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AFM Newsletter #104 - May 2022

We can see the end of the school year peeking around the corner! All of our students and families are making that final, breakneck run for the beginning of summer, and it’s almost here. 

May is a challenging and difficult month for lots of our high school students. The SAT, the ACT, AP tests, state testing, and those last opportunities to improve grades and squeeze in that last bit of academic growth in, well it all adds up to a lot. On top of all of this are the whirlwinds of proms, award ceremonies, and graduations. It’s a lot for our young people. 

Coaches understand that this is all going on, and they are here to be patient and helpful. If you ever have a concern or a question about how to balance it all, please reach out to your coach. They will work together with you to help you find the right balance to support both your academic achievement and the Summer National Championships preparation. If you are overwhelmed or even just in need of a little extra support, we are here for you. Everyone at AFM is pushing towards Summer Nationals together - you’re not alone!

One way to take that pressure off right now is to look towards summer camps for Summer Nationals. These hardcore, fun, and focused training sessions are a fantastic way to level up once the pressure of school has passed. If you feel like you are behind, these camps can catapult you ahead. This year, we have special guests coming to us from Italy: four star-fencers who are members of the Italian Cadet National Team and medalists of European and World Tournaments! All of our camps will be joyful, vibrant, and most of all professional! 

We work on these programs for months in advance to give our fencers the best possible outcome. Two weeks of camp will bring a fencer into the maximum shape for fencing, sharpening their mental acuity and putting them in the mindset to succeed. All that while releasing some of the pressure to train so hard before the end of school. 

Spring is such a wonderfully lush and exciting time of year. We can all get a boost of energy from the promise of new beginnings and a year of hard academic work finally coming to a close. The summer is right around the corner! Keep it up and keep staying strong. 

Best of luck to everyone for a successful end of the school year! Special good luck goes out to our high schoolers with all of the AP and standardized testing, on top of their college prep and academic work. You can do it, but don’t try to do it all on your own. Our young people can be ferociously independent, but know that we are ferociously supportive!

                                                  Sincerely yours, 


Happy Mother's Day! 

Fencing moms savor the moments, the little things, and the big ones.
They help us to make sense of what this is all about.  This Mother’s Day, there truly are no words to express how amazing the things that you do for us are. Thank you!  F
encing Moms are The Best!


Summer Nationals Prep Camps 

AFM Special guests from Italy

Giving fencers every chance at success is so important for us! This year, we’re bringing in members of the Italian National Cadet/Junior Team to train together at the Summer Nationals Preparation camps. It’s a huge boost, and a way for our Y14/Cadet/Junior fencers to train with athletes from the highest level.

Here are our special guests' names: 

Matteo Galassi  - Gold Champion in European Championship 2022 in Cadet Teams, Bronze medalist in European Championship 2022 in individual Juniours, Bronze medalist in European Championship 2022 in Junior Teams, 5th in World Cup 2022 in Switzerland, Gold medalist in Bratislava World Cup 2022, Silver in Italian Championship 2021, and more . 

Elisa Treglia - Gold Medalist in 2022 European Championships, Women’s Epee Team, and the National Silver medalist

Allegra Cristofoletto - Gold Medalist in 2022 European Championships, Women’s Epee Team, Silver medalist of Italian Championship 2021 (Women U17)

Fabio Mastromarino - IndividIual Bronze medalist of Cadets World Championship 2022, European Gold medalist in Championship, multiple medalist and winner of the World Cups

Classes during camps

During the two weeks of these camps, we will have three hours of training daily Monday thru Friday, and we integrate regular evening classes into the preparation program. The camp program is built with evening sessions in the plan to maximize training and bring every athlete to their best fencing shape towards Summer Nationals.  For example, in the Competitive class, there will be at least four classes on top of the morning three hours of camp training. Advance class fencers must come to three regular classes per week, which are also part of the training plan. 

Lessons during camps

Private lessons increase is recommended in the preparation. Each student has to discuss the necessary number of lessons with their private coach. We will adjust the schedule of lessons before or after the morning session if needed. Please plan ahead of time, talk to your coach and let us know how we can help with the schedule. 

Training by the Ocean - Saturday, June 18

All Summer Nationals Camp participants will go to the traditional annual joyful training in Santa Cruz, by the ocean. With the fresh air, special training, and fantastic atmosphere a successful day is guaranteed! 

Be sure to add a Summer Nationals preparation camp to your training. This is the best way to make the most of this precious time and to perform at your best in Minneapolis. 

Location: Sunnyvale


Summer Nationals prep camp for Y14/Cadet/Junior with Italian fencers
Week 1: June 13 - 17, 2022. 9 am - 12 pm.  AFM Sunnyvale

Week 2: June 20 - 24, 2022. 9 am - 12 pm.  AFM Sunnyvale

Summer Nationals prep camp for Youth (Y10 and Y12)
Week 1: June 20 - 24, 2022.       1 pm - 4 pm.  AFM Sunnyvale

Week 1: June 27 - July 1, 2022.  9 am- 12 pm.  AFM Sunnyvale

The regular fee registration deadline is May 13th. 

Fencing Tournament in Solidarity with Ukraine
May 29, 2022
AFM Sunnyvale



There is still a war and a crisis going on in Ukraine. We continue to stand with the people of this belabored country that is the victim of an unjust war. The competition will be held on MAY 29TH. 

You can help! Participate if you can in the Senior events. Volunteer! Fencers and parents who help by donating their time to this event are offering great support that makes a real difference. We need people across the venue, in the check-in, including in the concession stand. 

  • You can make homemade baked goods and bring them to be sold to support the victims of the war. 
  • We especially appreciate Alexandra Cheng, mother of  Calvin and Karl Higgins, who generously donated to this special event 200 special pins We Stand With Ukraine, all of them are handcrafted by Alexandra and will be available to purchase during the competition. 

All earnings go to the people of Ukraine, who are in desperate need of support as their world has been destroyed. It’s something that most of us can scarcely imagine, but we can do something.

This mixed tournament is for Senior epee fencers, (ie those born in 2008 or before). 

There are three ways you can help with this event, supporting Ukraine with our community through fencing. 

  • Fence as a competitor

  • Direct as a referee

  • Volunteer to staff the event

You’ll find the details on askFred about times and how to register. It’s the least we can do, and we always wish we could do more. 

2022 Summer National 

Fencing Summer Nationals is coming up so fast! The registration deadline is later this month - March 25th! - so this is absolutely the time to get on board and ready to go. 

Some things to do:

  • Verify your qualification - ask your coach if you are unsure

  • Find out your schedule (see above)

  • Book flights

  • Secure hotels

The AFM team is working hard to put together the final plans for Summer Nationals. There will be tons of training opportunities in the next two months leading up to the actual event. Take advantage of as much as you can!

The event will be held July 2-11 at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN. The major points remaining on the schedule are bullet-pointed below, then you can scroll down for more information and a link to the full post from USA Fencing. 

  • The qualification deadline is May 25

  • The regular entry deadline is May 25 as well

  • The late entry deadline is 5 pm on the day before the event


Summer Nationals Meeting with First Time participants
May 12 - NEXT Thursday - 7pm-8pm via Zoom

Participating in Fencing Summer Nationals and the July Challenge is exciting, absolutely, but it can also be a lot to figure out. To help out first-time participants, AFM will be holding an information session via zoom.

You’ll learn what you need to take, how to stencil the uniform, and the details of strip coachin. There will also be information about how to communicate, what mental preparation should look like, and so much more. Lots of time for questions will be included, so bring with you a list of questions you need to know!

May 12 - NEXT Thursday - 7pm-8pm via Zoom

A link will be sent to AFM parents who registered to the nationals by the morning of May 12, so keep an eye out in your email for the details. 

If you’re a first-time attendee to the event, you definitely don’t want to miss this. We’re so proud of you and excited for families to experience this wonderful event!

End of the Season and Graduation Party 2022

June 25th, 2022 at 6 pm in Sunnyvale 


Come celebrate graduation with us! We are once again hosting a party to put the spotlight on our amazing graduates. Pride isn’t a big enough word for what we feel, and we cannot wait to see how our incredible fencers take on the next level in their success. It’s a wonderful occasion and one that should be shared with friends. 

Come out on June 25th at 6 pm to the Sunnyvale location for our customary gathering of kinship and joy. 

International potluck
Awards Ceremony
Music and festivities 
Speeches and congratulations!

This year, we have incredible graduates who have achieved amazing things. Now, they’re off to college and out into the world! Our graduates are taking their next step in becoming independent! We believe in you, and we are so thankful to each and every one of you. 


USA Fencing All-Academic Teams Applications

Deadline to apply  -May 13th

This application is one that you simply must not miss! 

It's a huge honor to be nominated to the All-Academic Team, and we could not be prouder to have had many AFM athletes awarded this wonderful prize in the past. Not only is it a wonderful recognition, it’s also great to put on college applications. 

Note that there are also a total of $10,000 in scholarships available for top finishers not to be missed! 

Fencers must have a GPA of at least 3.85 for the First All-Academic Team, which awards scholarships. The Second All-Academic Team has a 3.4-3.84 GPA requirement. Class rank is also taken into consideration when choosing who makes these teams. Aside from the GPA requirement, there’s also an essay component. 

You can be awarded this honor every single year in high school, so up to four times!

Read how to apply at the link below and then just go do it. Best of luck to you all, and please reach out if you need any guidance on your application. 

AFM Competitions 

AFM Stands with Ukraine 
Sunday, May 29, 2022
Senior Mixed Epee, Sanctioned
AFM Sunnyvale 

This sanctioned mixed epee tournament is organized in support of the Ukrainian people. All proceeds will go to the humanitarian funds of Ukraine. You can help by 1) fencing; 2) referring; 3) volunteering to run the event
You can help with that tournament by fencing, agreeing to ref, helping with the tournament organization, or just by showing up.

Please come and fence in this USFA Sanctioned Mixed Epee event to show your support for Ukraine. All net proceeds will go to one of the humanitarian funds of Ukraine.


AFM Youth Cup #3

Sunday, June 5, 2022
AFM Sunnyvale

This is the third competition in the series, and will again host Y8/Y10/Y12/Y14 fencers. Preregistration closes on 6/1. If you competed in any of the previous Youth Cup events, you’ll definitely want to take part in this one!

See all the details on the Ask Fred link below. 

AFM Open Junior Tournament

Sunday, June 12, 2022
AFM Sunnyvale

AFM is hosting the Open Junior Epee Tournament for both men and women in mid-June, and it’s a great opportunity for fencers to get in a post-season warm-up before Fencing Summer Nationals in July. This is a sanctioned USA Fencing tournament, and it’s specifically designed to give fencers a boost during this period of downtime to keep their skills sharp and their fencing excitement going.  

 See all the details on the Ask Fred link below. 


Summer Camp for Beginner and Intermediate Levels

We are happy to offer two weeks of camps for our current Beginner and Intermediate level fencers! Fencing summer camp is for everyone! All of our existing fencers, whether they’re going to Fencing Summer Nationals or not, can benefit from summer camp.
Camp helps to hone fencing skills, build camaraderie, and to get fencers excited about their training. Our coaches always make camp special, and the amount of growth that we see in fencers who attend camp is a testament to how well this mode of intense training works!

Save the dates, sign up will be available on askFred in about one week! 


1. End of the Season Summer Camp 

Open for all current Beginner and Intermediate level fencers 
June 13, 2022 - June 17. 2022 
1 pm  - 4 pm 
Sunnyvale location 
All regular classes are conducted as scheduled

2. Back to Season Summer Camp 
Open for all current Beginner and Intermediate level fencers 
August 1, 2022 - August 5, 2022 
9 am - 12 pm
Sunnyvale location 
All regular classes are conducted as scheduled


Support the UC San Diego Fencing Team

The only NCAA fencing team among all UCs needs your support!
Follow the team on Instagram:

Every year UC San Diego runs a fundraising campaign called U.Care. It will start on May 12th at 6 am and end on the 13th at 2pm, which is exactly 1960 minutes to commemorate the year the school was funded.

As you know UC San Diego is one of the only two schools that sponsors a varsity Fencing team in California (another one is Stanford). The program has been growing and doing great for a number of years and to ensure they continue to do great and other schools take notice please consider donating to their program as part of this campaign. Their main goal this time is to raise enough money to equip the team with brand new fencing bags for the first time.

Triton Men’s Fencing Fund
Triton Women’s Fencing Fund

Almost every year we have our graduates going to the UCSD to fence on the team and the Tritons are especially close to our heart. This year Sanil Sharma will be the AFM grad to join the team.

Competitions Results in April 

April North America Cup (NAC), (Charlotte, NC) 

First of all, our warm congratulations to Leehi Machilsky for her outstanding performance on NAC: 
In Division I Championship Leehi won bronze, in Cadet Women's Epee she won GOLD, and in Junior Women's Epee also GOLD!! !! It is an absolutely incredible result and an outstanding achievement for Leehi, her personal coach  Zhanna Bikkina, and for the whole team! Congratulations, Lehi! You are such a stunning fencer! Your attitude of reset and hard work the next day after the podium is inspiring! You earned this biggest podium in the country by hard work, burning desire, and trusting your coach! Way to go! Congratulaitons to coach Zhanna, on her incredible coaching result and success! Wow! Congratulations to all coaches who make such high results possible by creating AFM strong programs! What a special achievement! Our warmest congratulations to Leehi's dedicated family!

We had an overall solid performance in April NAC!  but most importantly, we saw the growth and the emerging potential in our fencers. We had a few very close to top 16 and top 8 several bouts! It was a very strong performance in this NAC.

Cadet Women's Epee - Leehi Machulsky - Gold, Veronika Zherebchevska - 11th and earned B and Alice Lan is 15th and Sanvi Sharma is 32nd with a total of 117 fencers. This is Sanvi's first Cadet National points and she lost only in priority. For Alice it is a second time in the last two Cadet National events to finish in top 16. Veronika also showed fantastic determination and greater fencing.
Division 2 Women's Epee - Noya Chirashnya finished 13 (out of 100)
Junior Men's Epee - Ben Kim finished 32nd (out of 270) after barely making out of pools (he was second before last to advance). He showed a fantastic fencing in DE's, made us very proud.
Cadet Men's Epee - Adam Chirashnya (43rd) and Allan Chu (64th) both finished in the national points range. Could be better, but at least they got some points
Division 2 Men's Epee - Daniel Chirashnya finished 12th (out of 153), losing in priority. Also a great fencing was shown by Alex Ulinich, who seeded 9th out of pools and lost in priority for top 32.
Junior Women's Epee - Leehi Machulsky - Gold.Outstanding! 
Division 1 Men's Team - we had a very good match against a much better team, losing only in priority and mostly due to the non-working weapon. But the boys showed great determination and coach Dima who led them was very proud of them. Great job, our first ever Division 1 Men’s Epee Team National Championship. Good luck to Ben Kim, Adam Chirashnya, Alec Zhang and Allan Chu: 
May be an image of 6 people, people standing, people sitting and indoor

Silicon Valley RYC/RCC in Fremont
Congratulations to AFM fencers, their families, and coaches on an impressive performance in the Silicon Valley RYC/RCC last weekend! In total AFM fencers won 25 medals in 8 events! Way to go! We are so proud of our fencers, and huge thanks to AFM's outstanding coaching team!

Kai Andreson - Bronze medal!

Diana Martynova won Silver!
Saahira Dayal won Bronze
Tessa Camama 5th place medal!
Gabriela Yin - 7th place medal!

Samyak Jain - silver medal!

Ariia Blanco Bronze!
Anais Mollinier Bronze
Tessa Camama 6th
Genevie Kwon 7th
Morgan Hankins 8th place medal
Serena Xu is 9th

Hari SRIKANTH won Bronze
Leo Quan - 5th
Sameer Mana 6th
Kingston Wong - 7th
Hendry ARMSTRONG - 8th

Morgan Hankins won the competition!
Serena Xu - Silver

Cadet Men's Epee
Ian Alvarez - Gold!

Darren Watt Silver - and C rating!
Alec Zhang - Bronze!
Eliot Park 5th
Alex Ulinich 6th

Cadet Women's Epee
Diana Gold!
Desiree Poon 6th place
Riana Said - 7th place
Way to go! Congratulations!

Central California Division Y14 Summer Nationals Qualifier
Youth 14 Women's Epee 
Congratulations to the winners of the Y14WE qualifier - Mika Chirashnya Gold, Noe Matthew Silver, and Shaina Cohen Bronze. Congratulations on medalling and qualification for the Youth 14 WE for the Summer Nationals! Great job!
May be an image of 2 people and people standing
Y14 Men's Epee Qualifier 
Congratulations to the winners of the Y14ME qualifier - Ethan Li - Silver, Liam Armitage, and Ethan Wong Bronze! Congratulations on medalling and qualification for the Youth 14 ME for the Summer Nationals! Great job, guys! Start your preparation for the SN!
May be an image of 4 people, people standing and text that says 'AGGIES UC DAVIS 3 2 3'
Rain City SYC in Bellevue, WA
Congratulations to Serena Xu for winning the Y10 Women's Epee event at the Rain City SYC in Bellevue, WA! Great job, Serena!
May be an image of 10 people, people standing and indoor

Congratulations to Ariia Blanco for making top 8 in Rain City SYC in Y12 Women's Epee!
May be an image of 7 people, people standing and indoor

Windy City SYC
Congratulations to Jessica Xu for medaling with 6th place in Windy City SYC in Y10 Women's Epee event!
May be an image of 6 people, people standing and indoor

Open Men's Epee in Davis 
Sarthak Jain won the tournament and received an A-rating and Saheer Ahmed won Bronze and updated his C-rating. Great job, boys! Way to go!
May be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoor

Best of 2022 Award of Activity Hero

The real fencing heroes are you - our outstanding fencing parents and our amazing fencers!

Thank you to those who decided to nominate AFM for the Best of 2022 Award! Thank you all who joined and voted for us! We appreciate it a lot! 

If you would like to vote for the Academy of Fencing Masters to get recognized as a Best of 2022 kids program, you still can do it. We hope your kids enjoy our camps, lessons, and classes as much as we love educating and training them. We would appreciate your vote on ActivityHero. 

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