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Welcome to The Family Plate!

Four Years in the Making

     I am pleased to share with you our first The Family Plate newsletter.  This has been 4 years in the making, starting with my very first blog post in July 2009.  I had no idea then, that I would someday be working as a health coach in NYC.  I thought I'd just write some funny stories about me and my struggles with weight. I figured people would laugh and maybe feel like they weren't alone in their journey to find health and happiness.  I received countless compliments and encouraging words from many of you over the years and for that, I am forever greatful!
     My health coaching practice, The Family Plate, is where I work with moms, busy individuals and families who want to lose weight, increase energy and put healthy meals on the table.  I hope to take these same ideas and translate them into this monthly newsletter for you to enjoy.  This month, we have an article on "How to Fill Your Fridge with Healthy Food", a new recipe that I'm working on for my upcoming cookbook and the latest in healthy must-reads!

Client Testimonial: September

"My eating was out of control before I worked with Marie.  I was always tired and hungry. At night, I'd find myself rummaging through the kitchen for sugary snacks to eat.  I felt terrible.  With Marie's help, I feel better than I have in months and even fit into my outfit for my son's wedding (which didn't fit a month ago).  Marie gave me down to earth advice that I could easily incorporate into my lifestyle.  She broke things down into manageable pieces so I never felt overwhelmed.  Now I have more energy, feel lighter and am fitting into clothes that were buried in the back of my closet.  What a feeling!"  -- R.S., Brooklyn, NY

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How to Fill Your Fridge with Healthy Food

Remember back in the day when mom or grandma would spend Sundays at the stove making delicious homemade food for an early 3pm dinner?  The smell of onions and garlic sautéing in a large pot with a drizzle of olive oil.  The cans of tomatoes lined up like soldiers waiting to be poured into the pot and turned into a velvety tomato sauce for pasta. Perfectly formed meatballs sizzling away in a frying pan ready to be dunked in the sauce and turned into little balls of heaven.  Those are some of my memories of being at my grandma’s house on a Sunday.  CLICK HERE to continue reading.

Organic Chicken and Brown Rice

As I am currently working on a short cookbook, I wanted to share this first recipe that I've developed with you.  I took the traditional Arroz Con Pollo and infused it with healthy, good eats.  Using organic chicken and brown rice, I've taken this one-pot meal to healthy new heights.  Full of flavor and very economical ($10 for the lot) it's a great addition to every family's meal repertoire.  CLICK HERE for the complete recipe.
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What I'm Reading this Month

Michael Pollan is a food writer who has influenced the way I look at food in such a permanent way that I can no longer eat with eyes wide shut.  His latest book, Cooked, takes the reader on a journey with Michael while he explores the 4 elements of cooking: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.  

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