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Hi Stryders,

The culmination of the triathlon season is near. Athletes around the globe will gather in Kona, Hawaii for the Ironman World Championship. Thousands of hours of work will be celebrated as the best athletes in the world compete along the Hawaii coast. However, this is not only about the athletes who made it to Kona. It is about each of us who love triathlon. Kona is a celebration of the race, the sport, and the journey.

Stryd will be in Kona and is proud to support the race, the sport, and the journey. And we have some exciting news for both runners and triathletes.

The Race - Analyzing top performers

We love data. Specifically, we love power data. We want to see what makes the runner tick and how they reach the finish. To this end, the pros will be clipping on the new Stryd device for their run and kicking it to the finish. We will be collecting their data and telling their stories. You can look forward to seeing how efficient the professionals are and what is behind great performance.

All of the data collection are made possible by the new Stryd foot pod. You will see how the athlete’s efficiency factors into their race performance. (You can learn more and buy here:

We have a special invitation to the rest of you. If you are racing Kona, we want you wearing a new Stryd in the race! You will have a first look at the new Stryd foot pod and be highlighted in our Kona race report. Reply to this email if you are interested.

The Sport - Contributing to the world of running & triathlon

We are thrilled to work with Craig Alexander (of Ironman lore), Jim Vance (author of Run With Power), Frank Jakobsen, and Erin Carson (elite triathlon coaches) in Kona. Our special guests take part in a ‘Run With Power’ panel before the race. Bob Babbit will moderate as the experts cover how running power meters will improve efficiency and make world records fall.

You can look forward to a summary of the panel and how it fits into the sport of triathlon. Keep an eye on your email in the week after Kona for this summary.

If you will be in Kona, we invite you to attend the panel! Find out more details here:

The Journey - Supporting your journey to become your best

Stryd & Zwift will be demoing a new tool to help your running journey. You no longer have to dread the days on the treadmill because Zwift has transformed the experience. You will soon be able to race against your friends and enjoy indoor training on Zwift, while running. The new Stryd foot pod supports Zwift Running. You can clip on your foot pod, jump on the treadmill, and enjoy the digital world of Zwift. (Find out more about Zwift here:

We will be giving a preview of this new world in Kona. You can expect to bring the Zwift + Stryd experience home soon. You can pre-order the new Stryd here:

To recap: Stryd is bringing you analysis of world class performance, a panel discussion about running power from top tier figures in running/triathlon, and a new way to enjoy indoor run training.

We invite you to see the Stryd team in Kona! We will be located outside Huggo’s in Kona, Hawaii from October 3rd to October 8th. Find the full list of Stryd events at:

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