Artist Ryan Cecil Smith is a regular costumer and a friend. We asked him to create post cards about life at the shoeshop. The colorful details he drew truly capture the feeling of being at the shop. 
We will be mailing the post cards to all our friends. We hope you will send a post card to someone who could use our services and loves well-made shoes as much as we do. Please come by the shopping grab some cards or go online and put in a request for where we can mail them for you. 

Our friend Ryan has been drawing beautiful images for us, earlier this year we asked him to scribble up some post cards for the shop about the shop. Here are the three he come up with. 
We'll be mailing this to all our friends, and you should too, please send a post card to some one you think can use our services, come by the shop and grab some or go online and tell us to whom and what you want to say, we will be happy to mail them


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Good morning

Every morning we open our doors drink our coffee, feed our chickens and start cobbling, Mornings are the best time to come in, you know, before every one else does.. Ryan thought he'd draw the shop so if its your first time in, you know what we look like!

The Golden Hour

Weekdays we are open until 7:00 pm, Come seethe warm glow that streams though our windows on summer nights. It is cinematic and magical. 

Cobblers Workspace 

A peak inside one of our workshops, soling & resoling department. Ryan has captured a perfect moment repairing shoes, often a favorite special pair that requires shoemaking knowledge. 

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