Dates for the Tak Kickstarter Campaign!
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A Beautiful Game

Our next Kickstarter project will be an amazing new game: Tak. It's an abstract board game described in Patrick Rothfuss' The Wise Man's Fear.

We've worked with Patrick Rothfuss before, on our well-loved pub game Pairs. This time James and Pat have tackled one of the games described in the Kingkiller Chronicle, a beautiful strategy game with elements of chess, mancala, and go.

The challenge was to create a completely new game that could be a thousand years old, and we hope you'll agree that Tak hits the mark. You can download the rules yourself right here and take a look. You can also play a free web version of the game at


Tak on Kickstarter

We will launch the Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday April 19, and it will run until Friday, May 20. We are still working on the details, but here's roughly what you can expect to see:
  • A pocket-sized 44-piece wooden "peasant" set, with enough pieces for a 5x5 game
  • The "core" retail game with a box, 6x6 hybrid board, rules, and 62 wooden pieces
  • Custom capstones just for Kickstarter, in metal and/or wood
  • Limited high-end sets including an all-metal piece set and a "royal" hardwood set
  • Many other delightful Tak-related items!
We are still finalizing prices, but we expect the peasant set to be $25-$30 and the core set to be $50-60.

We think this is going to be something extra-special, and we hope you'll follow along!

Tak on the Web

Developer Chaitanya Vadrevu has developed a free-to-play Tak game at

You can play as a guest or create a username, and play by yourself or with live opponents online. Chaitanya is still adding features, so please check it out and help us make it better!

You can also visit the Tak-focused subreddit at You'll find a community of players and some lively strategy conversation.

Tak also has two unofficial Twitter accounts:@TakBoardGame and @TakStrategy. For a game that's still in beta, we think this is pretty amazing.


In Other News

Kill Doctor Lucky at Press: Our previous Kickstarter project produced several new projects including Kill Doctor Lucky, Deadfall, and Before I Kill You Mister Spy. The files for those games are at their various printers, and we just received physical proofs for all of them today! If you backed those campaigns, your rewards will likely begin shipping before the end of April. Everyone else can look for these games in their favorite local stores starting in May.

BRAWL is Shipping: We have shipped 90% of the BRAWL campaign, and the game is available in stores right now! This week we expect to send out the last of the backer rewards, just in time to ramp up to the Tak campaign. 

GAMA Trade Show: Cheapass Games just returned from the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas, the hobby industry's annual get-together, where all of our new products were well-received. We are really happy to have some of our best-selling games back in all-new packages. And it seems like retailers are happy about it too!

ECCC: James Ernest will be at the Emerald City Comic Con, April 7-10 in Seattle. He'll spend a lot of his time at the Go 2 Games booth, demoing his favorite games. He's also appearing on a panel with Patrick Rothfuss, talking about Tak (and hopefully playing an exhibition game) on Saturday morning from 11-12. Follow him on the tweets!

The Tweets And Such

If you'd like to tag along with James Ernest on his many adventures, follow him on Twitter: @cheapassjames and @cheapassgames. Or check out James' infrequently-updated design blog at
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