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julia update - december 2015
in this update:

1) Whipping Girl 2nd edition to be released in March 2016!
2) my 3rd book Outspoken to be released late winter/early spring 2016!
3) introducing Kat Cataclysm
4) Spring 2016 events
5) a few new(ish) essays

Hello and happy December! It's been a while since my last email update, as I have been busy working on not one, not two, but three different books! Two of which will come out early in 2016:

1) Whipping Girl second edition to be released in March 2016
One of these books is the second edition of Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity, which will be released in March of 2016. The book will mostly remain unchanged (albeit with a few small clarifying changes), but it has an additional new Preface that discusses how the book originally came about and the numerous new developments in transgender activism since it was first released in 2007. Also, as you can see from the picture to the right, it has a snazzy new cover as well! 

The book launch event will take place in San Francisco at the GLBT Historical Museum on March 10th (so save the date). More info regarding the book and related events will be provided in subsequent emails, so stay tuned!

As a side note: I still have a few copies of the first edition (with the "necklace lady" on the cover), which will be discontinued once the second edition is released. For a limited time, you can buy these directly from my website, and I'm happy to sign them as well! (just follow the instructions on the linked webpage.)

2) my 3rd book Outspoken to be released late winter/early spring 2016!
The second book will be a brand new collection entitled Outspoken: A Decade of Transgender Activism and Trans Feminism. It is a compilation of forty-eight of my previously unpublished and difficult to find trans-themed writings from 2002-2014 (which is admittedly slightly longer than a decade, my apologies to literalists everywhere). It includes many of my early slam poems and spoken word pieces, essays and manifestos written contemporaneously with my previous books Whipping Girl and Excluded, plus some of my recent work addressing differences within trans communities and activism. The pieces are augmented with introductions and interludes that contextualize the issues at hand and these previous periods in transgender activism. 

The book will be released on my own imprint Switch Hitter Press, and should be available by February - once again, all the relevant info will be provided in future email updates, so stay tuned!

3) introducing Kat Cataclysm
In addition to my usual trans/queer/feminist/activist-oriented writing, in the last year or so I have been working on some fiction as well. Specifically, I have written a few humorous pieces (i.e., short stories, spoken word, and whimsical musings) that I plan to self-publish as a "chapbook" this summer, and I am about halfway done writing my first novel (entitled 99 Erics). I plan to release all of these works under the pen name Kat Cataclysm. This is partly to create a little bit of separation between my more serious and sincere non-fiction endeavors and the more silly and surreal nature of this fictional work. But it's also because Kat Cataclysm (the supposed author) is also character in many of her own stories.

If you want to learn more, feel free to check out the rudimentary Kat Cataclysm website I put together (which includes links to her blog and Twitter). You can also watch this video of me reading an excerpt from 99 Erics at Radar last month.

4) Spring 2016 events
Speaking of Radar, I will be joining their Sister Spit 2016 tour this March (specifically March 25-31). I will be including all the dates & info in future updates.

I also have a few college events coming up this Spring that I will announce as they approach. If you are affiliated with a college organization or department that is potentially interested in having me come out for a talk or performance, you can find out more about how to make that happen on my booking webpage.

5) a few new(ish) essays
In case you missed it, last month I wrote an essay entitled How to Write a “Political Correctness Run Amok” Article that originally appeared on Medium and was later picked up by Salon. It is a more general critique of the recent trend of mainstream articles of dismissing activists' concerns as mere "political correctness." But it was also more specifically a response to a Katha Pollitt (called "Feminism Needs More Thinkers Who Aren’t Right 100 Percent of the Time") about the recent Germaine Greer/Cardiff University controversy - I was interviewed about this latter topic in the linked-to piece.

Finally, a couple months ago I wrote two new essays on my blog: Julia Serano on Judith Butler and Regarding Trans* and Transgenderism - feel free to check those out if you wish.

That's it for now. And remember, between updates, you can always check out:
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