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September 10th 2014
The students at our school have a wide range of opportunities and inspire us all with their amazing achievements. Over the past few months we have been working to define what is special about our school, the expectations we have for our students and those we hold for us as a school. We call these our School Promises. They are what the school promises for the students, and also what each student promises to aim for each and every day.

Achieve Academic Excellence - with inspirational teachers who nurture and encourage you as an individual

Learn to Lead - developing the social and intellectual character to participate and communicate with confidence

Make a Difference - by contributing to the world around you now, establishing strong values and attributes for future success

In everything that takes place in the school we will aim to link to our promises such that students can identify their successes and their aspirations in all that they do. With all our students Achieving Academic Excellence, Learning to Lead and Making a Difference we know they will enjoy an outstanding academic experience and be fully prepared for future challenges and opportunities throughout their lives.
Reminders and Notices

Librarian Opportunity
Have you ever thought… “Me? A Librarian?”
Perhaps now is the time to join the team at the BISS Pudong Learning Centre. Read more...

School Photographs 17th to 19th September
School Photographs for Year 1 to Year 13 will be taken on either Wednesday 17Thursday 18 or Friday 19 September. Please ensure that students are upholding our high school uniform standards during this time. Middle and Upper School students should wear blazers for all three days.

CCAs start this week

Individual Music Lessons 
This is the last week to sign up for individual music lessons. All students who are interested will need to register before the end of the week as lessons commence next week. Find details and signup forms here.

Global Classroom Photography Competition
Win the chance to have one of your photographs published in the 2015 Nord Anglia Education Global Classroom calendar.

Vote for Our Artists
Three student artists at The British International School Shanghai, Pudong, are in the running to have their artwork grace the cover of the next Time Out Shanghai Family magazine. Vote here.

Netball Players Wanted for Family Picnic
Calling all netball players, young and not-so-young! To add to the fun at this year’s Family Picnic on Sunday 21st September, there will be a netball mini-tournament and everyone is welcome to take part. Find details here
Community Group Making a Difference
The Community Group committee meeting on Monday was well attended and plans are underway for many exciting events for the year ahead. We also welcomed an enthusiastic group of Class Representatives who will soon be in touch with all parents and hopefully many coffee mornings, lunches and other get togethers will commence. 
Ice Bucket Challenge Goes Viral
The Ice Bucket Challenge has caught the imagination of staff and students at The British International School Shanghai, Pudong. It all began with our Head of Music, Russell Seaton, being doused last week by his Year 8C form class. 
Year 3 Take an Active Role!
In Year 3, we are already fulfilling 2 out of our school’s 3 promises to:
  • Learn to Lead
  • Make a Difference
Our Year 3 students have risen admirably to the challenge of being part of the Junior School, with a new leadership and school-based service initiative – Year 3 Duty Monitors.
Thursday 11th September Community Group Welcome Lunch 
The Community Group’s first social event of the year, the Welcome Lunch, is being held at Shook! on the Bund. Please note, the event is fully booked.

Friday 12th September - GOAL Day
The aim of GOAL day is for you to meet your child’s class teacher or form tutor, however, some subject specialist teachers will be available for drop in discussions about their subject area. Please note, you will have an opportunity to meet subject specialists later in the term. 

Sunday 21st September - Family Picnic
The whole school community is welcome to attend this fun and casual event on the main sports field. Bring along a picnic lunch and enjoy some chill-out time with friends in this first whole family event of the year. Find details here.
Writing in Reception
Getting young children to write can be a challenging task. It takes motivation, fine motor control, attention, phonetic awareness and creative ideas. Most importantly, it takes time. Each child is unique and each of these skills develops at different rates. There are stages to be aware of in your child’s writing journey.
Splendid Superheroes
The children in Nursery this week showed huge interest in Superheroes! We spent some time designing and decorating masks in the EAD learning area. We focused on fine motor control skills and the children worked confidently using one-handed tools such as scissors and pencils. 
Something Else Going on in Year 2
This week, students in Year 2 enjoyed reading the book Something Else! We explored this book through reenacting scenes from the story and by stepping into the main character’s shoes and talking about the character’s thoughts and feelings at different points in the story, through which students were able to empathise with the main character.
Labels, Lists and Shapes in Year 1
In Year 1 Literacy this week, the children have been learning to write labels, lists and captions. We have explored our classrooms and the whole school to find labels and discuss their uses. The children have had fun using labels to show the different parts of their bodies and have been able to write some of their own labels too.
In the 1800s
This week in Year 5 the children have been introduced to their first History and Geography-based topic titled ’1800s’. So far they have found it both intriguing and fascinating. The focus of lessons has been for students to work collaboratively to research and investigate significant issues.
Year 4 Mandarin Class
This week, Year 4 Mandarin intermediate group is doing the topic of pets, which is “宠(chǒng)物(wù)” in Chinese. The students learned how to say different pets’ names in Chinese, and they also produced a sentence “宠(chǒng)物(wù)是(shì)我(wǒ)们(men)的(de)好(hǎo)朋(péng)友(you)” which means “Pets are our best friends.” 
Project Week Year 6 - Shiling Primary School
During Project Week, Year 6 students will travel to Conghua to work on the Shiling Primary School Project. This is a school of 100 students aged between 6-8 years who are from poor farming villages in the region. Year 6 students will be building a library, renovating a playground and teaching English.
Year 6 Student Blog - Hurricanes
Welcome to our first student blog!
This week we have been studying ‘Our Wicked World’. We just started a week ago and our whole class has enjoyed it so far. A couple of days ago, we got interested in Hurricanes, Cyclones and Typhoons and made our own ones, guided by videos on YouTube. Want to try it at home?
Year 10 Biology and Cell Slides
Year 10 Biology has got off to a great start. The students are developing their learning behaviour through inquiry. We started the week by looking at cell structure, particularly the differences between animal and plant cells. The students have been introduced to more detail found within cells compared to what they have been used to.
Developing A* Work in Year 10 German
In our Year 10 German class we’ve spent the first two weeks of term getting ready for a brand new challenge – the IGCSE speaking presentation. This is part of the speaking exam at the end of next year, which counts for 25% of our final IGCSE grade. We decided there was no time like the present, so we’re trying it out on our very first topic of Year 10 which is ‘die Ferien’ or ‘the holidays’.
University News
It’s been a busy start to the term with visits and meetings and making sure our students know what they need to be doing and when. During the Year 12 induction we looked at how to make the most of the IB years so that our students’ applications are outstanding when they begin to apply to university in Year 13.
Senior School Experts
In TOK this week our Year 13s have placed themselves in the role of historians. They were given artifacts and had to explore and create meaning with only parts of the puzzle.
Game Time
The pre-season has wrapped up, and now squads prepare for battle in the SISAC Volleyball, Rugby and Netball season, with CISSA Football fixtures soon to be announced.
Rugby Match Report 6th September at SAS PD
Our first game of the season took place at SAS Pudong on Saturday. Unfortunately we were hit by injuries and only had a limited number of boys available.
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