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Tack Talk - Late Summer, 2015
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Welcome to the Late Summer edition of our Tack Talk Newsletter.

We are getting excited about fall trail rides.  How about you?  For us the first 6 months of 2015 were filled with SpecTACKular travel, where we have gotten to visit with many of you. We saw old friends and new friends at our booths during Equifest (KS), the IL Horse Fair (IL) & the Midwest Horse Fair (WI). Then we enjoyed Horse Camping "workcations" to Flying R Ranch (MO), Mammoth Cave Horse Camp (KY), Circle E Ranch (TN) and Hayes Canyon Campground (IL).  
This fall we will be on another "workcation" throughout the Missouri Ozarks with our "Mobile Tack Shop" (aka Horse Trailer).  Come by our camp-site. Check out what's new.  Maybe fill out a Wish List or get your horse measured or just visit.  We look forward to seeing many of you again around the campfire or on the trail.
Have a SpecTACKular Ride!
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We love seeing your

SpecTACKular horse photos!

To submit your horses' SpecTACKular photos

Email photos to us:
Upload photos to: Our Web-Site Photo Gallery Upload

Visit our Photo Gallery to see even more of your photographs

Below are a few recent pics you have sent. Thanks for sharing!
Recognize anyone's horse?

Our Models: 1) Leonardo 2) Echo
Leonardo in his SpecTACKular Endurance Bridle
Echo in his SpecTACKular Halter Bridle and Breast Collar in Black Beta

Which is the BEST Month to Fertilize?

September, October and May (in that order) are the three best months to fertilize most pasture grass and cool season lawns. 
Source: K-State Research and Extension


Top 5 Ways to Protect your Horse from Disease in a Horse Camp
  1. Proper Immunization:  Keeping your horse current on vaccinations is number one in my book, because respiratory disease is the most common disease your horse may contract when placed in an environment where there is close contact with other new horses.  Vaccinations are very effective when given appropriately.
  2. Wash your hands!  Yes, you.  Your hands potentially spread communicable disease from horse to horse. Simply wash your hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Don’t share community water sources if at all possible.  Use your own water bucket or trough if you can.  Most diseases are spread via oral and nasal secretions which can contaminate a community water trough very quickly.
  4. Monitor your horse’s vital signs and attitude:  If your horse demonstrates lethargy or loss of appetite check its rectal temperature, pulse, and respiratory rate. 
    1. Normal rectal temperature – 99.0-101.5 F
    2. Normal heart rate – 36-44 beats per minute
    3. Normal respiratory rate -  8-12 breaths per minute
  5. Avoid sharing tack and grooming equipment: Things such as ectoparasites (lice, mites, etc.) and fungal dermatitis can be spread via brushes, combs, or saddle pads.  Upper respiratory disease and diseases such as vesicular stomatitis could be spread by sharing bits.

- Brooke D. Martin, DVM
Associate Veterinarian – Strain Equine Services. Like them on Facebook here.

Back away from the Tack!

When spraying one of these products
BioThane & "Dry" Bug Sprays are a bad mix! 
Most of us know that insect repellents made for humans are not necessarily good for delicate horse skin or horse tack.  Insect Repellent Sprays marked "Dry" however contain an ingredient that will stain or pitt the BioThane and therefore void your SpecTACKular Lifetime Warranty.  
Please avoid over-spray and if it accidentally happens, wash your tack immediately in soapy water to remove residue.

PS - We have also experienced a similar spotting issues on jeans.
Western Bridles
SpecTACKular Western Bridles in Biothane Beta with Jeremiah Watt Classic Hardware
While most of our tack has a Western style to it, nothing says Cowgirl or Cowboy like a good Western Headstall.  Its like a pair of well worn blue jeans or broken in boots.  A basic for your tack room or trailer.
Our Western Bridles are designed with your horse's comfort at the forefront. The soft BioThane Beta is sewn with our comfort stitching - nothing is left to rub on the horse. Not only is all of the hardware stainless steel (& beautiful), but it is also smooth on every surface, so there is nothing to poke your horse.  Simple adjustment holes at the bit are 1/2" apart so you can easily adjust the bit "just a nudge" when needed.
SpecTACKular Western Bridle in Black BioThane Beta

Our In-Stock Western Bridles feature:
  • Essential Series starting at $59.99
  • Easy care, leather-like BioThane Beta
  • Traditional Browband
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Two Sizes - Sleek or Standard
  • Chocolate Brown or Black Beta.
    • (A few left in Caramel Brown)
  • Lifetime Warranty

SpecTACKular products are proudly made in the USA.

Personalized Western Bridles
Special Order

SpecTACKular Western Bridle with Changeable Browband in Caribbean Blue
SpecTACKular Classic Western Bridle with Changeable Browband in Gloss White with Conchos
Yes!  via Special Order you can personalize our Western Bridles. Just call or email us for one-on-one design assistance

Personalization Options include: 
  • Choose from over 30 colors
  • Custom Sizes
  • Choose Hardware - always Stainless Steel
  • Choose Browband
  • Free Designer assistance
  • Add bling!  Crystal spots, Stainless Steel spots & more.
SpecTACKular Western Headstall Bridles in BioThane Beta
Our In-Stock
Western Bridles- 
$5.00 off.

Now starting at $54.99!

Coupon Code: Western2015
  • In-Stock only
  • Must be purchased on line at
  • For immediate shipment
  • Good through September 15 , 2015 at Midnight
SpecTACKular products are proudly made in the USA.

Horse Trail and Camping Ideas

Hang-All around Tarps
Hang-All around Clipper securing them shut
Hang-All shown in use in rear Tack Area of Horse Trailer
There are about a million uses for this Hang-All around the barn & in the horse trailer.  The strong velcros secure around things - Tarps, boards, packages that pop-open, hoses, cords and more.  The clasp allows you to hang about anything up off the floor.  We've used and abused these for 3 plus years and they've stood up well

Available at: The Home Depot (On-line & In Stores). Click Here
  • Three Sizes: 18", 24" & 36"
  • Holds 100-300 lbs Depending on size
  • Starting at $4.97 on line
Fact of the Day: "Horses are not color blind, but have two-color, or dichromatic vision. This means they see two of the basic three wavelengths of visible light, compared to the three-color (trichromic vision) of most humans. In other words, horses naturally see the blue and green colors of the spectrum and the color variations based upon them, but cannot distinguish red."
Source: Wikipedia
Online Stuff and Apps We're Enjoying
Horse Trailer Conversion Facebook Group
HORSE TRAILER CONVERSION - A Facebook Group (LINK) Free for Facebook Users & available for Desktop, Droid & Apple users via Facebook. A closed group to keep out those spammers.

An awesome Do-It-Yourself group of 19,000 horse folks. All about Horse Trailers (except selling or buying).  The discussions range from "how to paint an older trailer" to "how to install 12 volt fans to keep the horses cool".  You can follow discussions or chime in to answer a question. 
SpecTACKular Event Photo - Mobile Store / Horse Trailer

Join us on the trail this Fall..

  • FLYING R RANCH TRAIL RIDESept 16-20                    (West Plains, MO)
  • FLYING R RANCH TRAIL RIDE 2Oct 10-14                   (West Plains, MO)
Updates and 2016 Events will be added soon. Check the Event Calendar for more info. See you on the trails!
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