Prairie Rivers of Iowa Local Food Cycle, Climate Change, New Staff Member, New Cabin, Squaw Creek Watershed and more in our Spring newsletter.
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Today marks a movement started in the 1970’s by John McConnell. Since this time millions of people have taken part in planting trees and cleaning up local neighborhoods. Earth Day of 2016 could be one of the most significant since its creation between two economic powerhouses on a global scale signing a climate agreement.
Today our President and the Chinese President will both sign the Paris climate agreement, negotiated at the end of 2015. The framework attempts to keep global temperatures from rising above 2°C compared to per-industrial temperatures.
Educating Iowans and creating awareness to create better conversations of our natural and historic resources is a key part of our mission. In doing our part for the environment, earlier this month we attended several events: the Ames Eco Fair, Iowa State University Earth Day event, and have co-hosted watershed luncheons.  All of this and more is our focus around sharing information and celebrating the joy of engaging and serving our environment. 

In this Earth Week consider sharing your passion for one of our conservation programs, by passing this email along to a friend who might also consider learning more and the celebration of Earth Day! In ending I will leave you with this quote by Margaret Mead,

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Thank you from Prairie Rivers of Iowa,
Penny Brown Huber, Executive Director
We are looking for businesses in Lincoln Highway towns that would be interested in purchasing a colored ad in our new Lincoln Highway pamphlet coming out in July. We are printing 10,000 copies and they will be distributed to rest areas, restaurants, and business across the state. 

A colored business card size ad is $100. To inquire, contact Meredith at

Meet Our New Local Foods Coordinator

Meet Ash Bruxvoort, our new Local Foods Coordinator. Ash started at the end of March and has been jumping right in with all that needs to get done, as spring and summer is a busy time for the gardens. To learn more about Ash, see our website to checkout her bio ...[Read More Here]

Growing Partnerships in the Squaw Creek

By Hanna Bates,
Watershed Coordinator
... as we approach the one-year anniversary of the Watershed and Waterways Program at Prairie Rivers of Iowa, I am reminded of the value of partnerships when I talk to folks in the watershed. No single conservation practice is going to tackle our soil...[Read More Here]

Climate Change Impact

By Kayla Hasper,
Watershed Assistant
...human activity is moving these elements around from “sinks” to other forms, all of which are building up in the atmosphere and causing this warming effect on our planet. A sink is a reservoir that takes up a chemical element or compound from another part of its....[Read More Here]

New Classroom Space Cabin in Hamilton Co.

By Prairie Rivers of Iowa

Hamilton County Conservation Board (HCCB) now has some of the most beautiful cabins available to rent in the north central Iowa region. They started this journey over four years ago and continue to make progress by adding more ....[Read More Here]

3rd Annual Local Food Cycle 9.18.16

By Prairie Rivers of Iowa
The 3rd Annual Local Food Cycle will take place this year on 9-18-16. To keep up to date on the route and more you can go to We hope to see you again this year to Ride.Eat.Repeat. with new chefs, a new route, and new farms...[Read More Here]

Winter and the Byway

By Jan Gammon,
Lincoln Highway Coordinator
In my first year as the coordinator, I have enjoyed traveling on the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway and seeing the seasons change. I remember how wonderful it was to see the green grass emerge and the trees starting to bud...[Read More Here]

Iowa Master River Steward Program

By Annie Glawe,
Natural Resource Educator
“We speak for the rivers, because they can’t speak for themselves,” was the general theme of our river steward training led by Dr. Jim Pease over the last two days hosted by Iowa Rivers Revival ...[Read More Here]
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