Hoe Valley School, opening September 2015.
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We will:
  • Inspire a life-long love of learning in your child;
  • Provide a truly personalised learning experience for your child;
  • Help your child develop a strong sense of responsibility to the community;
  • Provide excellent pastoral care for your child.

One year to go....


Opening in September 2015, we now have just one year until open our doors to our exciting new school.

This term will see a number of key developments in the creation of Hoe Valley School.  We will host our first open evenings, publish our prospectus, select a Head Teacher and continue the work to secure both our temporary and permanent premises.  We will of course keep you informed about progress as it happens and look forward to an exciting and busy period in which the foundations of Hoe Valley School will be laid.  Foundations that will allow us to turn the Hoe Valley School vision into a reality so that every student of ours achieves the very best that they are capable of, when we open in September 2015.

Our curriculum will be traditional in many respects - focusing on maths, English and the sciences but as an academy, we will have many freedoms that many other schools do not have.  We will use these freedoms as necessary and we will use them wisely:  We will have an extended day, which will help us to ensure that not only are the core subjects of the National Curriculum comprehensively covered but also that the academic knowledge gained is put into context and is better retained through innovative methods such as collaborative project working.  This might include, for example, teaming up in school-wide groups to invent a new product and bring it to market.  Such projects will bring students' academic work to life...mathematics principles will be used in business planning; creative and correct use of the English language in their marketing material and scientific rigour in their product development.  Such projects will also help to develop skills in team work, leadership, presentation and time management - all of which will be essential in later life.

Our extended day will also enable us to offer enrichment activities to expand students' horizons and interests and help to build their self-esteem and confidence.

Our first teachers will be exceptional people: They will be highly motivated and highly motivating:  They will inspire and encourage our students:  They will build our students' knowledge, confidence and love of learning.

Our first students will also be exceptional:  They will have the full focus of our excellent teaching team and the Board of Governors.  Every student will be instilled with the belief that they can achieve the very best and will be given the necessary support and encouragement to ensure that they do so.  We will expect our students to work hard and behave well and this will help to ensure that all students feel safe, comfortable and confident at school, are able to contribute to school life and enjoy learning.

We are truly passionate about Hoe Valley School, however we are not the first people to articulate a vision of a new and high achieving school:  Other Free Schools with very similar ideas have already opened and are successfully delivering for their students.  Have a look at Route 39 ( and the Archer Academy ( ) for examples.

We have two open evenings planned: Tuesday September 23rd and Thursday October 16th.  Please come along if you would like to find out more.  Everyone is welcome.  You do not have to register to come along, although it would be helpful for our planning:  (     We would also be delighted to talk to you about Hoe Valley School in other meetings.  Feel free to invite us and a group of your friends to your house, email us, or ask a question via Facebook. 

If you are a parent of a soon-to-be year 6 child and wish to come to one of our open evenings, we have activities planned so please do register your child by following the link:  (  This will enable you to find out all about our school whilst your child is able to try something new - perhaps conduct an amazing science experiment, or take part in street dance for example. 

Also, if you haven't yet completed our survey, please do.  We have found the answers we have had back so far very helpful and interesting and we are ensuring that we can tailor our website and literature to answer the questions that parents have raised.

School Location
Our most frequently asked question is without a doubt “Where is the school going to be?” We are working hard to secure premises for the school and are fortunate to the have the help and support of both Surrey County Council and Woking Borough Council with this crucial aspect of the pre-opening phase.  Anyone who has ever bought or sold a house will know this can be a lengthy process and for a school, this process is even longer.  We have always said our preferred location is South Woking and we are very hopeful we’ll be able to secure a site which will work well with our planned cohort. You will be the first to know once a site has been secured!

Our admissions process begins this month and parents are now able to apply for a place for their child for September 2015 either online via our website ( or using a paper form which you can request either by emailing or calling our admissions line on 01483 661091. For the first year only our admissions process will be separate from that of our Local Authority, Surrey County Council. This means that an application for Hoe Valley School will be in addition to an application made using the Local Authority’s coordinated application form.  It also means that an offer of a place from Hoe Valley School will be in addition to the place offered by the Local Authority. 

Our applications will close on January 31st 2015 and we will issue offers on March 2nd 2015, at the same time as the offers made by the Local Authority.  Parents will only have to make a final decision of which place to accept once we have signed our Funding Agreement with the Department for Education. This will happen after we have a Head Teacher appointed and a site secured.


If you have any questions that you want to ask us directly, please email us: We are always happy to answer questions.

All our best wishes,
The Hoe Valley School Team
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