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  • Human Design 2.0 at the BaanTu Academy
  • New software feature showing your Design over periods of time (48 hours, week, month, 1/2 year)
  • Why your Chart can be different with other Human Design software



BaanTu’s new semester at the Academy begins with a bang. To refresh, my main work since 2011 has been the development and interpretation of Colour and Tone, which are actually responsible for decision-making, not "Strategy & Authority". It is Colour and Tone that control what we want and what we are attracted to. For over 20 years, this knowledge wasn't part of the Human Design mainstream. What you were told was that the Bodygraph and its Energy Centres tell you how to make decisions, which seems absurd in retrospect. It led me to tackle the task of figuring out the bedrock of Human Design and what the Graph, its nine Centres and Channels truly mean. All my findings will be taught now at the Academy. Grab a comfy chair, because no more Types: no more Generators or Manifestors.

While BaanTu has established a solid understanding of what Colour and Tone is, I felt that there were some deep flaws in the four Types that Ra Uru Hu invented in the '90s after his encounter with what he called "the Voice" in 1987. As far as I can tell, Ra was never given any interpretation of what the Bodygraph and its calculations meant. This has been an assumption by many, but there is no evidence for that. Ra himself never mentioned this and I have heard countless stories from him directly in the seven years that I have spent with him (almost daily in lectures) about what happened during the encounter with the Voice. He clearly said that the Voice never told him what to do with the calculations and it never mentioned the name "Human Design System". Most of the time was spent with an explanation into how the universe began, some of its principles and what the next 200 million years will bring. He was also given the information of the Bodygraph, its Channels, Centres and how you calculate Base, Colour, Tone, Line and the Gates, but the experience was not like a person "teaching" somebody Human Design. Because he calls something "the Voice" doesn't mean that is was someone instructing him by the use of words. He said the encounter wasn't even sequential.

For example, the way he was "taught" the Energy Centers was that he experienced them amplified, like nine voices talking at the same time. He said it was a bit like being schizophrenic. But here we get to what is the main flaw in classic Human Design. What he later used to define the Energy Centres describes not the cause, but rather the symptoms. He had a very good understanding what his Centres were doing and what he experienced during the encounter. But only because his Solar Plexus made him emotional doesn't mean this Centre has an exclusive right over emotions. In fa ct all the  other Centres can make people emotional too. The name "Emotional Centre" is totally incorrect. So are most of the other names, which by the way, also didn't come from the Voice. Ra only saw the letter "G" for what he called the "G Centre" later. The G has a special place and this is probably why he was given the letter. At the same time, he said he never knew what "G" stood for.

First of all, none of them are sources of energy. The claim that some people are "non-energy beings" is totally absurd. Nothing in Human Design can tell you how much energy a person has in its physical body. The only thing that the Bodygraph with its Gates and definitions tell us is: What kind of activity you are allowed to use for whatever energy the body has. But Human Design doesn't know how much energy a body has. The nine Centres, in fact, only act as "switches" that are controlled by the neutrinos, and your Design and Personality Crystals. Each of them carries certain conditions for any activity. First, we have to get rid of all the names that tie the Centres to a physical organ. They don't exist in the physical body. While they might influence some of them, they have no direct link and get in the way of a proper understanding. Instead you have to think of them as an abstract layer controlling any activity. What used to be called "Throat Centre" has nothing to do with the throat or speaking, although it might be some of the things that you use this kind of activity for. I get into this in more depth in my BaanTu Academy courses, but let me give you a taster:

If you look at the illustration, we split the Bodygraph into an upper and lower part, divided by the Presentation Centre. The upper Channels and Centres are responsible for your inner mental process of reaching clarity, the lower for acting. Since the Centres are not sources of energy, there are no Motors and there are no Types. The invention of Types have been incredibly dis-empowering for so many people, either when they were told to "wait to respond" or to "wait for an invitation" or "not to initiate" in order to "fix their lives". In principle, we all can do any of these things. In fact there are no rules whatsoever. And Human Design is certainly not about "fixing anyone's life". What these nine switches that we use to call Centres actually do is to allow you to do any activity, but only under certain conditions. This is not something you have to figure out. It happens all the time.

Any active Channel comes with basically two conditions, represented by the two Centres on each end. For example, the Channel 35-36 has the Fun Centre on one side and the Presentation Centre on the other. What this means is that this Channel will only allow you to be active on the condition that whatever you want to do (which comes from Colour and Tone) must be fun and that you also present it to other people right away or later. That means you will show or tell others about what you do that is fun. You can't keep it for yourself. But you must understand that any other Centre can have fun too, and they can also show things to others, yet the 35-36 must do this. It's a condition. It doesn't mean that only a person with this Centre can have fun. Rather, it says that any Channel connected to it will quit once the fun stops.

The Centre that used to be the Sacral is now called Service. It's a condition that says you can only do things with it that other people or "life" wants from you. Again, any other Centre can do that too, but Channels connected to the Service Centre have this as a requirement. They can't do things they want to do alone or just for themselves. That's not enough.

What I will do in the new semester that begins in March is to teach you a radically new Human Design, based on a new model of what the Graph and its Centres actually mean. Once you understand this, you know that there is no place for any Types or Motors. You can verify for yourself that things will click into place once you liberate yourself from the mental prison of the four Types and "Strategy and Authority". Human Design is not meant to be a church that controls you from a central place, completely dis-empowering its members. The Bodygraph and the calculations of your Design come with no rules. It's up to each and every one of us to figure out what it means for ourselves. And it's not hard to figure out, once you get rid of all these false concepts and "blinders" that have been repeated over and over like a broken record. At the same time, I'm very grateful for the work that Ra Uru Hu has contributed, and even mistakes that have been made are part of the journey of discovery and innovation that each and every one of us should be part of. Some of the things the man said might still work in years to come and others will be out-dated by a newer and better understanding. It's similar to physics or astronomy. Not everything Newton or Copernicus once said is still considered correct today. Some of what they said survived and others now seem laughable, but the contribution they made is still extremely valuable. In retrospect, the most important role that Ra Uru Hu played was to bring the knowledge of the calculations and some of the basic principles about the universe and the understanding of the Crystal/neutrino model into the world. Ra himself said that not many people would have survived the encounter with the Design Crystal bundle. His long term use of drugs plus his physical constitution helped make him the best-suited candidate. He also had a very unique understanding of the planets. But don't fall into the trap that he knows everything about Human Design. He can't, and he was never told. It's our, and the coming, generation's responsibility to reveal the magic that comes with these calculations, which truly came from another world, with Ra Ur Hu being the messenger.

I will introduce the new interpretation of the Centres, Channels and Circuits, in the new semester, which begins on Saturday 4 March 2017 and lasts over 10 weeks, with two hours for Part 1 on Saturdays and two hours for Part 2 on Sundays. Part 1 deals with the Crystals, Centres, Circuits and Channels (what we do). Part 2 covers Base, Colour and Tone (what we want). Both will include relationships.

Students who already took the classes can make use of the half-price offer for an update. If you already had a basic Human Design education with other schools (Rave Cartography or ABC), you are entitled to a discount for Part 1.

Click HERE for more information and to sign up.

Eventually, there will be a new book by the end of this year and a new version of the BaanTu software. If you want to have early access to this knowledge, please join me at the new semester at the online Academy where we use an amazing new software for a virtual classroom that allows us to see each other in HD quality. You also get audio and video recordings, which is useful in case you miss a class.


Because of the new understanding of the Energy Centres and Channels, it became clear how important the planetary transit is. For people not familiar with it, you have to understand that in Human Design we have two ways in which any Channel or Centre can be activated. First, by the imprints that happen at the time of your birth and approx. three months before, which give you life-long activations, and secondly by the current position of the same 13 celestial bodies that imprinted you at birth. They change all the time and give you new Channels and Centres for different lengths of time. In a nutshell, only the transit tells you what design you actually have. Your birth design is just a part of that, but in itself not a representation of whom you are. Who you are changes all the time. You are not fixed.

There is also this incorrect belief that being in the aura of other people can magically give you a Channel and Centre, and the myth that going to a supermarket or being in a crowd can make people with "Splits" whole. First of all, there is no goal to be whole and no disadvantage of being not. Secondly, nothing happens by just being in the aura in terms of your own activations. What does happen when two people meet with an "Electromagnetic connection" (each one having the Gate of a Channel) is that by interacting with each other (which means that each person makes a contribution with their own Gate), they can have a Channel together. In simple terms, they can get something done. But just by being in the same room together would not give you the other Gate. Only a celestial body, with the help of neutrinos, can activate Gates.

For the new software feature, you must have the full version of the software (you can buy it by going to menu next to the search box for a small yearly fee that helps me to pay for the servers). You can also see the feature in the free seven-day trial of the full version that everyone gets when signing up. Next, you click at the "Transit" button in the Magic Square under the Graph. What you now see is the "classic" Transit view, but it gives no indication of how long you will have certain activations.

What is new are the buttons under the fields where you can set the date for the Transit (default is "now"). There is a button for 48 hours, and others for one week, one month, and half a year. They allow you to see the activations that you will have over any one of these periods. Once you click them, you will see Channel activations in the Graph with varying levels of brightness. The brighter they are, the longer they are active over the selected period. When you hover with your mouse over any Channel, it will tell you how long the Channel will be active. The "Filter" button (which is on by default) hides Channels with an activation of less than 20% of the time period, which de-clutters the information.

In the example of the illustration, it means that this person, by having the 32-54, would have the chance to get things done that would get them ahead in life. They would have the capacity to do things that increase the chances of survival, but most importantly do things that are not fun, require sacrifices, yet are beneficial for them. The 39-55, on the other hand, would not be able to do things that are not fun, no matter if they are good for them or not.

The mental definition in all two stages means that this person has the opportunity in the coming months to do new research, but also reach clarity and results that are ready for presentation with the 64-47 (research/inspiration), the 17-62, and the 11-56. Again, the 64-47 and 11-56 can only do things that are fun (due to the circuit they belong to), but the 17-62 (available 54%) can process things that are not fun, but good for this person in life.

The software does thousands of calculations over a period of time and gives you a picture about what kind of activity will be possible for you over that period and which aren't. This information is incredibly valuable, because so many people always feel guilty about why they haven't been able to do certain things at certain points in time. They will be amazed to see that this has nothing to do with willpower, but rather with the activation they have at any moment. All of these things just happen. You don't need to understand it or learn it or make it happen. What you can do with the software and BaanTu is to understand why you sometimes aren't able to do certain things and at other times why you are.

Not only is this tool incredible for your own self-discovery, it's very helpful in parent-child relationships and the conflicts that can emerge out of the different possible configurations and the incorrect believe anyone can do things if they only want to.

For the moment, please ignore the "out-dated" labels of the Energy Centres in the Graph. Instead, use the new names from the illustration above. As I said, there will be a new book later this year, with small updates in the existing ones and a new version of the software reflecting all of these changes. I wanted to give you the heads-up on all of this, because I do feel it's almost criminal to perpetuate falsehoods, particularly if they are dis-empowering.


First of all, our calculations are 100% identical to the software that Ra Uru Hu developed many years ago. What can happen is that there is a difference in the method of finding out what the UTC time was for your place at your time of birth. Every country can have several different time zones that change all the time with different rules for the offset to UTC (Greenwich Mean Time) and whether there was daylight saving time at the time. Human Design doesn't use your local birth time but UTC. So before we make any calculation, we have to find out at what time in UTC you were born, or what's commonly known as GMT.

In the past, some astrology software used a library that provided the rules for many places, but it wasn't complete and it needed to be updated every year, which was expensive and therefore not always done (which led to problems with new-born babies having incorrect charts sometimes). Ra Uru Hu used such a library. At the time when he came out with his software around 2004, there was no better product.

Now, for many years we have the tz database to obtain the correct time zone data, which is what we at BaanTu use. It's maintained by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority), a collaborative compilation of information about the world's time zones, primarily intended for use with computer programs and operating systems. The database is in the public domain, which led to a law suit (now settled) by one of the above-mentioned astrology libraries, because they were not happy about the fact that people would have access to this information for free. But not only was it free, it was also much better maintained and more complete. At the same time it must be said that no system is 100% complete and free of mistakes. There are so many time zones and rules in the world, many of them changing every year, that it is not possible to offer the UTC time for every place in the world at any time. There have been some issues for example with some regions in Kazakhstan, that still require a new time zone to be created and some time zones that existed before 1970, but no longer existed afterwards like in some places in Texas. All in all, I found the tz database the most accurate one of all the options, which is also the reason why every computer and data centre is today. But it's your responsibility to check if the UTC time you see in any Human Design software is the actual UTC time of your birth.

I get emails every week from people asking me why BaanTu shows incorrect data. They assume that Ra's software must always be right. Of course that's not the case. At the same time, I wouldn't make the claim that BaanTu is always correct, but I remember the case of a long-term certified Human Design Student from Asia, who was horrified when he found out that he studied the wrong chart for almost 10 years. In fact Ra's software was 2.5 hours off and he had a totally different design. An incorrect time rule was used in his case. BaanTu showed the correct time and he also told me first that our software is wrong, which turned out not to be the case.

If BaanTu is showing a different chart than other software, please look at the UTC time. You will see that they are probably off by an hour or more, which means they use different rules for your birth place. In BaanTu, you can see the UTC below the "GO" and "SAVE" buttons in red.

In Ra's software you can see the UTC time (called Birth date (UT) there) under Rave properties. If they don't agree, it's your responsibility to research what your actual UTC time was at your time of birth. There is no shortcut. It doesn't happen often. If you find out that BaanTu is incorrect, please let us know. But don't just tell us that they are different. We need to see evidence that our time rule is incorrect. Sometimes Google provides the incorrect time zone for places, which we can fix. In other cases we have to wait until the tz database is updated (which happens several times a year), and in the meantime you can fix the problem by adding or subtracting the correct time from your birth time, usually an hour, so the UTC shows up correct.

I hope this helps to solve the mystery of different calculations!

Best wishes as always,

Steve Rhodes

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