VISUALISE is pleased to welcomes Russell Guire of CENTAUR BIOMECHANICS - SPRING 2014
3 LOCATIONS IN ONTARIO - Forest Hill Training Centre, Caledon, Whitaker Stables, Orangeville or Equus 3D Farm, Amaranth * NOTE:  Equine Canada Professional Development Credits Apply

SIGNUP for the clinic or course and you are automatically entered in a DRAW TO WIN a TGB "Secret Weapon "FAIRFAX GIRTH or Visualise Training Jacket designed by Russell Guire.
This one day course will inspire, educate and make you look outside the box on how best to manage horses for both health and performance. This course is a great way to learn about biomechanics and how it can be applied to every horse and every ride of all levels. Open to riders, trainers, horse owners, therapists, saddlers. LEARN ABOUT...
  1. STUD PROJECT - Recently we carried out a project with Lucinda Green looking at the effect of using one stud versus two studs in the hind limb…..The results were really interesting and not what you expect.
  2. DISSECTION IMAGES - We have a fabulous anatomy lecture which will go inside the horse – this lecture is like no other anatomy lecture. We carried out a private dissection on a horse and have captured so truly unique and beautiful images which highlight the supreme athletic ability of the horse.
  3. TACK RESEARCH - Following on from our girth research project on the run up to London 2012 we have been testing new products which will be equal to the girth. Find out how tack affects your horses health and performance
  4. TRAINING METHODS - have been widely discussed - this lecture will cover correct training methods, correct neck positions and will look at “outside the box things” such as surfaces, travel, mounting and rider positioning and the effect this can have on the horse.
  5. CONFORMATION -  is vital in helping to maintain soundness, there has been some fantastic work carried out looking at left and right handed horses. How does that impact on soundness and performance?

All of the above is supported by theory lectures followed by a DETAILED PRACTICAL SESSION

What is Gait Analysis? 
To analyze your horses movement, white reflective markers are placed on your horse at biomex key points. Horses are presented in hand at walk & trot along a designated track. Slow motion video is taken & preliminary observations are made by eye & by viewing the video on screen. Additional information is gathered from your input with regards to your horses discipline and job function as well as history. Do you have any concerns with regards to performance? Do we see asymmetry in your training? These are the types of question people ask. You can take the slow motion video with you from the session on your USB. After returning to the UK Russell analyses the slow motion video via specialized biomechanics software (Quintic) & interprets the data gathered into a report which is emailed to you with his observations from data gathered. *Farrier Analysis - is another feature of gait analysis where the video footage is taken of the feet & footfall of your horse. *You may also choose a ridden gait analysis of your horse.
What is Rider Analysis? 
In the rider analysis, riders wear Visualise training jackets & gloves and ride as they normally would while slow motion capture video is taken. The key point of the exercise is to establish your straightness and posture and how it affects your horse, your balance and your riding. Are you sitting straight, dropping a should, a hand, a hip? Russell discusses (while watching your video with you) what he observes in order to make you aware of your alignment, then guides you through your postural adjustments to help you create your optimum position for greater harmony with your horse. You are able to take home on your USB all the video footage for reference in the future.

About Centaur Biomechanics
Centaur Biomechanics, founded by Russell Guire, is a leading biomechanics consultancy with ongoing research projects in horse movement and rider performance. An inspiring lecturer & instructor, Russell lectures around the globe about equine biomechanics, his findings from the Badminton Horse Trials, the 2012 London Olympics & his ongoing research on performance with the World Class Team GB & the British Equestrian Federation.

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One Day Biomechanics Course
Tuesday, April 1, 2013, 9:00 am start  
$190 per person + HST 

Rider, Gait, Farrier Analysis Sessions
Wednesday April 2, 2014 Forest Hill Training Centre, Caledon ON
Wednesday April 2, 2014 Equus 3D Farm, Amaranth, ON MH Lessard
Thursday April 3, 2014 Whitaker Farm, Orangeville, ON Anita Whitaker
Rider Analysis  : $150 per rider + HST  

Gait Analysis : $350 + per horse HST 

Day Audit : $25 + HST per person 
* stabling extra @$50 stall
* 45 min. per private session  *OEF Membership & Negative Coggins is required please contact farm for stabling arrangements.

CONTACT: Allison Pezzack 
Ph: 647-989-1078  
*Clinics and Courses          

VISIT : Centaur Biomechanics & Visualise Canada at the Can Am Equine Expo, Orangeville Event Centre, March 28-30, 2013.  Meet Russell find a range of Visualise Training wear & the Fairfax Performance Girth! Russell is a feature lecturer at Can Am 2014!   Canada’s premier event for horse enthusiasts, the Can-Am Equine Expo 2014, includes an impressive range of features and attractions for the whole family.

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