Fall 2015


Thank you for your interest in Prairie Rivers of Iowa Watershed and Waterways Program! This newsletter is to keep you up to date on our programming and events that we have been planning. 

Field Day Fall 2015 Review
By Annie Glawe and 
Kayla Hasper
On November 7, 2015 Prairie Rivers of Iowa hosted an informational field day which included a tour of two farms near Stratford, Iowa. The beautiful, crisp day filled with sunshine and pastoral landscape views created a perfect setting for...

Nutrients in November
Workshop Series Recap
By Kayla Hasper
The Prairie Rivers of Iowa Watershed and Waterways Program just wrapped up its Nutrients in November Workshop Series! This three-workshop series provided educational programming on tools and conservation practices to help farmers ...

Financial and Technical Assistance Online Form Now Available
By Kayla Hasper 
Are you a farmer or landowner in the Squaw Creek Watershed interested in using conservation practices on your land? You have come to the right place! Cost-share programming is available through...

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