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And So It Begins...

     Yes, it's here.  Holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and winter solstice! Every year I talk to people who decide on Thanksgiving day that they are going to throw in the towel from that day until January 2nd.  They are going to give into all the tempatation and Christmas cookies, the cocktail parties and presents and just embrace the madness.  I can report to you that they never feel better on January 2nd by taking this path, it's always worse.
     Now, I'm like everyone else.  I want to enjoy the holidays in all their glory too!  But I'm not willing to let myself get to the point where I give up all the progress I've made this year.  I won't do it.  Look, losing weight from Thanksgiving to New Year's may seem next to impossible, but it is possible.  And what's even more possible is that you will maintain your weight and not end up heavier than where you started.  Believe me, that will feel AWESOME.      
     This month, I've got a sneak peek at my cookbook (!),  travel tips for all of you who are going out of town for the hloidays, as well as a new giveaway from Fruit Bliss.  If you want additional chances to win please "Like" Fruit Bliss on Facebook!  Winner announced November 29th!

Client Testimonial:
I Am No Longer Afraid of the Grocery Store!

"I started working with Marie in private health coaching 3 months ago and already I have been able to overcome my fear of grocery shopping.  I'm preparing meals at home and incorporating exercise on a regular basis.  I used to just eat without thinking and now I stop and think more about my relationship with food before I dive in.  My favorite recommendation Marie gave me was to shop weekly and immediatley cut, slice, peel and portion out my fruits and veggies for the week.  This way they are ready to eat and at my disposal for those quick meals and cravings.  I'm also now aware of the places and situations that are not healthy for me and plan accordingly.  My mood is fantastic and I feel lighter!"  T.M. Brooklyn, NY
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Marie's Cookbook Corner

I am currently working on my first mini-cookbook that will highlight several of my original recipes.  Just this month we photographed the recipes in all their glory. It was a wonderful experience, and seeing the finished product has been my personal "Oscars Moment." For my newsletter, I've decided to show off one of the beautiful photographs by Janet Feldman and Scotto Kim.  Read about my brush with fame here.

This is Organic Chicken and Brown Rice, Arroz Con Pollo Style.  Click on the picture for the recipe.

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                                        Travelling This Holiday Season, Fret Not!

If you’re planning on getting out of town this holiday season and don’t want to fall victim to unhealthy choices and unplanned weight gain, check out these tips to stay the course this holiday season!  Usually, I’m in town for the holidays because most of my family is right here in New York.  It makes it a bit easier to handle the holiday temptation, because after 1 day it’s back to reality.  But this year we are actually headed overseas for 9 days which include the mega holiday Thanskgivikah!  We’ll be out of our element for the whole time.  I definitely don’t want to derail all my progress for 2013, so I wanted to come up with some tips for those of us who want to stay the course during this holiday season.  CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING.

Brooklyn Business Owners Unite!

     I'm so pleased to announce my raffle with Fruit Bliss, a fellow Brooklyn business, this month for over $40 worth of their juicy fruit.  
     “Fruit Bliss is a very different kind of naturally sun-sweetened, whole fruit. Deliciously juicy and never dry, our fruits have no preservatives or added sugar. As a busy mom, I was always challenged to find healthy and convenient snacks the whole family would love. I created Fruit Bliss with active lifestyles and simple nutritious snacking in mind – a ready-to-eat whole fruit that you can take anywhere. As part of our mission to give back and promote healthy eating, Fruit Bliss donates a portion of our profits to organizations that provide nutritional education for a healthy lifestyle.” -Susan Leone, Fruit Bliss
     Make sure to "Like" Fruit Bliss on Facebook for additional chances to win the prize of apricots, figs, and plums!  Yummy!

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