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3 November 2020


Dear <<First Name>>


Refugee Reforms - ALP National Policy Forum


We have  drafted our first submission to the National Policy Forum (NPF) but have not yet submitted it.  We are waiting for a response from one of our interstate L4R groups before we can finalise it.  This is a national effort by our L4R groups across Australia.
We all have until the 30 November 2020 to submit any policy changes we want Labor to adopt in its new Platform. 

This is an important exercise because when Labor forms government, we want the Party to have the best possible and most progressive refugee policies of which we can feel proud.

We should soon have the final version of our submission ready to circulate and when that happens, we ask that you endorse our final submission as either an individual ALP Member or if your branch is holding face-to-face meetings, branch members can make a group submission. Or you can do both.

We are aware that only a few branches are able to hold in person branch meetings while others are holding online meetings.  Some are not meeting at all.  A number of requests have been received from Branch Secretaries, wanting a copy of our submission to discuss with members at their meetings this week.   We have therefore decided to provide you with a link to our draft submission for discussion purposes. This document should not radically change so we feel confident about sending it to you.  

If members agree in principle with our amendments to the ALP Consultation Draft, I suggest you wait until the final submission is released and sent to you, at which time we will ask that branches and individual ALP members endorse our submission.

Our submission comprises of two documents.  There is a front page to our submission, plus the submission itself.  Our amended clauses appear in different coloured fonts. 

The link to the front page of our submission is L4RDftSubmissiontoNPFFrontPage3Nov20

The link to our L4R submission to the NPF is L4RDftSubmissiontoNPF3Nov20

For your information:
The Consultation Draft of Labor's Platform released by the National Policy Forum (NPF) can be accessed
via the following link:

The Australian Labor Party's National Policy Forum has released the Consultation Draft of the ALP's Platform, click here to read it.

The main section on refugees appears in the section STATEMENTS IN DETAIL from pages 87 to 96. Please note however, that the first page of our submission appears in a different section under the heading CHAPTER 7 - AUSTRALIA'S PLACE IN THE WORLD on page 69.


Next L4R Meeting - Wednesday 25 November @ 6pm


Our November meeting will take place by Zoom on Wednesday 25 November 2020 at 6pm
Please note this date in your diary. 

The meeting notice with the Zoom link will be sent to you one week prior to the meeting date.


Kind regards

Nizza Siano
Secretary L4R NSW


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