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     Congratulations to fellow mom Tabaitha Kaye.  She was tired of not having enough energy to keep up with her busy lifestyle and 3 kids and decided it was time for a BIG CHANGE! After just 5 days she was officially over her sugar and caffeine addiction and in under 3 months she was able to drop 30 pounds and 35 inches!!! She looks radiant! Contact me for details!

     Welcome to February! The shortest month of the year can also be one of the toughest to get through - lots of cold days and spring seems so far away. I read a quote recently that I loved, "Summer bodies are made in the winter." This is so true for me. In the winter I'm more diligent about getting my workouts in and eating well. Once summer arrives, I want to run to the beach and spend my days outside having fun. What are you doing this winter to create your summer body? I'm doing the January Jumpstart program along with the participants. The program is still going strong! Everyone is losing weight, enjoying more energy and fitting into smaller clothes (myself included)! Since the group has been so successful, I'll be offering the program for individuals as well.  Contact me for details!
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We've put together a whole new menu of services at The Family Plate this month to serve all our clients needs.  Head on over to the website to read all about it!  
As part of my work on The Family Plate cookbook I was lucky enough to take new "healthy headshots" with photographers Scotto Kim and Janet Feldman. We used a lovely apartment in South Park Slope with an amazing kitchen for the shoot. Here I am, with a plate of whole wheat pasta and my rooster apron!  The cookbook is coming out soon! But in the meantime, everyone subscribed to this list will get a preview of the cookbook with 3 free recipes. So spread the word!  Invite your friends and family to join this list so they can enjoy 3 free recipes too!
This month I started classes at the Natural Kitchen Cooking School in New Jersey. I'm taking a 4 month vegan cooking course and learning how healthy food can be vegelicious! During our first weekend of class we made several dishes (including 2 decadent desserts) all with plant based foods! Pictured above: Millet Croquettes, Red Rice & Wild Mushroom Soup, and Autumn Salad. Everything was simple to prepare and delicious!
The Egg & Cheese Maneuver
I always tell the same story to my clients about how I went from eating a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich in the mornings to vegan oatmeal.  Let me tell you, it didn’t happen overnight.  First I removed the bacon from my sandwich order.  The first few times I missed it, but after that I forgot that it was no longer there.  Then, after a year, I removed the cheese from the sandwich.  I added peppers to the eggs (classic Italian combination: peppers and eggs).  Finally, I switched from eating eggs entirely to making myself a vegan oatmeal in the morning or a green juice.  This entire process took 2 YEARS!   CONTINUE READING
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