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Please help threatened shorebirds on our beach.

The Dewees Island community is very fortunate this summer to have a colony of Least Terns nesting on the front beach.   Least Terns are considered a threatened species in South Carolina.  These birds are very territorial during the nesting season and will leave their eggs and chicks to deter anyone they feel as a threat and may even resort to defecating on their unwelcome visitors.  During these aerial assaults eggs & chicks are left unattended and can quickly succumb to the heat of the day within minutes without the protective shading of their parents.  To help protect these threatened seabirds please do not walk near the Least Tern colony; if the birds start flying you are too close.  There are currently nesting signs posted to keep folks from stepping on eggs but these signs are not far enough away to prevent the adults from becoming disturbed.  To protect these birds during the heat of the day it is recommended the beach in the vicinity of their nesting area be closed from the water line to the dunes from 8 am to 8 pm.  This means there is no through passage from Osprey Walk to Capers Inlet Walk during the heat of the day if you would like to help protect these birds.  I have placed signs on the front beach indicating where it is a good idea to turn around before the adult birds take flight.  If you are heading North from Osprey Walk it will be the second sandbar point.  I know this may be an inconvenience for some but I would like to thank you in advance for your help in protecting these birds!  To learn more about Least Terns please click here.  


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