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Bed Bugs - A Preventive Approach

Property owners and managers typically deal with bed bugs in a reactionary way — only taking action when the pests are found in their buildings. With an increased focus on public policy across the U.S. to protect individuals from these invasive pests, this approach has become more risky — and costly — for building owners.

Today, however, new insecticide solutions enable PMPs to prevent beg bug infestations from occurring in the first place. The BASF Bed Bug Secure™ Approach is a prime example. Phantom® and Alpine® offer a suite of products effective at killing bed bugs — including pyrethroid resistant and non-resistant — as
well as their eggs. These solutions are nonrepellant, meaning they won’t drive infestations away to nest in other areas or “lock in” pests by allowing them to live within the spray boundary until they find transport elsewhere.

The treatments are designed to kill bed bugs for an extended period of time. Research from the University of Kentucky showed dry deposits of BASF’s Phantom were equally as effective after four months as fresh deposits. In a separate study, Alpine Dust was proven to kill bed bug infestations a year after application.

Outside the lab, the BASF Bed Bug Secure™ Approach has proven itself in the field with PMPs. American Pest Management put the protocol to work in a 65-room hotel.

At the 12-month mark, a bed bug inspection successfully revealed no new established bed bugs in the hotel. The preventive method is applied just like any other treatment where bed bugs tend to infest — around box springs, behind headboards, in bed frames, under carpets and inside walls. Additionally, and most critically, this secure approach uses three chemical-class mechanisms — with no repellancy —
to combat any development of resistance.

A best practice for applying this proactive-control approach involves five easy steps:

1. Inspect – A thorough investigation of a room should include dismantling and/or inverting furniture, removing fixtures, pulling back carpet and inspecting potential hiding spots in wall areas (outlets, wallpaper seams, switch plates and any other openings).

2. Prescribe – The goal shouldn’t be short-term removal of bed bugs but rather prevention; choose the right solution that meets this goal.

3. Communicate – The PMP and property manager should have a clear and shared understanding of the situation, the treatment, necessary actions for both parties and the end goal; bed bug prevention is a team effort, and it’s important that both parties understand their roles and responsibilities.

4. Treat – The right insecticide solution (always applied by a professional) must be applied in the necessary harborage areas; these can include cracks, crevices, voids, bed frames, fixtures, curtain rods, baseboards and carpets.

5. Follow up – Deploying a treatment will eliminate present and future infestations, but bed bugs are highly difficult pests to manage. Regular check-ins and inspections, combined with any necessary follow-up treatments, will ensure the solution is working and allow PMPs to assess any further needs.

In the end, the best perspective to view bed bug management may be from a business standpoint. Think about a hotel or living facility that is taking a proactive stance against bed bugs. Now think about another hotel or living facility that intends to deal with an infestation if and when it arrives. Knowing guests and customers highly prefer to not encounter bed bugs, property owners and managers should ask themselves on which side they’d rather be.

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