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AFM Newsletter #105 - June 2022

School is finally out for the summer! There is a remarkable release of tension in the shoulders just at the mention of the school year finally being over. It’s so nice to have a summer coming that feels almost like normal. After the long return-to-in-person-learning that we’ve been balancing for the last ten months, it’s nice to feel the letdown of the summer being over.

Our fencers have done a lot of balancing this year. It was a stressful one, for so many reasons. Though there are summer plans to juggle, at least the pressure of academics has come off of their plates for a little while. For many of our fencers, that means pivoting towards preparation for Fencing Summer Nationals. 

It’s a good time to take a breath and recenter after the hustle of academics. Yes, we want to pack in the training as much as we can, but young people also need to have a little bit of time to breathe and slow down. The go-go-go of the school year, along with competitive fencing, leaves little room for creative space and for processing everything. As we gear up for Fencing Summer Nationals - just 3 weeks away! - we encourage you to take advantage of the downtime and see it as a fuel for focus. Even our Summer Prep Camps for SN are only three hours a day leaving space for some downtime. Watch a movie, spend some time outside, disconnect from social media and give those brains a break. It will make things all the better in July. 

We are privileged to have such a vibrant community and to live in a place where we can practice fencing freely. Events outside of our area, from Uvalde to Kyiv, continue to remind us of how fortunate we are. In May, we had the wonderful experience of our AFM Stand with Ukraine competition, and we have to thank everyone for coming out and supporting this incredible cause. It turned out to be a fantastic day that allowed us all to make a difference for people who are suffering. Read the details below!

It’s going to be a great summer! Whether you’re barrelling towards Fencing Summer Nationals or enjoying fencing camps this summer, we hope you are able to recharge in the beautiful summer sunshine.

                                                  Sincerely yours, 

New Sports Medicine Service at AFM!

AFM would like to welcome our new partner, Golden State Orthopedics & Spine (GSOS). They are the official sports medicine provider of the Academy of Fencing Masters, and we are so excited to bring this service to our fencers. 

GSOS provides our athletes and families with outstanding sports medicine care. As part of this ongoing partnership, GSOS will be offering the following programs to our athletes: 


  • Access to their Pro Training Room. 

When an injury occurs, it’s hard to figure out where to get help. AFM fencers can head into their office and have an injury evaluated by a healthcare professional free of charge at their office in their Pro Training Room. 

AFM fencers are accepted with or without insurance for this service. Once the injury is diagnosed, then fencers can pursue the appropriate treatment. Any serious injuries will be referred out to the appropriate provider. Less serious injuries will receive a treatment plan and a return to fencing plan outlined through the process. 

This service is akin to what professional athletes and college athletes get in their training rooms. 

When: Open M-F 9am-12noon and 1-4pm. 

Where: 340 Dardanelli Lane, Los Gatos, Suite 20

  • Access to athlete hotline:

Fencers at AFM will have access to a sports medicine provider by phone via the athlete hotline at GSOS. For fencers who need immediate injury advice, but can’t head into a clinic right then. Initial triage is handled through this process, and then next steps can be taken. 

Call: (408) 412-8118 

  • Discounted sports physicals:

Fencers can head into GSOS for a pre-participation sports physical exam that’s needed for school sports. These are available at a discount at their office when you tell them that you’re a member of AFM. 

 Golden State Orthopedics & Spine, formerly known as OrthoNorCal, specializes in orthopedic care that includes sports medicine, pediatrics, joint replacement, foot and ankle, pain management, and spine. They also can provide primary care and physical therapy, and they have both x-ray and MRI on site. Doctors at GSOS have been team physicians for the San Francisco Giants, the San Francisco 49ers, and the San Jose Earthquakes. 

We look forward to our partnership with Golden State Orthopedics & Spine, giving our fencers the kind of top-notch sports medicine care that they need to thrive.  


Call to host our Italian Guests for a Half-day

This summer, AFM is hosting a whole crew of fencing athletes who will be training with us at our fencing summer camps. As you may know, camp only lasts until noon, and that leaves our international guests a lot of time to spend in the area. 

We’d like to offer our AFM families some closeup time with these elite athletes by asking you to take a turn hosting our international visitors for a few hours from 12 pm until about 6:30 pm. 

During this time, you’d pick them up from the camp, take them to your home for lunch or out to your favorite local restaurant, maybe to rest in the pool or wander around downtown. Our guests would love to have a tour on the campus of Google, Facebook, Netflix, Tesla, or other famous hi-tech companies that are local to us. These are only suggestions, as we know that you all will have your own ideas about what’s cool and fun to do around town and beyond. All that’s required is that they be back at AFM at 6:30pm. 

It’s a great chance to have conversations, connect, and create relationships with these fencers! Your fencers can gain an inspiring inside view of how professional athletes train and live. Our guests will have the unique chance to see how Americans live, rest, work, and train. 

They’ll only be here for two weeks, so there is a limited amount of time to make these connections. Please consider partnering with us by contacting AFM with any questions and to reserve a time! 


AFM Stand with Ukraine Tournament
Was a huge success! 


Just last week, the war against Ukraine passed the 100-day mark. One hundred days of bombing, gunfire, and tanks flowing into a peaceful country. It’s hard to imagine the kind of lives that the people of Ukraine are living right now, and words are not enough. We need action, and the AFM community rose to the occasion. 

The Stand with Ukraine tournament at AFM was a huge community effort that raised $5,687 for refugees of the war! 

Homemade food and custom goods contributed to the cause. Here are some of the wonderful contributions that we saw from our AFM family:

  • Peining, Aaron Zhao’s mom, and the whole family donated gorgeous handmade bracelets for the sale

  • Alexandra, Calvin and Karl Higgins mom donated handmade Stand with Ukraine pins that she created by herself at home! 

  • Coaches volunteered their time, and it is so appreciated

  • Bobbie Liu, AFM veteran, not only donated himself but also created a special donations box, plus he brought us cold drinks with a cooler for the tournament! 

  • We appreciate the generous donation of Mark Wheeler as well! Even being far away from California, he always is a part of our fencing community and is there to help. 

  • Thanks a lot to Tessa Camama and her mom Christine for baking delicious brownies and cookies and for creating a booth for sales. 

  • Dwight Chew fixed our reels urgently for the competition, donating materials and many hours of work. This was a life saver for us. 
  • We appreciate the generous donation of Bogdan Gurinenko and his family  and it means a lot to us.

The event itself was fantastic, with 79 fencers participating. The highest-rated tournament turned out to be an A4 competition, and many fencers earned their ratings at the event. 

The money went to one brave man, who takes his personal van right into the danger zone to save people from life-threatening situations. At the beginning of the war, he traveled back and forth, taking people out of the danger and evacuating them to Poland. He paid for their food, water, and gas, but he also risked his life! Now he goes to the battlefields and helps to evacuate refugees and saves the lives of injured Ukrainian soldiers. Without that crucial support, they would not survive for the next couple of hours. 

All of this is done at his own expense, and he needs funds to continue his important work. Our Ukrainian AFM coaches decided to send the money to this brave man who saved many lives already and is going to save many more. Your donations of work and money are critically important to his work. Altogether, we have helped a few more people to survive, and a few more kids to get out of the line of fire. It is something good in the world that is so hard to face right now. 

Bracelets and pins are still available to purchase, and all proceeds will be donated to Ukraine. This support will make a real difference in the lives of people affected by the conflict, and we are deeply appreciative of everyone’s time and energy! Thank you all!

AFM is Awarded the Activity Hero Best of 2022 Award 


AFM is proud to share that we have been named as a top provider for Martial Arts, Sports, and Fencing by Activity Hero for 2022!

Our program was named a high-quality program among camps and afterschool programs across the country. It’s a wonderful recognition of our work, and of the dedication of our coaches and staff. 

Thank you to everyone who voted for AFM! We are proud of our great fencing families, and we are so grateful for your support. AFM is constantly looking toward improving our offerings and creating a better environment for our student fencers. Every time we get an award like this, it only spurs us on to live up to the honor and continue to make our programs better. 

We will continue to work hard to prove that we have earned the recognition so that you can continue to call AFM your best afterschool activity and your fencing home!


Last Call for Summer Nationals Prep Camps 

It’s right down to the last stretch before Fencing Summer Nationals, and now is the time for that last-minute training before the event! 

There are still a few spots left in some of our competitive camps, and this experience is a huge boost for fencers going into the big tournament. Our fencing training camps are a focused training environment that helps to hone a fencer’s technique. It’s not just about technique though, it’s about mental acuity. Summer camp gets a fencer’s mind in the right place to jump them forward and push their mental game to the next level. 

This year, we’re welcoming members of the Italian National Cadet team our camps! The fencers training our AFM competitors have medaled in international fencing tournaments at the highest levels. They bring a high level of skill and a big dose of fun to the camp experience. 

Hands down, a Summer Nationals preparation camp is the best way to get a fencer ready for Minneapolis! 

Location: Sunnyvale


Summer Nationals prep camp for Y14/Cadet/Junior
Week 1: June 13 - 17, 2022. 9 am - 12 pm.  AFM Sunnyvale

Week 2: June 20 - 24, 2022. 9 am - 12 pm.  AFM Sunnyvale

Summer Nationals prep camp for Youth (Y10 and Y12)
Week 1: June 20 - 24, 2022.       1 pm - 4 pm.  AFM Sunnyvale

Week 2: June 27 - July 1, 2022.  9 am- 12 pm.  AFM Sunnyvale


Summer Camp for Beginner and Intermediate Levels

We are happy to offer two weeks of camps for our current Beginner and Intermediate level fencers! Fencing summer camp is for everyone! All of our existing fencers, whether they’re going to Fencing Summer Nationals or not, can benefit from summer camp.

Camp helps to hone fencing skills, build camaraderie, and to get fencers excited about their training. Our coaches always make camp special, and the amount of growth that we see in fencers who attend camp is a testament to how well this mode of intense training works!

Save the dates, sign up will be available on askFred in about one week! 


1. End of the Season Summer Camp 

Open for all current Beginner and Intermediate level fencers 
June 13, 2022 - June 17. 2022 
1 pm  - 4 pm 
Sunnyvale location 
All regular classes are conducted as scheduled

2. Back to Season Summer Camp 
Open for all current Beginner and Intermediate level fencers 
August 1, 2022 - August 5, 2022 
9 am - 12 pm
Sunnyvale location 
All regular classes are conducted as scheduled



Introduction to Fencing Summer Camps
Bring your younger siblings and friends to fencing!


Getting started in fencing has never been easier than it is with a Beginner Fencing camp at AFM! This is how many of our best fencers got started in the sport, and it continues to be the perfect way to learn the basics and grow some of those skills that you need to get a solid start in this sport. 

Please share the word with your family and friends, as well as your classmates! The more we bring people into the sport, the richer and more exciting our own experience will be. 

Beginner fencing camps are for kids aged 7-13. They include all of the equipment, so kids just have to show up in comfortable clothes, wearing sneakers, a light jacket and carrying a water bottle. We sanitize the equipment between uses, and are rigorous about our safety protocols. Face masks will be in line with guidelines at the time of the camps. 

Every fencer who graduates from fencing summer camp at AFM, is eligible for entry into our intermediate fencing class. It’s a perfect way for kids to get started in fencing!

Location: Sunnyvale and Campbell

The week of June 13-17, 2022
The week of June 20-24, 2022
The week of June 27 - July 1, 2022 
The week of July 18 -22, 2022
The week of July 25 - 29, 2022
The week of August 1 - 5, 2022 
The week of  August 8 -12, 2022 


Competition Results in May 2022

AFM Stand with Ukraine Senior Mixed Epee

It was a great performance of AFM fencers in the charity tournament AFM Stand with Ukraine which turned out to be an A4-level event with 79 fencers. Sanil Sharma won Gold and renewed his A, we had a total of 5 fencers in the top 8, with Leehi Machulsky in 5th place, Ben Kim in 7th place, Adam Chirashnya in 7th place, and Chris Wright at 8th place and earning his A! Also, 6 fencers finished in the top 16, with Jonathan Levitsky renewing his B, Sarthak Jain, David Zaydman, Anish Sarkar earning B, Saheer Ahmed earning B, and Alex Ulinich earning a B. Also, Daniel Chirashnya earned C, Travis Knudsen earned C, Zaan Sinha renewed D, Trenor Burling earned D and Nathan Zhang renewed his E and Dan Sirbu earned his E. Such a great achievement for everybody! Congratulations guys!
May be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoor

Collegiate Cup RJCC in San Diego

Congratulations to Veronika Zherebchevska for placing in the top 8 for both Cadet and Junior Women's Epee at the Collegiate Cup RJCC in San Diego!! She placed 6th in Cadet and 8th in Junior! Also, congratulations to Alice Lan who placed 14th in Cadet and 6th in Junior!! Go AFM!

Congratulations to Agniv Sarkar for placing 🥉and earning his A22 rating in Junior Mens Epee at the Collegiate Cup RJCC in San Diego!! Agniv also placed 5th in Cadet! Congratulations to Sarthak Jain for placing 5th! Shoutout to Darren Watt, Ian Alvarez, and Christopher Wright for placing in the top 16 in Cadet! Another shoutout to Ian Alvarez and Benjamin Kim for placing in the top 16 of Junior! It’s a great day for AFM!!

Central California Division 2/3 Qualifier 

Congratulations to Keira Daley for winning the CenCal Div2/3 qualifier and to Mika Chirashnya for winning the silver! Keira and Mika qualified for Div 2 and Div 3 WE! Great job! We are proud of Saahira Dayal, 5th place, and Amanda Lai, 7th for qualifying for Div 3! Great Job!

May be an image of 2 people, people standing and indoor
Congratulations to David Zaydman for winning the CenCal Div2/3 Qualifier, and to Nathan Zhang for the Silver medal - both of them qualified for Div2 and Div 3! Great job to Ethan Li and Oliver Su for qualifying for Div 3ME! Great job, guys!

Canadian American Veterans Cup

Congratulations to Alan Buchwald for his impressive Gold medal in the Anniversary Canadian American Veterans Cup (70+), and a Silver in the Vets Team event! Wy to go Alan!!!
May be an image of 4 people, people standing, indoor and text that says 'Coupe des Vétérans CAN/AM /AM Veterans Cup ome cers nue'

Senior Mixed Epee at the TFC Epee-A-Thon

Big congratulations to David Zaydman for winning silver and earning his B rating in the Senior Mixed Epee at the TFC Epee-A-Thon!🥳 Riley Dowdell also placed top 8 and earned his C along with Saheer Ahmed and Darren Watt. In the Unrated Mixed Epee event Dan Sirbu won silver. Good job boys
May be an image of 8 people, people standing and indoor

Rain City SYC
Congratulations to Serena Xu for winning the Y10 Women's Epee event at the Rain City SYC in Bellevue, WA! Great job, Serena!
May be an image of 10 people, people standing and indoor

Congratulations to Ariia Blanco for making top 8 in Rain City SYC in Y12 Women's Epee!
May be an image of 7 people, people standing and indoor

AFM Youth Epee Cup - Event #3

We had a fantastic last tournament in the series AFM Youth Epee Cups! Thank you everyone for your great spirit and efforts! The absolute winners of all three cups in every category will be announced soon. Special trophies will be presented to the winners at the Graduation party on June 25th, 2022. Thank you all of the fencers for trying your best! 
AFM Youth Epee Cup - Event #3
Youth 8 Mixed Epee 
Our warm congratulations to our youngest fencers in Y8 category! What a great character and love for fencing all of you demonstrated! Congratulations to Pearl Mansuy for winning this tournament! Congratulations to Rohan KHUSHRAJ for winning a Silver medal! Alexander Borovikov and Audrey Cayetano won bronze medals! Way to go! 

AFM Youth Epee Cup - Event #3
Youth 10 Men's Epee

Congratulations to Sameer Mana for winning a Silver medal! Way to go! Aaron Jao and Hari SRIKANTH  won Bronze medals. Amazing job! 

AFM Youth Epee Cup - Event #3
Youth 10 Women's Epee 
Congratulations to Morgan Hankins for winning this tournament! Way to go! Congratulations to Izabella GIERAT-KATZ for an impressive Silver medal! Wow! Congratulations to Kylie MIYOSHI for winning a Bronze medal - amazing! 

AFM Youth Epee Cup - Event #3
Y-12 Men's Épée

Congratulations to Thomas Claes for winning a Bronze medal! Way to go! 

AFM Youth Epee Cup - Event #3
Y-12 Women's Épée

Congratulation to Una Radov and Morgan Hankins for winning bronze medals! Great job, girls! 

AFM Youth Epee Cup - Event #3
Y-14 Men's Épée

Podium sweep! Congratulaitons to Eric Liang for winning the tournament! Way to go! Oliver Su won an impressive Silver medal! Great job! Noah Liu and Riley Huston won Bronze medals! Congratulations! 

AFM Youth Epee Cup - Event #3
Y-14 Women's Épée

Congratulations to Celina Xu for winning a bronze medal! Way to go Celina! 

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