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December 9th 2014
Bon Voyage

This is my final week at the British International School Shanghai, Pudong. Before I move on to a new adventure, however, I am making the most of enjoying this wonderful school and spending as much time as I can on corridors and in classrooms.

This last week of term is matching all those that have gone before. As I walk around there is purposeful learning taking place, there are engaged and happy students, there are passionate and committed teachers and there are supportive parents adding that little bit extra to everything that is going on.

Above all I see the warmth of the human spirit. Children and adults take time out to say hello to one another and look out for each other. There is a focus on collaboration and consideration. We stem from all parts of the globe yet we come together to do the best for our society now and to help the young people who will contribute and achieve so much in their lives ahead.

It has been my privilege to be part of BISS Pudong. I extend my deepest thanks to everybody who has helped us along the journey and been part of so many successes here. I also depart in the certainty that the team of teachers here and our new Principal, Lesley-Ann Wallace, will help take the school to even greater heights.

To all members of our community, I wish you Bon Voyage for the holidays ahead and all the very best for the future and continued success and enjoyment. And to the students of BISS Pudong, a simple thank-you: you make this school a truly special place to be.
Reminders and Notices

Christmas Card Sale in C Block
Don't miss out on buying our own limited edition BISS Pudong Christmas cards. Find out more here.

Last Day of Term
Term One ends on Friday 12th December at 3:15pm. School will recommence on Tuesday 6th January. Find out more here.

Read to Feed
Find out how your holiday reading can help a good cause. Find out how here.

BISS Pudong Alumni Group on Facebook
We're keen to connect with former students and their families through our new Alumni group on Facebook. Find out more here.

Send Us Your "Shelfies"
The Learning Centre invites students in Years 6, 7, 8 and 9 to send a photo of themselves with a favourite book, along with a short review and recommendation, to help other students choose books, and to earn House Points. Find out more here.

Volunteering at BISS Pudong
Have a little free time on a Monday afternoon and want to make a difference at BISS Pudong? Find out how here.

BISS Pudong Netball League Starts January 2015
BISS Pudong is starting and hosting a new 7-a-side female netball league after Christmas. Find out more here.
Christmas Carol Concert 2014
Taking us on a holiday journey around the world, our BISS Pudong choirs put on a truly memorable performance at this year’s Carol Concert.Starting with our very youngest voices in the Rainbow Review, the evening showcased the amazing work of our school Music Department...
Best Delegate in MUN Ho Chi Minh
During the recently concluded FOBISIA Model United Nations Conference in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, our delegates strongly exemplified our school’s promise of “learning to lead” with Year 10 student Joseph Hildich being named Best Delegate of the session.
Community Group News
It has been a fabulously busy term for the Community Group with many successful events and activities. Here is our snapshot of the term that was, and a preview of the range of exciting and fun events already planned for 2015.
Holiday Book Borrowing
We’re not “Grinchy” in the Learning Centre – and in the spirit of the holidays, we would like to invite everyone to enjoy some good reads over the looong 3-week break coming up. We are sure that a good book will be a good companion no matter where you are headed...
Arts in Review Term 1
At the British International School Shanghai, Pudong students are kept busy and Term 1 of this year has certainly been that. In the Creative Arts Faculty, students have taken part in many enriching opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.
Tuesday 6th January - New Parent Coffee Morning
An informal gathering organised by our Community Group for new parents to the school to meet other parents and find out about upcoming events and activities.

Friday 9th January - All Parent Coffee Morning
Catch up with friends and make some new ones at our first all parent coffee morning of the term which will include a special "Short History of Shanghai" presentation by Newman Tours.

Tuesday 13th January and Thursday 15th January - Pre-Nursery to Year 6 Academic Review Evenings
Meet up with your child's teachers to discuss progress and their targets for the term.. Find details here.

Tuesday 13th January - Year 9 Academic Review Evening
An opportunity for parents and students to meet with subject teachers to discuss progress and targets. Find details here.

Saturday 14th March - Daddy Daughter Ball
Save the date for this wonderful opportunity event specially for dads and daughters. Find our more here.
You've Got Mail!
Armed with handmade Christmas cards and a handful of money, our Reception children ventured offsite for their first school trip! The excitement mounted as they boarded the bus, the children chattering about their imminent adventure with the widest eyes and broadest smiles.
Digging Up Dinosaurs
“I can see a flying dinosaur in the sky,” said Zhongtan excitedly to his friends as he looked up at the sky. His friends followed his queue and soon there was a large group waiting for the dinosaur to appear.
Child-Eating Sharks, Evil Octopuses and Two Chairs!
Team work and collaboration, be it through giving each other ideas or holding on to your partner so they do not fall into a swimming pool full of ferocious sea creatures, is often essential to solving problems.

你是哪国人?Which Country Are You From?

Children in Year Two Sea Lion Level are learning the topic of nationality. They learned how to ask people their nationality and how to answer the question in Mandarin.
Printing and pattern making is all well and good, but what skills have we used well in our Art? Students in Year 3 have been judging their own skills in precision, using peer assessment of their final work.
Using the Weblog to Create a Newspaper
After scouring the school weblog on iPads to find articles of interest, pupils chose one weblog article which was to be the basis of a newspaper report. With articles based on drama productions, International Day, sporting events and Remembrance Day...
All the World's a Stage
In year 8 we are studying Macbeth. This lesson, we have been looking at Act 1 Scene 7 which is a pivotal point in the play. In this scene, Macbeth is doubtful about murdering his King but his wife, Lady Macbeth, uses her powers of persuasion to convince him to do it!
Year 7D Learning to Lead
Year 7D have been learning to lead in more ways. The students have been taking every opportunity to maximise their time together in order to grow and develop their thinking skills, learning behaviours and the schools promises.
Breaking News in Business Studies
Today’s Headline: Business Studies Report on Toyota Brake Failure!
Active learning is central to lessons in Humanities. As one student said, We don’t just learn the facts, we do things to make them stick.” There are examples of this all over in Geography, History and Business Studies.
How to Learn Chinese Characters Efficiently
If you ask a student, what is the most difficult part of studying Chinese, you will most likely to hear “writing characters”. Year 9 students are working on how to learn Chinese characters. In the class, they were asked to share their idea of learning Chinese characters efficiently.
Delegate Reflections from Ho Chi Minh
Four of the ten delegates who attended the FOBISIA Model United Nations Conference in Vietnam at the end of November, share their reflections on what they all agree was a worthwhile educational experience.
Achieving Academic Excellence in Year 7 PE
Last week saw the finale of the Year 7 boys’ gymnastics block of work in PE. Initially, the boys had been developing their individual skills to show control, tension and extension.
Coordination Challenge
This week in PE, we continued to measure and test our Year 10’s fitness levels for different components of fitness; agility, balance, speed, muscular endurance and coordination. It was excellent to see the students working collaboratively...
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