £75

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