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julia update - may 2014
in this update:
1) new music
2) new writings
3) news about Excluded

introducing *soft vowels sounds*
In my last update, I alluded to the fact that I was working on a new music project. Well, it is time for the unveiling!

*soft vowel sounds* is my new solo music project. What does it sound like? Well, if you forced me to do one of those Out-of-Africa-meets-Pretty-Woman descriptions, I would say that it sounds vaguely like Sonic Youth meets They Might Be Giants, if such a concoction were to be performed by a quirky queer lady.  

just released my first "record" - a four song EP called Ray versus Macbeth and the Music Box, part one. Classic rock aficionados may recognize that the title and cover art reference the 1970 The Kinks’ album Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One, which introduced the world to the eventual hit song “Lola.” The eponymous “Ray” is intended to be a charming contemporary musical parody of “Lola,” albeit written from a decidedly different perspective. I have written a lengthy post about “Lola” and the creation of the song “Ray” here.

The record also contains three other ditties: “Music Box,” “Open Letter,” and “Macbeth.” You can listen to, purchase, and find out more about it on the *soft vowel sounds* website. And, if you like what you hear,
for a limited time only, you can download it for free from the *soft vowel sounds* Bandcamp site.
Note: 1) you can do this by clicking "buy now" and entering "0" for the amount, and 2) there are limited amount of free downloads available, so act fast if you're interested! 

I played some of the new songs live the other weekend at University of Oregon's OUT/LOUD Music Festival and I hope to have more live shows soon. If you want to find out about any upcoming shows, the best way of doing so will be by joining my *soft vowel sound* email list.
(FYI, I will mention new *svs* releases in my julia updates, but I will not mention every live show - for that, you need to join the *svs* email list at the aforementioned link).

new writings
Over the last couple months, I have been more active than usual on my blog. For one thing, I re-vamped it and changed the color scheme so that it more pleasing to the eye and (hopefully!) easier to read. 

Second, I have written a number of new posts. I feel that the two most noteworthy ones are On People, Polarization, Panopticons, and #ComplexFeelingsAboutActivism and A Personal History of the “T-word” (and some more general reflections on language and activism). The latter piece is admittedly rather long, but in the second half of it, I hopefully offer some important food-for-thought regarding the ever-shifting language debates that have taken place within trans communities and beyond.

Elsewhere, I have *finally* gotten around to updating my webpage Debunking Psychological Diagnoses and Theories about Transsexual and Transgender People. To that page, I have added links to two articles that I wrote which appeared in academic journals: my 2010 article The Case Against Autogynephilia and a recently published article on the DSM expansion of the Transvestic Disorder diagnosis. I also added links to two 2013 pieces about (what I call) the "Fetish Concept" and how it undermines both trans folks and our partners.

news about Excluded
While I am no longer in 24/7 promoting-mode regarding my most recent book Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive, there have been some new developments regarding the book (e.g., newer excerpts and reviews, which you can discover via the link above). Most notably, the Publishing Triangle announced that Excluded was a finalist for this year’s Judy Grahn Award for Lesbian Nonfiction. (since I no longer identify as lesbian these days, it is perhaps worth mentioning that it is a bisexual & trans woman-inclusive award.)

Also, some people overseas may have experienced difficulties procuring paperback and/or digital copies of Excluded. This was due to a technical glitch that my publishers and I have recently cleared up. So hopefully the book will become more accessible where you live shorty (if the problem hasn't already been resolved).

If you haven't picked up a copy of Excluded, yet, I encourage you to seek it out at your local independent book store. Or it can be ordered online at independent book stores such as Women and Children First and Powell's Books, as well as bigger online sellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

That's it for now. And remember, between updates, you can always check out:
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