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Tack Talk - April 2014
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Welcome to our Spring edition of our Tack Talk Newsletter.

It is hard to believe that Spring is already here. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and riders are riding! It has been a long and cold winter, and we are ready to ride the trails. There's nothing like horseback riding on a warm, sunny day; not a cloud in the sky and the beautiful countryside as far as the eye can see. 
We would like to thank everyone who showed up to the Equifest of Kansas as well as the Illinois Horse Fair. It was a blast for us, and we hope you enjoyed it too. If you  haven't gotten the chance to stop by a SpecTACKular booth yet, we will be at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI, on the 11th-13th of April. See you there. Sherry
We love seeing your

SpecTACKular horse photos!

To submit your horses' SpecTACKular photos

Email photos to us:
Upload photos to: Our Web-Site Photo Gallery Upload

Visit our Photo Gallery to see even more of your photographs

Below are a few recent pics you have sent. Thanks for sharing!  Recognize anyone's horse?
Our Models: 1) Cash, 2) Royal, 3) Secret
A Halter Bridle Add-a-Bridle with a 1” optional Changeable Browband. Also a Single Strap Breast Strap both personalized with a Gloss White overlay & Rainbow Spots - Chip
An Essential Series Halter in Bright Green BioThane Beta
A Halter Bridle with Bit hangers with an optional 1” Changeable Browband with Red overlay
SpecTACKular BioThane Beta Horse Tack- 4th of July Sale Image
We have NO shipping charges
 for the Month of April for our Newsletter Subscribers. You're all welcome :)

Use Coupon Code Spring2014 online or mention that you read this when placing your order with us by phone.

SpecTACKular products are proudly made in the USA.

Coupon valid on order of $20.00 or more through May 10, 2014
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Horse Tack Product Info

Planning to shop with us soon? These videos will help you measure your horse so that the SpecTACKular Horse Tack will be as comfortable as possible. We want to help speed up and simplify the process for you guys. You can also print a Barn Ready document to help measure your horses here.
MORE PRODUCT INFO: Our Tack fit is an “athletic fit” for your Equine Athlete. The hardware is smooth against the horse, and we have moved stitching to the outside of the product wherever possible. This allows this type of athletic fit without abrasion or discomfort for your horse. Once adjusted properly, our Bridles will fit snugly against your horse’s skin (except Browbands, Earbands and the Chin Strap on Halter Bridles). It’s a SpecTACKular fit - an improvement over more traditional Tack - and you & your horse will love it.

What's New at SpecTACKular? Dog Collars & More

What do you think? If you visited our booth at Equifest or the IL Horse Fair, then you know we have done a soft launch of our line of Dog Collars & Leashes. We wanted to see what you thought, and we are thrilled to report – it looks like you love the new SpecTACKular Woof! Canine Line.
We will be launching our Canine line, as well as our Belt line to be made of the same superior materials that that our Tack is comprised of – carefree BioThane and Stainless Steel. We will let you know when they are available on our website, but in the meantime – call or email us for more info or to order.
More NEW designs are coming soon – like BLING options for Browbands, Breast Collars and Dog Collars too. There’ll be New Horse Tack Items too. Stay tuned and watch for our next Tack Talk Newsletter for more new product details.
Borium Horseshoe
Q: Are Borium horseshoes for you?
A: If you choose to shoe your trail horse, you may want consider Borium horseshoes for better traction. Traditionally shoed horses don't do well on snow, asphalt, or even large rocks. I've seen skinned up horsey knees & worse.  Our new horse keeping property contains a lot of slippery asphalt surrounding it. Our friends suggested Borium shoes as a solution. On the downside, I was worried that it would disrupt my horses gait and possibly cause leg damage – I took that seriously. But,  for my situation, the benefits outweighed the risk of a horse tumbling – My situation required traction.  Our horse’s first set of Borium horseshoes was 14 years ago and is now the only kind we use.  It turns out my horses' gaits weren't altered and thankfully they still have sound legs.  I've also discovered important traction benefits on the trail too.  For instance, have you ever had your horse slip on a rock, encounter a paved walking path or cross a rocky river?  Borium shoes would help. Are they right for you & your horse?  They're something to consider; spring is here :)
For more on Borium horseshoes and other useful info, check out this article by Bob Smith, Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School.
Image Credit goes to Jeff Rauschert
Midwest Horse Fair 2014 Logo
Planning to attend the 2014 Midwest Horse Fair? Don't forget to stop by the New & Expanded SpecTACKular booth! You can find us at Booths #1904-1905. We would appreciate it if you came by. You'll be glad you did; I guarantee it.
This year the fair has it's own designated app. You can download it here. Yes, it's free. For further information on the Midwest Horse Fair, you can visit their website. It's going to be a blast. Don't miss it!

PS - Don't forget to enter our drawing for a free set of reins.
Midwest Horse Fair Fashion Show

Are you a horsey fashionista? Be sure not to miss the Equine Fashion Show at the Midwest Horse Fair. If you think your horse has what it takes to compete in a horse fashion show, check it out. Fashion and fun will be the watchwords as beautiful horses wearing gorgeous tack hit the runway once again for the Midwest Horse Fair Equine Fashion Show!
SpecTACKular will be participating in the Equine Fashion Show. We hope the judges like our Tack as much as you do. Check it out! Here's a 
link to the full article and more info.

Papa's a Little Sexy Photograph

Meet our Handsome Horse Model "Papa's a Little Sexy" from Sunset Sands Quarter Horses.  Cooper (his barn name) will be staying on Stallion Avenue. Stop by and meet him.

Dale Chavez Reining Saddle


Our Tack is being paired with this Stunning Dale Chavez Reining Saddle. Dale Chavez Saddlery will be at Booth 3912 In Exhibition Hall - Lobby.

Fact of the Day: Contrary to popular belief, horses are in fact not color blind. Source:
Online Stuff and Apps We're Enjoying
Spotify Logo
Spotify– is a free music streaming service that has everything from ABBA to ZZ Top. If you are wondering, it is in fact, legal. You can download it onto your mobile device too. On those long days you've set aside to organize the barn or clean a stall, turn on some of your favorite jams using Spotify to help the time pass quickly. Unlike many other music applications, like Pandora, Spotify allows you to select specific songs that you want to listen to and compile playlists with artists you like. Spotify is a great application. Free & available for Desktop, Droid & Apple users.
Horse Keeper – How much does my horse weigh? When is her next farrier appointment? When was her last Coggins test? Horse Keeper is designed to make your horse keeping chores manageable. If you own horses, you know how challenging it can be to keep track of all of your horses' needs. We've just starting testing this & are so far pretty impressed. App is only available for I-Phone users. Cost is $4.99
SpecTACKular Event Photo - Sherry McLean with Buckie


Here's where we'll be this Spring..
Midwest Horse Fair – April 11-13, Booths #1904-1905
Flying R Ranch – May 19-26, Memorial Day Week
Land Between the Lakes – May 28 - June 2, Horse Trails and Wranglers Campground
Circle E Ranch – June 4-8 A benefit ride for the Fiona Rose Murphy Foundation to help kids with Brittle Bone Disease..
Labor Day Weekend Trail Ride –  August 29 - Sept. 1
Flying R RanchRFDTV Best of America – Sept. 18-21
Big Creek Trail Ride – Oct. 5-11, Oct. 26 - Nov. 1, Hartshorn, MO
Big Piney Trail Ride – Oct. 12-17, Waynesville, MO

More 2014 Events will be added.

You can check the Event Calendar for the latest events and more information.

See you on the trails!
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