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March 19/2021

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In the Media

The day after NB's Finance Minister, Ernie Steeves released the provincial budget, (projecting a $244 million deficit)  he was challenged by opposition parties on a live CBC political panel debate, asking why the government hadn't considered increasing crown royalty rates. Although prices for sawn lumber have increased by more than 300% over the past year, royalty rates have not been adjusted since 2015. The CBC story can be found here. Embedded in the article, is a link to the audio file of the panel debate - if you don't want to listen to the entire half hour episode, the discussion about royalties begins at the 26:50 minute mark.

Communities in BC march to save old growth forests.  

A slight contrast to the above story - from Ontario, but applies equally here in NB. Support loggers, don't vandalize them.  "We blithely eat hamburgers, but we don't want to watch the slaughter of the cow for its meat. In the same way, we find it hard to stomach the whine of a chainsaw that fells a lovely tree - especially if its within an hours drive of our house".


The Nova Scotia government is proposing several policy and legislative changes related to their forest sector. A new Biodiversity Act is generating a considerable amount of concern from various stakeholders as is the adoption of the Lahey Report. The NS government has also proposed amendments to their Crown Lands Act which are intended to shift "the intent of the act to consider the broader range of societal values and use of public lands". The proposed amendments also recognizes the importance of private woodlot owners to the sector in stating "... require that the  forestry licensing on Crown lands provide equitable stumpage rates, prove adequate investments in forest improvements and establish an overall preference for timber produced on private land'.

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