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3 March 2020


Dear <<First Name>>


6pm Unions NSW, Training Room 1, 377 Sussex St Sydney

Members last met on the 26 February 2020.  In addition to our guest speakers, we had a very large agenda to get through and ran out of time.    It was therefore decided that we bring forward our next meeting by a week.  This was specifically done to allow our members time to meet to discuss the wording of a refugee motion which we plan to submit and promote at the NSW Labor Conference on the 18 and 19 July 2020.  

We are aware that
Conference Agenda Items must be received by the Party Office by COB Wednesday 22 April 2020 and that Party Units are encouraged to submit motions to Policy Committees for the NSW Annual Conference through the portal.   Labor for Refugees therefore wishes to give branch members enough time to hold their monthly meetings, discuss our motion and then hopefully support it and have the Branch secretaries submit it to NSW Labor prior to the deadline of the 22 April.


We urge you to come along to our meeting on the 19 March and have your say about what you believe we should be pushing for at the NSW Conference.  If you end up being elected as a Conference Delegate, you'll get to vote on it but between now and then, we really need to campaign for support from rank and file members and ensure that the Party is swamped with our refugee motion.  You never know, we might even get to debate the issue of refugees at the Conference, something that has been denied to us at previous State Conferences.

The minutes of our last meeting follow L4RMinutes26Feb2020

Palm Sunday Rally

Labor for Refugees is once again, endorsing the 2020 Palm Sunday Peace Rally and March which will take place at 2pm on Sunday 5 April. The theme is "Welcome Refugees" and we will be participating so please look for our banner and join us.

An updated version of this leaflet with endorsements will be circulated as it gets closer to the event.

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre campaign

In our last newsletter, we mentioned that we invited two speakers from a relatively new community group called the Inner West for Refugees (IW4R) to do a presentation of the campaign they are running.  They addressed members at our last meeting and outlined the strategy they were adopting to raise awareness in their community about issues such as the cuts by the federal government to the SRSS payments made to refugees.  The IW4R have adopted The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre's "Seeking Home Campaign Plan and Collaboration Proposal" which Labor for Refugees has endorsed.  

A summary of this Plan follows SeekingHomeCampaignASRC

I hope to see you at our next meeting.             

Kind regards

Nizza Siano
Secretary L4R NSW

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