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Client Alert: November 2015
BMG Wealth’s MD, Aaron Hendrikson, hailed Broker Partner of the Year
VOW Altitude Awards
BMG Wealth’s MD, Aaron Hendrikson, hailed Broker Partner of the Year- Rising Star Award Northern, NSW last October at the National Conference which was held in Sun City, South Africa.

Vow interviewed Aaron during the gala dinner and asked him a few questions. Watch below video to know more about one of Vow’s Rising Stars.

Watch the Video

Office of State Revenue (OSR) Grant for NSW Businesses

For Those Paying Payroll Tax

From 23 November 2015, late registrations for the Jobs Action Plan will only be accepted, without justification, if made within 90 days of the commencement of the new position.


For Small Businesses

The Small Business Grant is a key priority of the New South Wales Government. The grant is designed to encourage the nearly 650,000 small businesses in New South Wales that do not pay payroll tax to hire new employees and expand their business.


Please contact BMG Accountants for further discussion.

Tax News

Important Dates for 2015 Financial year

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Tax News

Do You Claim GST Credits?

Claiming the amount of GST credits that you are entitled to is one way to help manage your business cash flow.

To make sure you are eligible and can claim your GST credits:
  • you and your supplier must be registered for GST
  • check your supplier has a valid ABN and
  • ensure you hold a valid tax invoice when you make your claim.
You can check a tax invoice is valid by:
  • making sure the supplier’s ABN is correct and they are registered for GST
  • ensuring no key details are missing, such as the date of issue.
You can check if a supplier is registered for GST by using the ABN Lookup tool on the:
  • Australian Business Register website, or
  • ATO app.
Simply enter your supplier’s ABN and the results will show if their business is registered for GST.
Check that your suppliers are giving you valid tax invoices to make sure you don’t miss out on GST credits you’re entitled to.

Next steps:

Use the ABN Lookup tool:
  • via the ABR Website
  • via the ATO App (find the tool in the Tools and calculators section).
Find out about:

ATO Data Matching - eBay Sellers and Ride-Sourcing

The ATO has advised that it will be collecting seller data from eBay Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd to ensure that taxpayers are correctly meeting their tax obligations.

The data requested will include information relating to registrants that sold goods and services of $10,000 or more during the 2014-15 financial year, including name, address, contact information, and the number and value of transactions processed for each online selling account.

The ATO has also advised that it will be collecting data to identify individuals engaged in providing ride-sourcing services during the 2013-14 to 2015-16 financial years.
Details of payments to ride-sourcing providers from identified accounts held by ride-sourcing facilitators with various financial institutions will be requested for the relevant years.


ATO Warns Against Scams

The ATO has warned taxpayers against scams involving emails, landline phones or mobile phones.

In some instances, a spammer has used a copy of the ATO's legitimate email address but, instead of a client list attachment, included an executable file which is likely a malware application.

Such applications or ".exes" are commonly used to compromise a recipient's computer when opened. The ATO has advised taxpayers not to respond to such emails or open the .exe file and to delete the email immediately.

Please contact BMG Accountants for further discussion
Important Dates for Your Calendar Source for 2015 Financial Year 
December 2015
Date Obligation
1 December Income tax for taxable large/medium taxpayers, companies and super funds – due date for payment.
Lodgment of return due 15 January 2016.
Income tax for the taxable head company of a consolidated group with a member deemed to be a large/medium taxpayer in the latest year lodged – due date for payment.
Lodgment of return due 15 January 2016.
Income tax for companies and super funds when lodgment of the tax return was due 31 October 2015 – due date for payment.
21 December November 2015 monthly activity statement – due date for lodging and paying.
What is new at BMG?
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Handling an Increase in your Home Loan Interest Rate

Interest rates may rise and fall over time. With each change in the interest rates, your home loan repayments are affected. So, what if interest rates rise and you are not prepared? What strategies can you do to keep yourself afloat?

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Switching home loans

Switching home loans can help you save thousands of dollars in interest. It can also enable you to take advantage of the features offered by another loan. Dwell on important considerations and decide if the benefits of switching are worth the cost.


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It’s time to start thinking of your Clients as birds

Are you an eagle or a peacock? Or do you posses the quality traits of an owl or a dove? Either way it sounds confusing, but Tony Gattari, an influential business advisor, has developed a theory which has helped him succeed in business.


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