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Tack Talk - September, 2014
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Welcome to the September edition of our Tack Talk Newsletter.

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day.  The first days of fall are unofficially here.  Where did our summer go?  We are getting ready for fall trail rides throughout the Ozarks of Missouri with our expanded Mobile SpecTACKular store.  The crisp air and campfire chats surrounded by friends are just around the corner. We can't wait to see you out there on the trail.   
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Our Models: 1) Seven 2) Mocha 3) Peanut
Seven in SpecTACKular Tack
Mocha in SpecTACKular Tack


Woohoo! We’ve added a new section to our Tack Talk, “Vet Corner”, and – based on last month’s reaction – you liked it.  We are thrilled to announce that Strain Equine Services will be providing horse related original content each month.
Strain Equine Services is one of the top equine clinics in the USA.  They are truly equine specialists. Throughout the Kansas City area their team cares for the special needs of our equine pals, including the Kansas City Missouri Police Department’s Mounted Patrol.  Dr. Sean Strain, the founder of this advanced equine specialty care facility, recently became the only certified equine dentist in the Kansas City Area. They are experts in all aspects of equine care - preventative, lameness, sports medicine, surgery, reproductive, and emergency care. We believe our readers will benefit from this a lot.

Welcome Strain Equine Services Veterinarian Staff and authors.
Strain Equine Services
Left to Right: Brooke Martin, Sean E.H. Strain, Val Williams, Shannon Smith.


With the fall season right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about fall vaccination for your horse.  Various risk factors should be considered in order to determine which vaccines would be beneficial; these risk factors include previous vaccine history, exposure, immune status, age, and geographic location.  The decision on whether or not to vaccinate should not be taken lightly.  Vaccines are the best preventive tool veterinarians can offer for many diseases that can cause high morbidity (sickness) and mortality (death).  However, as with any other drug administration, adverse reactions can occur thus it is in the best interest of the animal to only give those vaccines that are necessary.  Typically, horses receive their annual vaccines in the spring:  a 4-way vaccine (including eastern and western encephalitis, tetanus, and west nile) or a 6-way vaccine (including eastern and western encephalitis, tetanus, west nile, rhinopneumonitis, and influenza).  If a rabies vaccine was not given in the spring, it should be administered in the fall.  Rabies is a fatal disease and poses a public health risk as it can be transmitted from animals to humans.  In our area, skunks are the leading reservoir although other wildlife such as raccoons, fox, and bats can transmit the disease.  You should consider revaccinating equine herpes virus (rhinopneumonitis) and equine influenza virus if your horse will be co-mingling this fall at horse shows, trail rides, boarding stables, etc.  Horses kept in a closed herd do not require re-vaccination.  Lastly, a west nile vaccine should be given to any horses with high mosquito exposure.  Mosquitos like to congregate around areas with stagnant water.  If your horse did not receive a west nile vaccine in the spring, it is highly recommended to vaccinate now, as late summer and early fall are the primary seasons for west nile virus infection in horses.  Please remember, unvaccinated horses will require a booster in 3-4 weeks after the initial vaccination in order to achieve the highest efficacy.  Contact your local veterinarian to decide which vaccines are appropriate for your horse.
- Dr. Shannon Smith, DVM
Associate Veterinarian – Strain Equine Services. Like them on Facebook here.

What are YOU doing to commemorate this 9/11?

Horse Trails & Camping Across America
Done with Rust?
Check out our BioThane & Stainless Steel Curb Strap
SpecTACKular Curb Strap with Chain Image
Curb Strap with Chain: You know your curb chain is going to get slobbery-wet on your next horseback ride. And you also know leather wears when it gets wet; Poly-webbing tears and the nickel hardware will rust. Ugly - yes; Ready to break - you bet; that is, unless you use our BioThane and stainless steel Curb Strap with Chain. Unlike leather or nylon web curbs - SpecTACKular BioThane Curb chains will never rust, dry, rot or fray - ever. They also carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  So which curb chain will you choose, knowing that it's the last one you'll ever need to buy?
Starting at $24.99
Free Shipping

COUPON SPECIAL: This month we are having a FREE SHIPPING September Special, exclusive to the month of September on on-line orders of $50.00 or more

Coupon Code: FREESHIPPING0914

SpecTACKular products are proudly made in the USA.

Horse Trail and Camping Ideas

Dramm Compact Pruner
The DRAMM Compact Pruner is a great item to carry around for a little brush popping or trail upkeep.
At only 6" x 1-3/4" wide, it fits in most pommel packs for quick access.  It's stainless steel and will cut up to 1/4"- width branches.  The bright colors will keep it from getting lost, too.  This pruner has great ratings as well as reviews and can be found on 
Here's a link.
Enjoy! Image credit:
Fact of the Day: Horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal.
Online Stuff and Apps We're Enjoying
Find My Phone Logo
Find My iPhone Now this isn't exactly the most exciting app around, but it's definitely one of the most useful ones. If your device is gone, lost, or stolen, all you have to do is sign up (before you lose it), and if you ever misplace your device just follow this link, and the rest is a piece of cake. If you need help with setup, here's a link to the instructions. An alternative for any Android users would be Find My Phone. Free & available for Apple users. Alternative: Find My Phone for Android
SpecTACKular Event Photo - Sherry McLean with Buckie


Here's where we'll setting up shop & riding this Fall.

Flying R RanchRFDTV Best of America – Sept. 18-21
Big Creek Trail Ride – Oct. 5-11, Hartshorn, MO
Big Piney Trail Ride – Oct. 12-17, Waynesville, MO

Big Creek Trail Ride – Oct. 26 - Nov. 1, Hartshorn, MO

More 2014 Events will be added.

You can check the Event Calendar for the latest events and more information.

See you on the trails!
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