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March 2017

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Dear farm friends and CSA members -

Seeding has started up at the farm, our heated greenhouse is filling up with bright green plants, piglet season is here and we have some new preserves at the farm store and markets! All in all the farm is gearing up for the growing season. 

We also have three new pick ups for our Summer CSA in RI & MA and are planning summer markets and events.

Seasonal recipes, piglet photos, CSA updates and more below!

-All of us at Freedom Food Farm 

NEW CSA Pick Ups in RI + MA For Summer Shares!

We are very excited to have three new pick ups this season all on Tuesdays:

**The farm is back in Newtown, MA - pick up is in West Newton neighborhood!

**We're partnering with Bywater Restaurant to offer a pick up this summer in Warren, RI !

**And we are starting a pick up in Attleboro, MA at Off The Leash!
Sign up by the week of March 20th for OTL pick up! Payment isn't due until April 30th!

Spread the word! If you live nearby a pick up join the Summer CSA!

All pick ups offer Vegetable, Egg and Meat Shares and free pick-your-own at the farm!

Sign up options & more info on our website >
Elderberry Spread - grown by nature & preserved by farmers
Elderberries are one of our favorite native foods. We harvest the berries in late summer and turn them into our beautiful elderberry spread at the commercial kitchen at Hope & Main in Warren, RI. 

Elderberries are produced by the elder tree (sambucus nigra) in our region during late summer. The trees grows alongside streams and rivers in the northeast and have lovely tiny, fragrant white flowers in the spring. 

Elder has many medicinal uses. The berries in particular are useful for flu & colds, allergies, respiratory health and boosting the immune system. The fruit is also highly nutritious and full of antioxidants. Berries are often made into a healing syrup with raw honey - called elderberry syrup. 

We have wild elderberry trees that grow on our farm and are a valuable part of our preserved natural habitat and biodiversity. In the winter we take cuttings to propagate new trees. We sustainably harvest the berries each year to make syrup and other herbal remedies for our farmers and elderberry spread for our community. 

Our elderberry spread has less sugar than traditional jam and is a simple way to incorporate botanical medicine into your diet. After all food is medicine. 

As it was a drought year and berries were few -  we have limited jars, try one before they're sold out!

Pictured Below: Chantalle harvesting elderberries at the farm last summer and our elderberry spread on homemade english muffins - made with our wheat flour!

February & March Piglets:

We have had two healthy litters of piglets this year so far and two more to go!

The little ones where born in the barn this winter and are playing, growing & sunning on the farm. This mild weather has been great for our sows and new piglets. They have been spending time outside and the piglets are learning how to root for natural forage.

All the pigs and other livestock will be moving back onto pasture rotation soon now that it's Spring and hopefully the snow is behind us!
- CSA Member Updates -
Dear CSA Members -

Community Supported Agriculture Meeting Update:

We decided to have two CSA meetings this year: one in May & the second in September. The meetings include a potluck and if anyone is interested afterwards we'll do a casual farm tour.

The farm is going through a big transition this year and we'd like to share updates and have members involved with planning the future of the farm. We will be giving updates on purchasing the farmland in Raynham, our plans for building a full diet farm and see it as an opportunity to get community feedback. We value your input and ideas so please come if you can!

We'll send out an e-mail with more details and dates. The meeting is open to CSA members (new & old), farm store members and the wider farm community. 

Winter CSA Updates:

New items for shares: 

Vegetable shares - elderberry spread, wheat berries, whole wheat flour, rye flour, dried beans, various greens from the field and greenhouse!

coming soon - mild and spicy micro greens, cornmeal, polenta & scallions

Meat Shares - Our whole chicken stock is available again. This is an amazing batch full of flavor, perfect for soups and much more! Our stock is always made with whole chickens, our produce & herbs. Bacon is also back in stock!

coming soon - We will also have some more options for boneless steaks available in the spring. There will also be hams / leg of lamb orders around easter.

2017 CSA: Sign up for Summer!

Sign up deadlines:
Raynham / Farm Store: May 15th
Somerille, Newton & Warren: April 15th
Attleboro: Let us know if you'd like to join by the end of March. Payment isn't due until April 15th

Summer Market Pick Ups: We are still in the process of applying to markets in MA & RI. We'll update the website and send out an e-mail when we know where we'll be vending this summer.

CSA members can pick up shares at markets, just e-mail us if you are interested:

Featured Ingredient: Dried Beans

Dried beans are an amazing source of protein. Our beans are flavorful and have great recipe versatility. They are easy to use in cooking, they just take a little hands-off prep.

1. Soak overnight before using in water - remove any bean that floats to the top.
2. Drain & rinse beans.
3. Put beans in a pot with a heavy bottom and cover with fresh water.
4. Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer. Stir occasionally.
5. Cook time varies from 1 - 3 hours. Check once an hour for tenderness and texture. 
6. When almost done add salt to taste and we love to add dried rosemary, paprika and other savory herbs to our beans.

These beans can be added to your favorite recipe. You can also make extra and freeze them, so they are already cooked for a quick meal. They freeze beautifully.

This article has some great tips about using dried beans! 
Recipes from the Farm to the Kitchen

Celeriac is one of our favorite vegetables - it's delicious both raw and cooked. Below are some seasonal recipes with celeriac, enjoy the winter food while it's in season! 

If you love using farm ingredients send your recipes to us and we'll share them with the farm community!


Celeriac, Potato and Rosemary Gratin 

Celeriac Tartar with Smoked Trout

Celeriac Coleslaw

Pot-roast loin of pork with celeriac, shallots & pancetta

Celeriac Puree with Balsamic Roasted Beets and Pearl Onions - this plant-based recipe has microgreens in it and you can always swap out the beets for squash or radishes. 


Heart Bacon

Yes, you read that right! 

Here is a different take on how to make bacon from any animal heart. We really value using the whole animal at the farm. That's why we make bone broth and stock each season and why you see uncommon cuts sold by our farm - nothing goes to waste. Each part has different culinary and nutritional value.

Recipe is from our Farmer-Chef Doug.


¼ cup- brown sugar
¼ cup- kosher salt
¼ cup- maple syrup (you can substitutes molasses or honey if you’d like) 

Chef seasoning:
Original= paprika, all spice, juniper berries, ginger, rosemary, mustard seed 
From the farm= rosemary, thyme, sage, ginger, mustard

How to prepare:

1. Mix everything together by hand in a bowl into a paste.

2. Generously rub the paste all over the whole heart. Keep in your fridge for 7 days, flipping it over daily. You will want to see liquid being drawn out of it as time goes on. That's a good brine working.

3. After 7 days take it out, rinse it and pat it dry. It is ready to slice and fry now but if you would like to make smoked bacon...

4. Let it sit uncovered in your fridge over night to create a tacky skin that smoke will adhere to easily... then smoke it! 

**Remember to keep the curing process not on stainless steel!! Glass, clay, or plastic should be used. Never use metal.


Looking for more seasonal recipes?

Check out our farm's recipes & resources or follow us on pinterest!

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