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Welcome to the October edition of our Tack Talk Newsletter.

GONE RIDING! And we hope you are too. We're so excited that the fall is finally here. The season of colorful foliage, crisp air, and pumpkin pie has arrived. It's a break from the intense summer heat, and a respite before winter. Most importantly, the fall is the best season for getting out on the trails and riding, and I'm pretty sure that's the general consensus. It's true; fall is the greatest. Over the next few weeks I will be hitting the road with SpecTACKular's new Mobile Tack Horse Trailer, and of course, my trusty steed Sophie and her canine compadre, Callie. Hope to see you out there on the trails or by the campfire.

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Our Models: 1) WILLY 2) FLASH 3) LEVI 4) MIST
Willy with HBAB and Spotted BB
Flash - HBAB with Bright Orange Brow and EBC
Levis in his BioThane Beta Tack Outfit.  Black with Royal Blue Accents


We all know that our favorite part about fall rides is the beautiful foliage around us during this great season. Check this map out and consider taking a trip somewhere to take advantage of the season and maybe get some time in with your horse too.
Fall Foliage Map 2014:


You might be tempted to get your horse some treats for Halloween while you’re enjoying that candy.  I will caution you in terms of feeding treats that may be too difficult for your horse to properly chew prior to swallowing.  Whether it’s due to your horse’s age, teeth related issues, or the fact that your “treat” simply is too bulky in nature such as whole apples, large carrots, watermelon rinds, or a large cube shaped treat that the horse may bolt down without chewing…this can lead to choke.  When a horse chokes, unlike you and I, they can still breathe as it’s the esophagus that becomes occluded rather than the airway.  Common signs of choke in the horse include but are not limited to:  signs of distress such as lying down, rolling, or pawing similar to colic, stretching out their neck, making retching or coughing sounds, and saliva or feed material coming from the mouth and nostrils.  If any of these signs are noted, please call your veterinarian as it will likely be necessary to pass a nasogastric tube which goes up the nostril down the esophagus and into the stomach.  Lavaging with water to dislodge and advance the food bolus into the stomach is also usually performed under sedation.  A soft diet of gruel consistency and a regimen of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as Banamine are often prescribed to decrease any inflammation within the esophagus and help prevent stricture formation.  Antibiotics are also sometimes prescribed if there are concerns about aspiration pneumonia secondary to the choke episode.

- Brooke D. Martin, DVM
Associate Veterinarian – Strain Equine Services. Like them on Facebook here.
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Horse Trailer and Camping Gadgets

Magnetic Tool Bar Photo of Horse Trailer Door
Magnetic Tool Bar:
A lot can be stored in your horse trailer with this magnetic tool bar. It holds all of your small tools securely in place, so that they'll stay there when you're driving around. We got our first magnetic tool bar as a gift from a horsey friend. 
After a year of use in our first horse trailer - we realized that not all magnetic tool bars are created equally. We didn't really figure that out until we got a new tool bar for our new trailer. This one from Home Depot (on-line/in stores) really carries its weight.  It is 18" long which fits perfectly on your Horse Trailer manger or trailer door. At only $12.99 you are probably going to want two. They're definitely a steal. Here is the link to purchase:
Fact of the Day: China not only has the most people in the world, but also has the most horses with 10,000,000.
Online Stuff and Apps We're Enjoying
Weather Channel Logo
TRAVEL SMART FALL MAPS (LINK) - You may have the article on the Fall Foliage Map for 2014. You can take this a step further by using The Weather Channel's Travel Smart Interactive Fall Maps. Wherever you'll be in the US this fall, The Weather Channel's got you covered. After you follow the link we've provided, simply select your desired map type, and then choose from the provided regional locations to check out the prevalence of fall foliage wherever you'd like to be.
SpecTACKular Sherry & Sophie


Here's where we'll be this October
Brushy Creek Ride - Oct 2-5 Black, MO
Big Creek Trail Ride – Oct. 5-11 Hartshorn, MO
Big Piney Trail Ride – Oct. 12-17 Waynesville, MO

Big Creek Trail Ride - Oct. 26 - Nov. 1 Hartshorn, MO

Our 2015 Horse Expo dates will be announced soon
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You can check the Event Calendar for the latest events and more information.

See you on the trails!
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