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September  2018


Fall is finally here! It’s time at last to get moving into school and the new season of fencing. Classes have started and competition season is going with the first RYC of the season having already taken place.  

The best way for fencers to get a leg up this time of year is through setting goals! We’re talking about detailed, specific goals that will guide you through the season. Putting a structured goal plan together early in the season makes the rest of the season almost plug-in-play. From there it’s all about tweaking training here and there rather than trying to come up with something out of whole cloth. Though it can seem daunting at first to put together a set of goals, trust that we’re here to support you! We’ll gladly help everyone who feels lost in the forest of competitions to choose the right ones and help your fencer create a special year.

Keep in mind that fencing goals don’t have to be huge. Many of our fencers are working towards competing in Fencing Summer Nationals next summer, but setting a goal to go to your first regional competition or even to participate in a local competition are just as valuable. The point is to meet you where you’re at, then to push out and find where you can grow to as a fencer.

As always, please let us know what you need and we’ll be more than happy to provide it! Start the year off right by making plans, sticking to them, and then enjoying the journey on your way to the destination. Happy Fall!

                                                                                  Sincerely yours, 


Tournament Results August


As summer is a time to relax, we usually don’t have any tournament results to report from August. However August 2018 turned out to be a major deviation from the usual! Huge congrats to all of these AFM fencers on their wonderful outcomes in August and beginning of September! 

China Championship League
  • Audrey Chu used her family time over the summer not only to rest and recharge for the new season, but also to compete in China! Audrey won Gold medal  in China Championship League in Cadet Women Epee tournament! Great opening of the season Audrey, way to go! 

    2018 Pan American Youth and Veteran Championships

  • Erika Castaneda won Silver in Youth 2 Foil event in Pan American Youth ad Veteran Championship in El Salvador. Way to go! 

  • Alan Buchwald Won impressive Gold medal in the Men's Foil over age 60 (Veteran 2),  Pan American Youth ad Veteran Championship. This is a great accomplishment and we are extremely proud of Alan, who we call “magic carpet man”, as  he travels all around the world and proves everyone that age is only a number!

  • Bobby Liu  - our first adult class fencer who got his C rating in the first Bay Cup of the season! Way to go!

  RYC Treasure Island, September 1st - September 3rd
  • William Elloway - Congratulations to William for Silver medal at Treasure Island RYC in Y14 Men's Epee! Great job William!            
  • AFM Podium sweep in Y10 Women's Epee at Treasure Island RYC! Congratulations to Sanvi Sharma for taking Gold, Gabrielle Gebala for winning Silver and Gabriela Yin for bringing home Bronze! Great job girls!
  • Congratulations to Christopher Wright for winning Silver, Aritra Bagchi for medalling with 7th place and Alec Zhang for medalling with 8th place at Treasure Island RYC Y12 Men's Epee!
  • AFM Podium Sweep in Y10 Women's Foil at Treasure Island RYC! Congratulations to Gabrielle Gebala for winning Y10 Women's Foil, Keira Castaneda for Silver, Addison Ho for Bronze and Eunice Zhang for medalling with 6th place! Way to go girls! This is also second Gold medal in two events - Gabrielle also won Y12 Women's Foil! Yay!!
  • Another AFM Gold! Congratulations to Alice Lan for winning the tournament, Alina Popovici for medalling with 5th place and Alena Kononenko for medalling with 7th place at Treasure Island RYC! Great job girls, so happy for you!
  • Congratulations to Ryan Chin for winning Bronze medal at Y12 Men's Foil RYC at Treasure Island ! Great job Ryan! 
  • Congratulations to Gabrielle Gebala for Gold, Cheryl Sun for Silver and Cici Sun for medaling with 5th place in Y12 Women's Foil! Way to go girls!
  • Congratulations to Leehi Machulsky for Silver, Alice Lan for Bronze and Natalie Gebala for medalling with 6th place in Y14 Women's Epee!
  • Congratulations to Christopher Wright for winning Silver, Aritra Bagchi for medalling with 7th place and Alec Zhang for medalling with 8th place at Treasure Island RYC Y12 Men's Epee!

North Texas Roundup SYC

Meanwhile in a far away Texas Zoie Wang marched all the way to the Silver medal in Y10 Women's Foil in North Texas Roundup SYC. Great job Zoie!

Again, to all AFM fencers -  way to go! Thanks for letting us to be a part of your fencing journey!

Meeting with fencing families

Fencing families have the opportunity to schedule a consultation with Igor to set goals and plan your fencing season. We can help you to build a roadmap for the coming year, understand how to qualify, set up goals, plan training around those goals, and decide which competitions are the most important for you to attend in order to achieve the great results you want.

Conferences are open from September 10 - October 6, 2018. 

We’re here to help you with all of the questions you might have! Here’s a link to the schedule for conferences at both locations. Please double check to make sure that you’re registering for the correct location when you click the link:

Campbell -

Sunnyvale -

New Parents Orientation


Saturday, October 6,  4:30pm

AFM Campbell, Conference Room


We’re proud to provide a thorough and in depth parent orientation to educate parents who are new to the sport of fencing. We’ve noticed that parents tend to have the same questions and that, because fencing is such a niche sport, they often have very little understanding of the sport prior to this orientation.

It’s important for new parents to get their feet under them in fencing because:

  • The rules are complicated.

  • Existing information is spread across countless sites and new parents often don’t know where to begin.

  • Comprehensive sources may be overwhelming for new parents (e.g., the Athlete Handbook of USFA is a great resource further down the road, but likely too advanced to start).

When parents leave our orientation, they are very much relieved and feel much more comfortable in supporting their children as they train. It’s also a great welcome new parents to our AFM community!

AFM Designated Competitions

Once again this season we created a list of designated competitions for our fencers who plan to compete. These competitions are important in helping our fencers make the most of qualifying events and point earning events.

Watch out for this list of designated competitions, which was shared with our families. This is truly an essential part of the processes that we’re working towards that will help to give everyone the clarity that they need to make the right decisions about competitions for the season.

Plan your year accordingly! 

This list of designated competitions includes showing you where AFM coaches will be going in order to build one strong team while also having the opportunity to personalize the training of each of our fencers. It is important for our coaches to see every fencer compete outside of their comfort zone in competition. This is how our coaches are best able to adjust the training for your fencer and help them to maximize their potential in fencing.

Keep in mind that we may add more coaches to competitions as the year goes along, and we’ll communicate those clearly when those additions happen.

Local competitions such as Bay Cup or other area competitions will have strip coaching based on the participation of AFM fencers at any given tournament. More fencers participating will mean that more coaches will go to help, particularly with the little ones who are going on their first competitions and need that extra support.

Thank you and we look forward to a fun and productive year of competition!

Private Lessons Policy Reminder

Private lessons are an essential part of our fencing program. We have high demand on our one on one time with our coaches, so we must be very precise and accurate with scheduling and running our lessons. That's why we will appreciate to have you on board to help with timely and efficient lessons.

For that reason we ask everyone to remember our main request for cancellations and rescheduling. Here they are:

Online system
Please make sure you are connected to the online system for lessons
.  so you will be able to manage your lessons all online. It is really simple one click action to schedule or cancel a lesson. No need to call or email  us for updates. 

Please cancel lesson if needed 24 hours ahead of time. As private lesson scheduling is automatic, there are no exceptions to the cancellation policy. If you cancel your lesson after the deadline, you’ll be given a reminder the first two times. The third time you cancel after the deadline will result in your account being charged for the lesson.  

Keep in mind that you have plenty of time to cancel a private lesson if you need to. Don’t wait until the last minute! 

We understand that sometimes traffic is not in your hands, however we cannot be late with the whole chain of following lessons of other students.  If you are late, the lesson will be shortened accordingly. If we see that this time is not working for a student with many times of tardiness, we will request you to reschedule to another slot. Please remember when scheduling a lesson, you have to have
 enough time for warm up prior to lesson

All charges for lessons are automatic at the beginning of next month for the actual number of lessons taken in previous month. For example, on October 1st your card on file will be automatically charged for September lessons. L
essons that aren’t canceled in the system will be charged. 

Thank you for you help and understanding. We’re happy to work with you in the context of our policy.



Fitness Lessons with coach Tania

We'd like to remind everyone that personalized fitness programs led by coach Tanya Kolotilina is back to normal schedule. 

Many great fencing teams adopted  customized strength training and cardiovascular programs to  significantly maximize athletes' results and overall physiques. We are very proud to have our own fitness coach at AFM. 

Her advises and training already brought results in some cases with reduced back pain, better flexibility and understanding of right stretch before and after lessons, proper competition preparation, and overall better shape of many of our fencers. Tanya works close to fencing coaches to coordinate fencers' personal fitness plan. The idea is to improve all areas that are essential for fencer - core, legs, back, speed, agility and resistance, and many more. 

There are available time slots in her schedule of minimum 40 min to 80 min per session. Please talk to your personal coach to ask suggestion if you need fitness coach help and let us know. Office will give you permission to connect to coach Tanya's schedule online.

We are happy to invite everyone to work with coach Tanya to improve their physical abilities.

Sign up is available online,  40 minutes is the minimum required per session up to 80 minutes. You can book session of 40, 60 or 80 minutes.

Price is  $60 for 60 minutes of training, with proportional derivatives. Each student's fitness training will be discussed with personal fencing coach before start of the program.

AFM Club Unirofm Order

You can pre-order your red jackets for the new season now! The cost is $90 for your AFM red jacket.

If you want to order a jacket, please email the office and note the size.

These are high quality and well loved by everyone who has one! They look great at competition and beyond.  

We wish everyone a great season! Work hard and keep your eyes on fulfilling those dreams in school, in fencing, and in your person life. Our hope is for everyone to enjoy camaraderie and support through the fencing season!


Regional Competitions at AFM Sunnyvale

Don’t miss our own competitions here at AFM. It’s here at home and a great opportunity to train! The more you compete, the easier it becomes. Practice makes perfect!

Here’s a reminder of our in house competitions at AFM. The first one is this month

  • 9/28 - 9/30/18 - RYC Y10, Y12, Y14

AFM Start of Season RYC at AFM Sunnyvale

  • 11/30 - 12/2/18- ROC / RJCC DV2, JR, CDT

AFM DV2 ROC / RJCC at AFM Sunnyvale

  • 3/30 - 3/31/19 - RYC Y10, Y12, Y14

Silicon Valley RYC at AFM Sunnyvale

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